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Lune Trading Review: AI Trading With No Verifiable Background

Lune Trading Review

AI seems to have become the buzzword of the year, with the development of software like ChatGPT. While many companies claim to have produced advanced AI trading tools, a very small number of them have any results to show for it.

Our Lune Trading review will examine one dubious AI tool provider, which brags to have finally created this holy grail of software which has eluded multimillion corporations for so long.

General information
Name Lune Trading
Type of the company AI Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2022
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Web Terminal
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
Customer support Yes – Email, Discord
Compensation fund No

About Lune Trading

As a software development company, Lune Trading LLC declares not to provide financial advice or any investment services. The purpose of the poorly designed website is to allegedly just sell trading tools and some other useful addons that can help trades elevate their trading game. 

We thoroughly examined the legal documentation available where it said that the company is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the New York courts and that they do not own a FINRA license. For a non-investment and no monetary business, that is fine, but the website still lacks information on the conduct itself.

It is not known where exactly the company has headquarters, what their physical location is, contact phone, leadership team and owners. That raises suspicion and doesn’t help for an overly positive impression of the whole deal. 

For example, Pluto AI is not overly transparent when it comes to some company information, but at least reveals the creators of the project. 


Traders purchasing these products are supposed to acquire an edge on all markets and empower their investment decisions. The web presentation isn’t that precise when it comes to advertising all these features. As a matter of fact, there’s not more than a couple of sentences in total about what these pricey options are. 

Here’s the list of the ones we found on the homepage: 

  • Advanced Algorithms – signals powered by AI/machine learning
  • Institutional Concepts – liquidity and smart money concepts, order blocks, supply and demand zones
  • Automated Technical Analysis – real time chart patterns detection
  • Alternative Market Analysis – “see what others can’t”
  • Advanced Strategies and Backtesting – auto backtester compatible with TradingView
  • Market Scanners – makes finding market opportunities easier

Lune AI signals

Lune algorithmic signals are powered by AI, said to be built by PhD Quantitative Developers. These proprietary algorithms utilize machine learning for the purpose of providing useful market analysis, alerts and signals.

It should be especially efficient when used for S&P 500 scalp, intraday, and swing trading. That is the main focus for now, but the developers promise to soon expand the range of equities and signals. Premium subscription will make you want to pull your hair out, however, so let’s revise what traders are most interested in – the price of it all.

Lune Trading Pricing: Exorbitant Subscription Plans

Plans with instant access and ability for cancellation at any time all feature the same products, just for different periods of time. For instance, all of these accounts include premium indicators, backtesting, market scanners, premium support and other described products. 

However, some last longer and promise discounts if you purchase the pricier versions:

  • Monthly – Full Price $57.99/ month
  • Quarterly – Save 20% for $46.99/ month
  • Yearly – Save 35% for $37.81/ month
  • Lifetime – $1045.41/ life

Now, if you think that’s expensive, take a look at the plans that sell the holy grail of Forex trading – AI driven signals:

  • Monthly – $174,95/ month
  • Quarterly – $404,86/ month
  • Yearly – 1.574,55/ month
  • Lifetime – $6.298,20/ life

Affiliate Bonus for Clients

Upon completing the process of signing up with the site, every newcomer is equipped with a unique referral link. This link can be used to promote the company on various social media platforms and get rewarded for it. 

Every individual client can earn up to 45% commission for every new user who subscribes to a Lune Trading Plan through their particular link. The cash reward will be transferred to the clients account on a monthly basis, as long as their affiliate stays subscribed. 

Member Testimonials: Are They Valid?

It doesn’t take an expert analyst to see that the customer testimonials featured on the site were written by professional content creators who were paid by the company. 

These comments are all full of weasel words which allude to the same pros that the firm advertises, without giving any actual performance statistics. Of course, there’s also a couple of charts that show the trading portfolios of these same alleged clients, but they’ve been cut in such a way to partially conceal the relevant data.

This is something that we see all too often with other companies of this type, namely Morphlin. The lack of comments on popular platforms like TrustPilot or SiteJabber does little to alleviate the doubts about Lune Trading honesty.

All Over Social Networks

If this AI tool provider is to be believed, they have thousands of successful traders worldwide. The widespread nature of their business is certainly attributed to multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and TradingView.

Something that doesn’t sit right with us is the fact that none of these profiles address the market investment as a risky business that it is. These people heavily downplay the probability of asset loss, advertising their tool as a major breakthrough which lets you accomplish unrealistic results.

Support and Help Center

When using any kind of software or a digital toolkit, you’d expect a dedicated support team which would resolve any issue if it were caused by a bug or a glitch, or just general user errors.

There’s no such thing with this firm, however, as the clients need to rely on FAQs or some instruction articles available on the website. An email is provided for some more difficult questions, but knowing how volatile the online markets can be in short time spans, this is not a reliable way to get a prompt resolution.


The AI technology is not yet mature enough to allow small developer teams to effortlessly create advanced trading tools. Although this firm claims to provide cutting edge solutions, the losses generated by underdeveloped software can quickly stack up to include more than you’ve bargained for.

This is not the risk you would be taking with one of our prop trading accounts. We offer experienced traders an ability to receive up to $180,000 in funding, and advance their portfolio by applying the right edge to the markets.


What is Lune Trading?

This is a software development company that offers AI-based strategies and tools through subscription plans.

How Much Does Lune Trading Cost?

The plan prices vary, and range from $57.99/ month up to $6.298,20/ life.

What Does Lune Trading Do?

The website offers indicators and trading signals, with additional tools for better market insight.

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