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Home Trader Club Review: Shill Educator Hiding Behind A Disclaimer

Home Trader Club Review

Vladimir Ribakov that runs the site and advertises his services is no licensed financial advisor, yet attempts to sell various educational services. His website is his “apex of all the lessons, strategies, trading methodologies”.

Explicitly defining their firm as a non-financial advisory conduct, this website is only meant to serve for the marketing purposes. The disclaimer in the bottom of the page efficiently denies all the promises and stories sold on the site. 

So stay tuned as we investigate what really hides behind the whole deal in the following Home Trader Club review.  

General information
Name HOME TRADERS CLUB/ Expert Golden Egg Ltd
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in UK (alleged)
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India
Customer support No
Compensation fund No

Who is Vladimir Ribakov?

Without ever providing the actual proof of a license or any form of education, Vladimir Ribakov describes himself as an “International Certified Financial Technician”. If he’s so well trained and even licensed, he should have no problem with showing that to the world in the form of a diploma. However, none could be found. 

Furthermore, this mysterious person claims to have launched his own online forex trading channel, trading applications and educational courses. His LinkedIn profile says that he’s an investment manager based in the UK.

FCA is the foremost authority when it comes to licensing and supervision of individuals engaging in providing financial services in the UK, and this guy is not on the list. What’s more, the company that this anonymous individual represents is called Expert Golden Egg Ltd and it doesn’t exist anywhere.

Forex community is overflowing with all kinds of fraudulent deals, and this one promises just as unrealistic results as other schemers like eSignal.

A Play On Client’s Confidence

The entire scheme revolves around the personality of Vladimir Ribakov, a self-proclaimed Forex expert. If this guy is as good as he claims, why does he shill online instead of focusing his career on trading the markets instead? Now, we did say shill for a reason, since the main purpose of his site is to provide an advertising platform.

So far, we’ve seen him posting various content on YouTube, X, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, but this is not where the propaganda ends. In order to mimic many contemporary entrepreneurs, he also organizes various seminars, live lectures and TV appearances.

Falsified Performance Reports

With the whole website being overflowing with text and pictures, there’s a relatively small section showing the achievements of Traders Academy Club students.

One of these reports features a poorly photoshopped portfolio table, allegedly showing how one of the clients achieved an incredible 78% profit in a span of two months. There’s a couple of others that show similar misleading information, albeit in the format of chat messages or performance graphs.

While all of this is going on on the website, the service remains completely unknown on the web. There aren’t any  Home Trader Club reviews to be found anywhere, including TrustPilot and SiteJabber. Somewhat similar situation is detected with MyDigiTrade, so you better beware of such shady service providers.

Services Advertised

It is apparent that the shady firm does a good job at advertising a range of services. All of these suspicious options are marketed so well that they are sure to spark interest and manipulate potential investors into buying subscription plans. What these services are and do they really work is what we examine next. 

Forex Strategies

After recognizing the success of automated trading, the first developed strategy was sRs Trend Rider. Allegedly a system that overpassed all the others in quality and efficiency it even got a remake in the form of sRs Trend Rider 2.0, released in 2017. 

In 2014, Forex Triple B was developed based on the research of the Bollinger Bands indicator. The system provides accurate trading alerts combined with the said indicator.

Lastly, Forex Crystal Ball is claimed to be built on a unique concept, which differentiates it from all other known systems. It is also promised to be far more insightful and lucrative. However, that’s just the advertising and false results speaking. 

Mentoring and Education

For the purposes of expanding their trading wisdom and enriching their existing knowledge, traders can choose to join any of the three learning methods:

  • Divergence University
  • Traders Workshop
  • Vladimir’s Forex Blog

As it is with all of the other services we saw being glorified, it is questionable if these have any true effect or just serve as another advertisement channel. 

B2B Services

Being the true source of income for this bunch of phony Forex wizards, the marketing earns a special place in the whole campaign. These are organized for regulated brokers and other individuals who wish to expose themselves to the community run by the swindler behind the name of Vladimir Ribakov. 

There’s no doubt that the website owners earn while serving as affiliates and solicitors of brokerage companies. Which ones exactly are not known, but they may not always be regulated and acclaimed.

Subscription Plans

Creating an account with the platform is free of charge, but these free accounts only include access to the community content. To get the full range of services, you still have to purchase a recurring subscription plan.

The plan itself is rather costly, with the monthly subscription having a price tag of $37. Although clients get a discount on yearly subscription, it’s still charged a hefty $370. All the while, the platform owner does not acknowledge the steep price range, posting an FAQ that reads “Why is the membership price so low?”.

Real Or A Farce?

This entire operation is only used as a marketing tool by third party advertisers and brokers to attract customers. The disclaimer on the site contains this exact sentence: “HOME TRADERS CLUB receives advertising fees for directing users to open an account with the brokers/advertisers and/or for driving traffic to the advertiser website.”

So, in reality, it’s all just smoke and mirrors. Neither the company or the person representing it are either licensed or authorized to provide any form of financial education or advice. 

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What is Home Trader Club?

It is an online platform advertised as an educational service, but it's far more likely to be an affiliate platform and a marketing campaign.

How Much Does Home Trader Club Cost?

There’s two subscription plans: a $37 monthly one and a $370 worth annual plan.

Is Home Trader Club Education Worth It?

Absolutely not. The site itself is focused on earning by promoting brokerage platforms and similar firms.

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