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FXP360 Review – Safety Comes First

Overview of scam broker FXP360

This broker without an owner revealed is suspicious already at first glance. After many years of trading business available to everyone, they didn’t learn anything. Since they registered their website in 2023, someone could expect more clarity from them.  Thus, the FXP360 broker didn’t care much about transparency. But only stealing money away.

To discover how they did that and what to avoid in the future, read this FXP360 review carefully.

Company N/A
Headquarters N/A
Warning FCA
Platforms Pripoprietary web trader
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage 1:500
Spread From 0.4 pips
Review Rating Average 3.7 on Trustpilot

FXP360 License and Funds Security

In general, trading companies apply for licenses in countries of registration. But the FXP360 scam broker doesn’t do so. That’s already one misleading fact. Especially seeing that they know what makes the difference. Thus, they don’t. The difference is made with high reliability and a trusted license. The same failures you can find for these brokers covered in Crypto Daily Trade and Coin2FX reviews.

Since FXP 360 claims to come from the UK, we are starting research with the most trusted regulatory databases. Some of those are FCA, ASIC, and BaFin. Non-surprisingly we didn’t come across any licensing information of FXP360 broker scam. On the contrary, we dug out a warning from the FCA. Looks like this investment scam was operating in the UK also.

We all know that FCA won’t forgive anyone scamming their citizens. Therefore, everyone else knows that all potential protection claimed by this broker is fake. You can check this warning yourself in the following link.

Trading Platform Available at  FXP360

Trading software is nothing but a poorly designed web trader. Even though it has a user-friendly interface it doesn’t look promising. The main advantages of this software are the basic ones with some trusted software. For instance Meta Trader or cTrader. In this case, traders can use orders, risk management tools and trend indicators.

But if you are looking for social or copy trading options you should start looking elsewhere. Not to mention that Meta Trader has more than 80 advanced indicator options. Also, both MT and cTrader provide traders with algorithmic options.

Important to realize is that this software offered by FXP360 scam broker is accessible only via browser. There is no mobile app for download. Which makes it even more suspicious. In general, there are two issues with such software. Firstly, it’s often manipulated by the broker to present false picture. Secondly, it is not a regulated broker. So, everything they claim is questionable.

FXP360 Account Types

Every account type offer is designed to promote certain benefits. Consequently, it motivates traders to deposit higher amounts of money. Pretty understandable for a licensed broker that makes money off spreads and fees. However, for this scam brokers like FXP360, that’s not the same. Their account types are:

  • Beginner                               £250
  • Student                                 £10.000
  • Bronze                                  £25.000
  • Silver                                    £50.000
  • Gold                                     £100.000
  • Platinum                               £250.000
  • VIP                                       £500.000
  • FXP360 Top Member             £1M

The higher you go on this scale the higher leverage you get. Must be remembered, that many EU brokers allow only leverage of up to 1:30. That prevents traders from getting their account balance wiped out. Also, this broker doesn’t provide negative balance protection. Therefore, traders can end up in a huge debt.

Moreover, this broker doesn’t offer a demo or a micro account. Therefore, they can’t be compared with brokers from the list below. Which are primarily regulated.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

Even more disturbing facts about this broker are coming after looking for funding policy. You can’t see anywhere what depositing methods they accept in the first place. But what to expect from a broker whose reviews are screaming that it’s a scam. Take a look at any FXP360 broker review to confirm that.

Moreover, this broker doesn’t have a transparent withdrawal policy. Therefore, you can expect issues at the first attempt of withdrawal. Since this broker doesn’t provide any fee information there you go. A non-existent fee in combination with a lack of license is a perfect recipe for a scam.

Even if you are depositing money we suggest you use a debit or credit card. That way you are entitled to a chargeback.

How the Scam Is Implemented

If you check any FXP360 review you will see the pattern. This scam broker lures traders through online campaigns. After they get your contact info they will harass you relentlessly.

Unless you know what to avoid with scam brokers, you can easily get trapped. With manipulative platforms, they make up fake profit stories to lure you into higher deposits. However, you are sending money straight to their pockets. Once you want to get it out, they stop responding.

If you are one of those going through this situation, we are here for you. Our specialized fund recovery team is there to assist you. In fact, our team can advise you on the steps in your money recovery procedure. Book your first consultation today!

FXP360 Summary

  • Broker with FCA warning.
  • FXP360 trading company is not licensed.
  • Suspicious trading software.
  • Non-transparent trading conditions.
  • No withdrawal policy is available.
  • Unclear depositing options.

FAQs About  FXP360 Broker

Is My Money Safe with FXP360?

No. This company is not authorized to provide services that they proudly advertise.

Is FXP360 a Regulated Broker?

No. Primarily, they are not regulated in the UK where they claim to come from.

What Is The FXP360 Minimum Deposit Amount?

Traders will need to put on side 250 USD to trade with this broker.

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