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Globe Invest Hub Review – Is The Risk Worth It?

Overview of scam broker Globe Invest Hub

Globe Invest Hub Review, The definition of anonymity could be presented with Globe Invest Hub broker. Their poorly designed website doesn’t reveal anything about their origins. Not even ownership or headquarters. Thus, they expect traders to trust them for some reason.

This is quite an unfavorable position for every trader. Especially inexperienced ones. Therefore, we will go through all the main points of this company’s offer through the Globe Invest Hub review.

What is more, we strongly advise you not to invest in WaveSolutions and Liquidspro fraudulent brokers.

Company N/A
Headquarters N/A
Warning N/A
Platforms Web trader
Minimum Deposit 10.000 EUR
Leverage 1:400
Spread From 2.2 pips
Review Rating Average 4.1 on Trustpilot

Is Globe Invest Hub a Reliable Company? Broker’s Regulation

With unknown headquarters and company owners, there are numerous places to start looking for regulation. But if the broker is hiding that information they are not up to good. Anyone can see the scamming pattern here. However, the proof of that you can get once you search for their license. But not with offshore regulators, but only Tier 1 ranked ones.

Therefore, on our list were FCA, BaFin, CONSON, FINMA, FMA, CNMV and ASIC. Long list, but it’s worth the trouble. Quickly you realize that this broker doesn’t have any of these licenses. They are still freshmen in the business, with registration in 2022. However, it’s just a matter of time before the warnings will be published.

Especially after you check Glove Invest Hub broker reviews. In fact, we can see that some traders coming from Germany are scammed by this broker. Luckily, BaFin doesn’t forgive anyone.

Overview of Globe Invest Hub Trading Software

As a so-called trusted broker, they should have trusted software. The first thing everyone thinks of when you say trusted is Meta Trader. But lately, cTrader is catching up and it quickly becomes the biggest competitor. However, as expected Globe Invest Hub doesn’t have any of those.

The company provides traders only with a web-based platform. Such a platform has lower efficiency but also a slower execution time. In this case, another worrying thing is what tools the broker promotes. Currency converter, economic calendar and live market news are not things pro traders want. You can find that anywhere else. What traders are looking for are advanced trading features.

In general, social and copy trading is the most popular features now. Also, algorithmic trading that is still questionable. Unfortunately, with this scam broker, it’s impossible to check their platform and if they have those. Even though they advertise some. Primarily because they don’t have a demo available. Which is another red flag for this company.  

Trading Account Offered

Another key point where you can confirm that this broker is absolutely shameless is their account-type offer. In general, even licensed brokers don’t have such high requirements. But what you get in return are half-presented features.

There are 4 account types:

  • Bronze          10.000 EUR
  • Silver            25.000 EUR
  • Gold             75.000 EUR
  • Platinum       150.000 EU

Only traders that deposit 75.000 EUR can enjoy some benefits. So-called benefits if you like. Because none of these promoted are guaranteed. For instance, spread from 0.5 pips. That doesn’t mean you get 0.4 pips, but it can be higher. Also, leverage of 1:400 that you get for a Platinum account can wipe your balance in a few seconds.

Also, the broker has an Islamic account only for 150.000 EUR investment. If you are ready to deposit 150k, you don’t care about commissions. Instead, check our list of licensed brokers below. Many offer accounts with way lower minimum deposit requirements. But also higher security standards.

Method of Deposit and Withdrawal

Important to realize is that the broker doesn’t have transparent funding options. They only mention Credit cards in the legal documents. Thus, with scam brokers like Globe Invest Hub, it’s not rare that they will promote crypto transfers.

On the positive side, the withdrawal policy is transparent. Yet, not going in the favor of traders. The standard pitching method for these brokers is bonuses. These are coming with malicious clauses that don’t let you withdraw profits whenever you want. For example, on a $200 bonus, you must trade 50 lots. 1 lot is 100.000 units.

If you understand the maths, you will quickly realize that’s practically impossible. Especially with lower investments. But with higher investments, they will give you a higher bonus.

How the Fraud was Committed

Such anonymous brokers are luring traders everywhere. It’s not rare that they will use some kind of referral program as well. Whoever registers is the next potential victim. Basically, if you deposit 10.000 EUR for the lowest account you are already in trouble.

Most likely, it’s not the amount of money that you can afford to lose. Even worse, that someone steals it from you. Instead, you can fall for their tricks to deposit more. Whether it’s the market opportunity or non-existent fees for a withdrawal.

Whatever this scam broker gives you as an excuse, don’t follow it. They don’t comply with any regulations. Especially not ones from Europe.

Globe Invest Hub Summary

  • Completely anonymous broker.
  • Untrusted trading software.
  • Globe Invest Hub has a malicious bonus policy.
  • Looks like they target German-speaking traders.
  • The company offers widely banned bonuses.

FAQs About Globe Invest Hub Broker

Can You Make Money With Globe Invest Hub?

Possibly. But if you can withdraw the profits that’s questionable.

Is My Money Safe with Globe Invest Hub?

No. This broker doesn’t provide any transparency nor that they are regulated.

Does Globe Invest Hub Offer a Demo Account?

No. The only way to test the broker is through live trading accounts.

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