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Investizo Review: Exploring What the Broker Brings to the Table

Investizo Review

Investizo promises to bring style and simplicity to the forex experience, but what’s the untold story? In this Investizo review, we’re digging into the details that might not quite match the company’s narrative. Keep reading to discover every detail about them!

General information
Name Investizo
Type of company Broker
Regulation status Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2019
Registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Contact info [email protected], +996700495212
Trading platforms MT4
Majority of clients are from Malaysia, India, Belarus, Latvia
Customer support Email and phone
Compensation fund No

Investizo Regulation and Safety of Funds

So, Investizo claims to operate under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. We all know this is a spot known for attracting some questionable characters in the brokerage world. Why? Well, it’s easy to set up shop there, and there’s no forex licensing body overseeing things. In plain terms, brokers in this region operate without proper FX licenses. And, this turns your investments into a bit of a risk.

On the flip side, there are agencies like the FCA or CySEC, with their strict rules and safety nets for clients. These regulators make sure your money and the broker’s money stay in separate accounts. Plus, they’ve got financial reimbursement schemes in case things go south. FCA even covers up to 85,000 pounds per person – now that’s some serious protection!

Investizo MT4 Software

Now, let’s talk about the trading software this broker offers. flaunts MT4, a timeless favorite. This is indeed the most widespread trading terminal, as everyone loves it for its convenience and usefulness. The same goes for its newer version, MetaTrader 5.

But keep in mind a few things about this broker scam. It’s unclear about commissions and closing positions. This is not the transparency we hoped for.

Note: Another broker to avoid is Dot Fin Capital. This one allegedly operates from the UK. Still, in order to work by law, they must follow guidelines set by the FCA. Without the permission of this regulatory body, no one can offer brokerage services to clients in the country.

Breaking Down the Trading Rules

Opening an account seems straightforward. You can apparently register on the website with just a username and password. But nothing is as easy as they want you to believe. Remember that additional identifications are needed down the road.

While we roamed freely, the 3.2 pips on EUR/USD trades and risky 1:1000 leverage got our eyebrows raised. Yes, it is true that high leverage can be thrilling, but it’s also risky business.

Also, we can see that Investizo broker offers a buffet of trading instruments, from forex pairs to crypto and indices.

Account Types: What’s on the Menu?

    • Min. Deposit: $10
    • Commission: Starting at $5
    • Spread: Floating, starting at 0.1
    • Platform: MT4 Desktop, MT4 iOS, MT4 Android
    • Min. Deposit: $10
    • Commission: 0
    • Spread: Floating, starting at 1.5
    • Platform: MT4 Desktop, MT4 iOS, MT4 Android

How Does the Scam Work?

Now, let’s peel back the layers of common scams in the forex world. From misleading ads to robo-scam sites and persuasive calls from shady brokers – it’s all part of a predictable fraudulent game. It’s essential to be aware of the tactics scammers use to lure you in, hindering your attempts to cash out.

To be on the safe side, always do your research and choose established brokers with excellent Trustpilot ratings. Moreover, when it comes to brokers, regulation is the first thing to look for.

The User Perspective

Checking out Trustpilot, we stumbled upon some surprising revelations about Investizo. With a solid 4.5-star rating from 19 clients, this offshore broker has quite positive feedback. Now, that’s not something you see every day in the world of shady brokers.

However, before jumping on the positivity train, stay cautious. Remember that offshore brokers, even with glowing reviews, can still pose risks. This is a fact! We advise traders to tread carefully and opt for regulated brokers with 4.5 stars or more on platforms like Trustpilot.

Tip: Clyde Trade is another shady broker. This one is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, and this is a significant red flag. This is because the laws of this land do not recognize forex trading, similar to SVG. Since there are no specific rules in the sphere, locally registered brokers are not obligated to meet requirements or answer to strict authorities.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods and Fees

Let’s talk about the money side of things with Investizo. So, the minimum deposit sits at €85, and they’ve got a handful of ways to shuffle your funds around. They support credit cards, wire transfers, crypto assets, and more. Now, the good news is that withdrawal requests hustle through in about 24 hours, and there are no withdrawal fees to worry about. This is according to their Deposit and Withdrawal Policy.

But, and there’s always a but, our adventure took a twist in the withdrawal section. It turns out users are roped into Investizo bonus terms and conditions, even if they’re steering clear of any bonuses. Strange default settings? And what is the most puzzling part? There is no clear path for changing the settings.

Remember, when you’re dealing with a financial company, transparency is key! 

Notable Earnings from Online Trading

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You get to partner with a proprietary trading firm and potentially pocket up to $180,000. Now, that’s an opportunity knocking on your door. So, are you ready to upgrade your trading game? Let’s do this together!

Final Words

Last but not least, let’s circle back to Investizo. While they showcase some intriguing features on their site, the caution flag is up. Note that shady firms can be unpredictable, and transparency is always key when it comes to trading. Our advice? Be cautious and explore safer alternatives.

And, speaking of alternatives, don’t forget our superb offer! Join our proprietary trading firm and unlock the potential to earn up to $180,000. It’s a game-changer worth considering on your trading journey. Stay savvy, and let your investments thrive in trustworthy hands.


What is Investizo?

Investizo is a shady broker with a location in an offshore haven of SVG.

Is Investizo Legit?

It is not. Operating under Saint Vincent laws raises significant questions.

How to Withdraw Profit From Investizo Broker?

It may not be possible as the company has no good intentions.

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