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Infinity Investing Review: Not a Go-To Firm For Infinite Knowledge

Infinity Investing Review

This online platform promises to help you make informed and calculated financial decisions. From real estate to passive income, all you seemingly have to do is subscribe for free.

The content of all the education materials is only questionably informative, however. Read more about it in our Infinity Investing review.

General information
Name Infinity Investing
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings issued
Website link
Active since 2013
Registered in US
Contact info 3225 McLeod Drive Las Vegas, NV 89121

+1 (800) 706-4741

+1 (253) 253-0003

[email protected]

Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada
Customer support Yes – email, phone
Compensation fund No

Who Owns Infinity Investing Brand?

The company known as INFINITY INVESTING GROUP, LLC runs the website in question. The company can be found in the state register of business entities of Nevada, first time registered in 2015, yet now dissolved:

Infinity Investing Info

However, the website claims this business to be affiliated with another entity – Anderson Business Advisors, LLC.

After additional searching and trying to pinpoint the main owning body (since the site doesn’t clarify it), we found the company in the Nevada business register:

Anderson Business Advisors Info

Two company managers are A.T. Mathis and Clint Coons:

Managers of Anderson Business Advisors

A.T. Mathis, better known as Toby Mathis, is an attorney who primarily focuses on small businesses, taxation, and trusts. As his website claims, he graduated from Seattle University School of Law, has written several books, and currently resides in Las Vegas. He’s present on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

The site itself is Infinity Investing education and events for members, along with the book by the company owner, and has been active since 2013.

Infinity Investing Reviews – What Users Have to Say?

None of the Infinity Investing reviews relate to the company or their service. Instead, they are all about book A.T. Mathias published, “Infinity Investing: How The Rich Get Richer And How You Can Do The Same”.

Amazon readers rate it 4.7 out of 5 stars and write lengthy reasons as to why this is a purchase of a lifetime.

Infinity Investing Reviews from Amazon's website

However, this is best taken with a grain of salt. If you take the time to have a look at some of the unverified comments, you’ll notice that they are repetitive, and even use the same phrases. This is something often seen with unscrupulous companies like Swiss KMS.

Many clients who have already signed up for an Infinity Investing login have expressed regret that they ever became members and purchased the book. They say that the publication is not as informative as advertised and does not contain enough info to be considered worthwhile.

Infinity Investing Review from Amazon's website

While the Amazon ratings about the book certainly seem impressive, we’d like to see more about the company itself. See how TrustPilot reviews reflect an honest service in our article on AltSignals.

How Much Does Infinity Investing Course Cost?

One of the prominent advertisements on the site relates to the Infinity Investing free membership. While this is just the “Basic” membership plan, there is virtually no information about any other subscriptions on the site.

Course costs from Infinity Investing

Something that’s rather alarming, is the fact that the sign-up procedure requires you to submit your billing information – if the service was indeed free, why would they need information like this?

Request for billing information from Infinity Investing

This is because the “basic” plan was only meant to drag you down thinking you’re getting something for nothing. Instead, there are at least three other plans, called Starter, 360 Pro and Pro Team the prices of which remain unknown.

Many of the events hosted by the company are only available to paying members, but nobody says how much any of them cost, either. Besides the Infinity Investing workshop and paid events, the platform constantly tries to nudge you towards the purchase of the Amazon publication as well.

Amazon's publication of Infinity Investing

Your trading journey doesn’t have to rely on various charlatans who promise the world and deliver nothing. Contact our representatives to learn about our prop trading accounts and receive up to $180,000 in funding.


What is Infinity Investing?

Infinity Investing is an online trading educational platform that sells memberships, events, and books on taxation, real estate, and trading.

Is Infinity Investing Membership Worth It?

The company is not being fully transparent about Infinity Investing price and what subscriptions they offer. In addition, they heavily rely on the get-rich-quick marketing ideas so we don’t consider them reliable.

Who is Toby Mathis?

One of the company founders and the main spokesperson for the company is Toby Mathis. He’s an attorney that resides in Las Vegas and primarily deals with small businesses.

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