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Invox Trade Review: The Invox.Trade Mystery

Invox Trade Review

Today, we will expose everything about Invox Trade broker. This broker leaves traders in the dark about everything. It is completely anonymous, and their website is useless. Join us as we unravel all the hidden truths and shed light on what is there to know about them. This Invox Trade review is just for you! Read on to find more interesting details here! 

General information
Name Invox Trade
Type of company Broker
Regulation status Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators FSMA, CONSOB, and CNMV
Website link (inactive)
Active since 2023
Registered in n/a
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms n/a
Majority of clients are from Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Australia
Customer support n/a
Compensation fund No

About This Company

Have you ever heard of the Invox Trade scam? You will not find any data about this company, and their website feels more like a puzzle than a platform. It is completely broken and useless.

Multiple regulatory warnings from FSMA, CONSOB, and CNMV, make us even more skeptical. In a financial world brimming with choices, our preference is for brokers regulated by FCA, ASIC, BaFin, CySEC, etc. These are the ones that prioritize reliability.

Legal Information

Legal matters with this company are a bit like navigating a maze in the dark. Identifiable details are nowhere to be seen.

Operating in such secrecy naturally raises big concerns about the safety of your funds. Reputable brokers, in contrast, proudly display their licenses and features. They aim to offer a reassuring sense of security. One good example is eToro

Trading Instruments

Ever been left in the dark about something? This trading company keeps traders guessing about their assets as well. This is indeed frustrating!

It’s essential to stick with reputable and popular brokers. They lay out a variety of options, from crypto assets to stocks, neatly organized on user-friendly platforms. Remember that clarity is key in the financial domain, after all.

Invox Trade Platform

As you may have guessed, the details about the platform here are also unknown. Everything is quite scarce!

Now, let’s shine a light on the real stars: MT4 and MT5. These two trading platforms are sophisticated choices loved by around 80% of traders. With customizable interfaces and advanced tools, they’re the go-to. So, make sure you opt for brokers supporting these platforms for a secure and refined trading experience.

Here are some advantages of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5):

  • Avant-garde charting: There are clear and UI-friendly charts.
  • Automated trading: Execute automated trading strategies. These allow for hands-free execution founded on preset parameters.
  • Technical analysis tools: A vast array of technical analysis tools to improve your market analysis.
  • UI-friendly interface: Both platforms provide an easy-to-navigate interface. This is quite beneficial!
  • Wide asset coverage: Trade different instruments, including FX, stocks, commodities, and more.
  • Mobile trading: Trade on the go to avoid being attached to a desk.

Client Reviews from Trustpilot

According to Trustpilot, finding reviews about proves to be super hard. This shady firm clearly lacks any. The lack of user feedback is indeed a red flag, leaving potential clients in the dark about the real experiences of others.

User reviews are a vital tool, especially in the world of trading firms where transparency is key. As a general guideline, we recommend going for trading firms with ratings of 4.5 stars or more. This becomes even more crucial in the surprising landscape of FX and crypto trading.

Tip: RadarFX seems legit at first, but it’s actually part of a sneaky scam. This fraudulent project offers access to features that fall way short of their promises. It’s best to avoid them and stick to regulated and respected companies. 

Can I Make Money Trading?

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Final Words

After all, the only thing we can say is that this is a company shrouded in mystery. Their website lacks essential details as it’s broken. Also, client reviews about this company do not exist.

When choosing a trading platform, it’s crucial to carefully assess the available options. Speaking of alternatives, consider our mind-blowing offer! Our prop trading firm provides an opportunity for you to earn up to $180,000. Take advantage of the best offer and secure your financial future!


What is Invox Trade?

Invox Trade is a mysterious and fake trading platform.

Can I Trust Invox Trade With My Money?

It's hard to trust Invox Trade. So, consider regulated alternatives.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Prop trading involves trading financial instruments with a firm's own money to potentially generate profits.

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