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LQDFX Review – All you Need to Know About LQDFX.Com

Regulation and Security of LQDFX

Is LQDFX legit? At first glance, the LQDFX broker can even look trustworthy. Their website was thoughtfully designed, and they offer access to a variety of trading assets as well as Islamic and Demo accounts.

But don’t let deception fool you. Our in-depth LQDFX review will outline the scheme’s operators and explain why you should boycott the company at all costs.

LQDFX is an unregulated offshore forex and CFD broker that provides a variety of currency pairs and leveraged CFDs. Find out if you should create an LQDFX profile and log in to the customer portal.

Company LQDFX
Address Beachmont Business Centre, 359, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Email [email protected]
Phone +44 20 8064 1038

Account Support

+357 24030362

General Enquiries

Minimum Deposit $20
Leverage 1:500 / 1:300 / 1:100
Bonuses Yes
Regulation No
Warning FCA


SMB Turkey

Regulation and Security of LQDFX

Despite appearing trustworthy, the LQDFX broker cannot be relied upon. The Marshall Islands-based LQD Limited previously owned the trademark. Of course, it did so without the legal authorization to offer financial services. The company changed its owner and headquarters after being discovered by the government, but the plot remained the same.

LQD LLC, a business with offices in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is the current owner. We had to investigate Tier 1 licensing companies for LQDFX regulation because this offshore nation lacks a supervisor for Forex and CFD firms. Once more, the company is operating the program illegally because it was unable to secure legitimate approval.

Every broker must be licensed in the country where you live. Your investment will be more secure with such a license. Additionally, if offering services in the EEA zone, brokers must abide by ESMA regulations governing leverage limits and transparency. Your funds are at risk because it is obvious that LQDFX is an investment scam.

LQDFX has been a persistent online trading fraud. The business has an offshore foundation and no functional financial rules. Several Tier 1 regulators, including the Canadian BCSC, and the UK FCA, have placed it on their blacklists.

 Trading Platform Overview

LQDFX  trading platform overview

The trading platform for LQDFX is quite good. The business provides distribution of MT4, the top trading tool available from a third party. Over 50% of retail investors favour the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which belongs to MetaQuotes. The software itself contains a sizable number of TAs and facilitates social trading and trading bots.

But without a license, none of this matters. Even if a brokerage has the best platform, it may still be a fraud and refuse withdrawal requests. MT4 is just a clever ruse to seize the funds of unsuspecting retail investors like you.

Funding Methods at LQDFX

A few different payment methods can be used to fund a LQDFX trading account. Only PayRedeem, bitcoin, and credit/debit cards are available to clients. However, using payment methods is cost-free, and processing takes less than 30 minutes. Payments made with credit and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard are subject to a daily transaction cap of $2,000.

All withdrawal options at LQDFX are free to use, with the exception of credit cards, which have a $10 fee. Minimum withdrawal charges for credit and debit cards are $20 as well as $15. Withdrawals are processed quickly, and the monies usually arrive in one to two business days.

LQDFX Account Types Available

When we visited LQDFX broker, we discovered that the brokerage provides five accounts, each of which includes access to MT4, the complete library of instructional resources, a personal account manager, as well as all tradeable assets. Additionally, the broker provides Islamic clients with swap-free trading circumstances.

Below is the list of each account its leverage and minimum deposits:

Micro Account

  • Leverage – 1:500
  • Minimum deposit – $20

Gold Account

  • Leverage – 1:300
  • Minimum deposit – $500

ECN Account

  • Leverage – 1:300
  • Minimum deposit – $500

VIP Account

  • Leverage – 1:100
  • Minimum deposit – $25,000

Islamic Account

  • Leverage – 1:300
  • Minimum deposit – $20

LQDFX Offer Bonuses and Promotions

LQDFX 100% deposit bonus

By matching your money with usable cash, LQDFX gives a 100% deposit bonus. It must be chosen during registration and is applicable to deposits of $250 to $20,000.

Following the fulfilment of the trading volume conditions, the bonus is withdrawable. Depending on the bonus amount, volume requirements apply; $5 becomes withdrawable for each full lot traded (100,000 units).

Implementation of the Scam

One of the most common methods used in internet investment scams is to show the investor a string of good trades to instil a false sense of safety and hook them on the concept of “easy money.” Following the development of this confidence, the client will be persuaded to invest more money in order to receive higher returns. Other rewards might also be given to entice investors to invite their family and friends to use the site.

The account will be suspended whenever the scam brokers determine that they have obtained all of the investor’s available cash from him or her and their network. At that point, the user will no longer have access to the funds that have been invested.

LQDFX Summary

An unregistered foreign corporation called LQDFX operates only to take your hard-earned money. Do not let it deceive you! The goal of this LQDFX review is to inform readers about the risks associated with dealing with shady brokers. Avoid platforms and companies that aren’t regulated as much as you can. Stay safe and informed!

FAQs About LQDFX Broker

Is LQDFX Regulated?

LQDFX is an illegitimate broker. It operates without a relevant license offshore.

Is LQDFX a Trustworthy Broker?

LQDFX is an unreliable, offshore, and unregulated entity that is not trustworthy or worthy of your time.

What Funding Methods Does LQDFX Accept?

The only funding methods by LQDFX are PayRedeem, bitcoin, and credit/debit cards.

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