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ForexSignal Review: Two Decades Old Snake Oil Selling Site

ForexSignal Review

While everyone would like to succeed in Forex trading, one way or another, many attempt to earn in a far more corrupted way. Now, for a company allegedly existing since 1998, it’s somewhat hard to believe their online presence isn’t more evident.

When nothing is known about the leadership team, or their degree of education and experience, it becomes highly suspicious if they’re really selling something of such importance as trading signals. So stay tuned as we explore this potential con artist’s history and validity further in our ForexSignal review.

General information
Name ForexSignal / 4XFindMe / Forex Corp, Ltd.
Type of the company Signal Seller
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings 
Website link
Active since 2003
Registered in US
Contact info 33332 Valle Road, Suite 250, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

US : +1-800-525-1090

International : +1-949-542-3500

Trading platforms Proprietary 
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, South Africa
Customer support Yes – phone and email
Compensation fund No

Shady Legal Entities Behind the Site

There’s a lot of confusion arising from just reading the legal documentation. As if the poorly designed, cheap website doesn’t already instill enough suspicion, legal papers are an even bigger mess. 

The first name mentioned in the Privacy Policy is 4XFindMe. Whether that’s a company or some sort of a platform, it is apparently related to several more sites. One of them is that sells alleged automated trading software. 

Now, other docs, like Terms and Conditions list a company called International Forex Corp, Ltd. which is also connected to other signal selling sites like This is said to be a US-based private limited company, but nothing about it is known at all.

As for the company owners, not a single name is revealed. We’ve only managed to find a LinkedIn profile of a person named Terri Lewis who allegedly works at sales and marketing at 4XFindMe Forex Signals. Their page, however, reveals nothing of value.

After these findings, it’s difficult to regard this site in a positive light or as a legitimate service provider, so beware.

Disclaimers are Important!

The biggest block of text on the website is actually a disclaimer that warns traders about where high leverage could lead them. Following that is another disclaimer that actually rids the company of all responsibility for the success of their signals or copy trading software. 

As it seems, the text is explicit about the trading results not reflecting reality. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that these strategies produce profit as the hypothetical results are fully fictitious and significantly differ from reality.

Advertised Features

It always sounds like a great offer to have a Forex expert constantly watch the markets in your stead and identify opportunities. Well, that is exactly what this website offers. 

Alleged Forex trading professionals are working tirelessly to bring traders the latest market updates that would be of use for them. How truthful is it all? Certainly, it leaves an impression of a service we all dream about, but does it work as promised?

Forex Signals

Beginner traders are often exhausted by having to sit for hours in front of their monitors while watching for price movements and looking for an opening. Finding trading opportunities and potential profitable trades is extremely hard.

The alleged Forex professionals providing these signals promise to turn anyone into a successful trader by watching the market and identifying the right trades for their customers. These instantaneous alerts are even sent to the customer’s phone directly via SMS, no ForexSignal app necessary.

There’s a list of about 10 currency pairs for which the signals are sent and they can all be found on the website. Here are some of the examples: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/JPY.

Trade Copier

The automated trade copier is a software said to allow investors to “trade without lifting a finger”. The ForexSignal copy trading application is promised to be compatible with the premium platform such as MT4 and any Forex broker in the world. 

Supposedly easily installed and available in many languages, this technological wonder will have your account follow the expert’s Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit prices. The ForexSignal platform can run up to 3 simultaneous trades. 

If you’re looking to rely on a more trustworthy trading tool, perhaps AlphaSense would be a better solution.

Online Forex Mentoring

Vast majority of legit educational Forex platforms and learning courses include a huge amount of information, guides, videos, webinars and books. We’re uncertain what these alleged trading gurus expected to achieve with a total number of 4 introductory videos in total.

These bogus training courses only last a couple of minutes each and do not say anything of value except advertising the site. In a matter of 8 years, 4 of these short videos are all that was ever published related to learning.

Packages and Prices – Are They Worthy?

In essence there’s two types of subscriptions presented on the website:

  • ForexSignal price for signals only – $9.95 for a 30 day trial, thereafter $49 monthly
  • Signals + Trade Copier – $19 for a 30 day trial, thereafter $79 monthly
  • Mentoring Course – $1.495 ($995 on promotion)

The ForexSignal cost of either of the packages doesn’t seem particularly high, and the key difference between the subscriptions is in what they include. The cheaper package only unlocks access to signals via SMS and email with free phone and email support. Copy trading app is available along the signals but only with the other plan. 

Now, customers intending to try to opt for a ForexSignal trial period can do so, but for a price, as well. 

Abandoned Social Networks Profiles

Judging from the multiple social platform accounts, the company has significantly reduced their online activity. The largest following among these has the company’s Facebook profile, with around 8,000 people, yet it seems that no ForexSignal login was made to these accounts in more than 2 years. The same situation can be found on Instagram, X, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Users Doubt the Performance

While the company openly brags about their service having premium quality, online forums like BabyPips, ForexPeaceArmy, Quora  and TrustPilot say otherwise. BoostSignals reviews also reveal different user feedback in contrast to what the company advertises.

ForexSignal reviews are mostly made up of complaints. Users claim that they received signals contrary to the actual market shifts, making them lose substantial amounts of money.

Funded Trading as our Recommendation

Having good and reliable trading signals can’t be a bad thing, but nothing can beat a large pool of trading capital. Traders who wish to take their portfolio to the next level need look no further than our forex funded trading accounts.

With as much as $180,000 of allotted funds, you can finally have the edge you need to make the profits you’ve been dreaming of! Book a free Zoom meeting with our representatives to learn more.


What is ForexSignal?

ForexSignal is a website selling trading signals on Forex pairs and copy trading software for MT4.

How Much Does ForexSignal Cost?

Subscription plans cost $49 and $79 monthly, with the learning course costs $1.495 ($995 on promotion).

How to Pick the Right Trading Company?

If you need help choosing a broker or any similar platform, you can refer to us. We also suggest checking out our prop firm trading offer for experienced Forex investors.

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