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Heptagon Investments Review – Decoding One Financial Scandal

Heptagon Investments Review

Unraveling the facade of the Heptagon Investments scam has shed light on a disturbing state of things. On one hand, we found blocks of text describing the company as a trusted choice for traders globally. 

On the other, there’s nothing but poor service and an intricate web of lies. From false promises of top-tier trading services to outright theft, discover the unsettling truth in our Heptagon Investments review. 

General information
Name Heptagon Investments
Type of the company Broker 
Regulation status Unregulated/ Blacklisted
Warnings from Financial Regulators FCA
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in UK (alleged)
Contact info [email protected]

[email protected]

+44 2081502323

Trading platforms Web Trader, Desktop Trader
Majority of clients are from Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy
Customer support Yes – Email, AnyDesk, Phone
Compensation fund No

Inaccurate Legal Data

The UK address posted on the website doesn’t match with any company incorporated with UK Companies House. This was the first clue we found about the company being a complete sham. 

Following that, we checked the register of FCA regulated entities. We only found a warning, which states that the business in question is a clone of a licensed UK firm called Heptagon Capital LLP. The domain connected to the regulated entity is actually and not

No mention of segregated accounts, compensation funds or negative balance protection here. What’s more, the entirety of the legal docs are copy/pasted from another shady firm – FIBINANCE. The connection between the two is unknown.

Also make sure you avoid another unregulated firm – Montana Trading LTD. If you’re looking for a reliable platform, check out our proprietary trading offer. 

Far From Harmless

The domain has managed to get onto the black list in quite a short order, considering that the website was only launched in June 2023.

The company is completely unknown on the web, with no social media links. At the time of writing this review the company is yet to claim their profiles on TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

This internet stealth, let’s call it that, points out that the Heptagon Investments broker contacts their marks directly by phone. The fraudulent group’s employees, commonly known as boiler room agents, work in a scam call center and dial numbers until they find someone interested to invest with the company.

Account Types: Overpriced Packages

Swindlers we’re talking about here do not even know what exact account types they offer. The accounts page mentions three packages, while the home page advertises four of them. 

The offer includes dedicated account managers, bonuses, signals and strategies promised to those that are willing to pay more. By that we mean tens of thousands of dollars. All that while not having any guarantee from a blacklisted service provider. Here’s the prices of each bundle:

  • ENTRY – Basic Account Type – €250
  • SILVER – Standard Account Type – €2,500
  • GOLD – Advanced Account Type – €10,000
  • PLATINUM – Advanced Account Type – €50,000

Bonus Terms

Each of the bundles also features a bonus of up to 100% of the deposit sum. Nothing screams scam like a brand that offers cash rewards and other conveniences where they’re banned. Stay away from these, as they always come with strings attached and lock out your withdrawals.

Loss Guaranteed With These Terms

Available maximum leverage is not the one that FCA enforces, on the contrary, the ratio on this trading domain goes up to 1:500. Such crazy exposure is described as beneficial, but be sure you will only lose quicker. 

More attractive trading costs in the form of spreads are promised to those that pay more, naturally. Starting spreads for the cheapest account average at 1.5 pips, while they start at 0 pips on the most expensive one. 

Commission of $6 per lot is only revealed for the Platinum account, not other ones. As for other fees, there’s a dormancy fee of 10% monthly, with $50 for wire transfers and $25 for credit cards plus a processing fee of $10. Another $25 is charged for ePayments. A levy of 10% of the withdrawal amount is applied to accounts with less than 200 turnovers and a fee of $50 follows a withdrawal amount smaller than $250.

Heptagon Investments Software: How it Performs

In the client dashboard, we can see that the company has provided two different trading apps to their clients. One of these is the Web Trader, and the other is a program with a creative name of Desktop Trader.

Downloading the desktop trader is a no-go, since the installation file is supposed to be fetched from another fraudulent platform,, which has since become inaccessible. Whether this implies any connection between the two is currently unclear, but it is what it is.

The web based app is underwhelming to say the least. It’s based on a TradingView chart, and supports one-click trading, without any advanced functions you’d get using industry standard software like MT4, MT5, or cTrader.

Assets to Trade

The deception would not be complete if the trading app didn’t feature any trading instruments. This doesn’t mean that any actual trading or market speculation takes place, as this faux firm, just like B&B Profit, manipulates the market data.

Here’s a few examples of what’s on offer:

  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC/USD, ETH/USD, ADA/USD, XRP/USD
  • Stocks – Airbus, Oracle, Qualcomm, Toyota
  • Commodities – Aluminium, Gold, Cocoa, Sugar, Natural Gas, Brent
  • Indices – JPN225, GER30, FRA40, NAS100

How to Contact Customer Service

Transparency clearly isn’t a top priority with this one, it seems. Besides an email address and a phone number that no one responds to, there’s another way to get in touch with the support office. Beware though, as this suspicious channel is used to gain access to your device and steal personal data. 

Never agree to installing something these fraudsters may insist on, like AnyDesk in this case. The idea they push is quick and most efficient assistance but it’s all a mask to get to your wallet addresses and other sensitive info. 

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What is Heptagon Investments?

The site is a fraudulent business that doesn’t offer genuine service but attempts to clone a regulated firm.

Is Heptagon Investments Regulated?

No. As a matter of fact, they’ve been blacklisted by FCA in the UK, the same jurisdiction they claim to operate from.

How to Pick the Right Trading Broker For Me?

We can help you with additional info and constructive advice, but we also recommend you to try out our proprietary trading solution.

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