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KryptoGO Review: Not Just a Wallet but a Gateway to Your Web3 Persona

KryptoGO Review

In the sea of recently published crypto wallet apps, very few bring new features to the table. This web3 developer is set to freshen up the stale waters of hot wallets with a palette of solutions that cater both the newcomer and the professional.

Learn more about this exciting new take on how crypto wallets function and more in our KryptoGO review.

General information
Name KryptoGO, Inc.
Type of the company Software developer
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2017
Registered in Taiwan
Contact info [email protected]


Trading platforms Proprietary
Majority of clients are from United States, Japan, Singapore, Myanmar
Customer support Yes – Telegram, Discord, email
Compensation fund No

Who Owns KryptoGO Brand?

KryptoGO wallet is owned by KryptoGO Co., Ltd. tech provider from Taipei, Taiwan. The brand was founded by Yao-Wei Ou, as stated on their Crunchbase profile:

KryptoGO Details

The entity is also known as 重量科技股份有限公司, which is how they’re registered in Taipei (Taiwan), according to AsiaVerify:

KryptoGO Business Information

The company has public profiles on various social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Discord, YouTube, GitHub and Telegram where they market their products and also keep in touch with retail clients. The website was launched in 2017.

Pros & Cons

The KryptoGO NFT and crypto wallet is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. There’s also a Chrome extension to download. The app, however, doesn’t seem overly popular, as evident from the number of downloads.

There aren’t many KryptoGO reviews in general, even on the popular review sites. On Trustpilot, we could only find 4 of them, and a few more on ProductHunt.

KryptoGO Reviews

In all of these, users are reporting about being satisfied with the app and how it performs, but considering the number of opinions, they shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Pros Cons
Supports 10 blockchains Lack of user feedback
Compatible with iOS, Android and Chrome Unconfirmed performance
Allows wallets to be imported from other apps KryptoGO fees unknown
Implements ISO 27701 and 27001 for safety and privacy
NFT utility package
Keyless wallet design

KryptoGO Features

While many companies today offer their own flavor of cryptocurrency wallets, this software solution provider can take pride in developing an entire web3 infrastructure kit.

KryptoGO Customizable Wallets

End-users will find the KryptoGO app to be one of the best soft wallets around. It is a self-custodial wallet with advanced features which include keyless access, which allows secure access without passwords, seed phrases or private keys.

KryptoGO Wallet App

With KryptoGO login, users needn’t sacrifice secure access for accessibility. The app is designed for ease of use in mind, allowing newbies to quickly become accustomed with the web3 environment.

KryptoGO App Features

Besides being able to contain all of the client assets, the KryptoGO free app allows users to build and iterate on their digital identity. It also lets them socialize, chat, and use advanced features such as portfolio monitoring, DApps and more. NFT Utility center lets clients participate in various airdrops, while filtering the necessary information. 


What is KryptoGO?

It is one of the premier web3 software solution providers. The company is based in Taiwan.

Is KryptoGO App Legit?

Yes, the app is completely legit, and offers an exciting array of features and options for newcomers and advanced users.

Is KryptoGO Free?

Yes, the end-user oriented wallet app is completely free of charge and is available through a variety of channels.

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