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MadazMoney Review: Simplifying Intraday Trading Insights

MadazMoney Review

Brace yourselves for an in-depth MadazMoney review! This is the trading education hub that’s been making waves in the world of intraday trading. In this comprehensive article, we’ll untangle the features of this company. Our goal is to give you a detailed overview of its tools, trading styles, setups, and pricing. Let’s hop into it for more details!

General information
Name MadazMoney
Type of company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators None
Website link
Active since 2017
Registered in n/a
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms n/a
Majority of clients are from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Israel
Customer support Chat widget
Compensation fund No

Madaz Money – A Comprehensive Overview

Madaz Money transcends the typical trading platform. We can see that it’s a vibrant chatroom and community. Notably, it is made for traders seeking the excitement of high-volatility stocks.

This firm is led by Madaz, a seasoned former structural engineer who turned full-time trader. On their site, we see live commentary and real-time engagement facilitated through an intuitive mobile app.

Still, we do think their website design is not so great. It’s not modern or easy to navigate.

The Team

Madaz is not a lone trader but rather leads a team of four skilled traders. When it comes to small-cap scalping, Madaz is the go-to person, while Micah brings his expertise in Fibonacci tools to the table.

Anthony is the master of navigating long-biased strategies. Also, Lukas specializes in small-cap trading with a focus on short-selling based on fundamental analysis. Together, they form a dynamic team that leverages their strengths to achieve their trading goals.


Madaz is a skilled trader who uses finesse to navigate momentum breakouts and breakdowns. How exactly?

He scales in and out of positions and relies on time of sales, level 2 data, and intuition instead of complex indicators.


Behind the scenes, we can see they use multiple timeframes. Also, we should note that this includes a daily chart for a holistic view and a 3-minute chart for precise scalping.

Notably, his chart template is made accessible to members using Think or Swim and Das Trader for execution.

A Peek Into the Trading Hub

Membership here shows a treasure trove of trading resources. You can find videos, recaps, the MadazMoney daily highlights, and many podcasts. Rather than a pre-packaged training course, the emphasis is on a watch-and-learn approach.

You can dive in and absorb the insights, but still be mindful. Know that relying solely on leveraged trades may prove challenging in the market. Keep this in mind.

MadazMoney Price Structure

So, is this company worth it after all? MadazMoney courses come with a price tag of $99 per month or $990 per year with yearly prepayment. An enticing offer, right?

This subscription grants daily market insights, and the ability to follow a seasoned team. However, be mindful of ‘cattle calls’ impacting small-cap stocks. This can be quite challenging, so ensure you possess the skills to navigate those stocks effectively.


  • Transparent performance with live commentary
  • Insightful trading videos
  • A growing community of skilled traders
  • Easy access via online chat room and mobile app
  • Affordable pricing with no upselling


  • Risks come with small-cap stocks
  • Educational content may be limited to explaining methodologies
  • Poor web design in general

What the Community Says

Now, let’s dive into what the community is saying about this firm, particularly on Trustpilot. Here’s the lowdown – there are no MadazMoney reviews on Trustpilot, which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.

And, there’s a buzz on forums like Reddit about the management being shaky and irresponsible. This is worth noting.

Now, we always recommend playing it safe, especially in FX trading. Go for firms with a Trustpilot rating of 4.5 stars or more for a smoother ride.

Finding the Right Trading Education Platform for You

Selecting the perfect trading education platform is crucial to your success. Here’s a guide to help you find the ideal fit:

Identify Your Needs

Start by clarifying your goals. If you’re a beginner, focus on platforms that offer fundamental resources and clear client support.

Seasoned traders should look for platforms with cutting-edge analytics and tools.

Check Reputation

Always look for platforms backed by positive reviews.

Insights from others provide valuable info on a platform’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s usually a good idea to use platforms endorsed by reputable institutions or experts.


A good platform should be easy to navigate. We advise you to test its search function and assess how effortlessly you can access information.

Also, seek platforms offering various learning formats, such as videos and articles.

Tip: Have you heard of InTheMoneyStocks? It is an online platform offering courses, market analysis, and trading tips for stocks. This company, based in New York, has been helping regular traders since 2007.

Assess Customer Support

We all know that responsive customer support is essential! Choose a platform with a dedicated support team.

Always keep these factors in mind. By doing so, you’ll find a fitting trading education platform that aligns with your objectives.

Trading Scams

Now, let’s shine a light on online trading scams. From Ponzi schemes to fake advisories, scammers love using various strategies.

Watch out for fake celebrity promos, enticing promises, and the urgency to invest. These are common traps. Stay vigilant and informed to protect yourself from potential financial surprises. Recognizing these fake and shady practices is key to protecting your investments. All in all, stay sharp in online trading.

Tip: So, TopTierCapital talks about being a top-notch broker. Yet, a quick trip to their website reveals a big issue. Read more in our blog post. 

Boost Your Earnings in Online Trading

Let’s switch gears and talk about a golden opportunity for you. Making money through online trading is easier than ever, and we’ve got your back! Get in touch with us for free consultations on the safest trading platforms.

Now, the exciting part – we’re rolling out a new gig, proprietary trading! Join our team and stand a chance to pocket up to $180,000. It’s your ticket to a richer financial journey!

Final Words

As we wrap up, let’s talk straight about what this company brings to the table. They offer live commentary, diverse trading styles, and a community vibe. All of this sounds great, but remember, every coin has two sides.

When you’re out there exploring options, consider our premier deal – proprietary trading! You get a shot at earning up to $180,000. Choose wisely, trade smart, and let the profits roll in.


What is MadazMoney?

MadazMoney is a vibrant intraday trading platform with skilled traders with live commentary and insights.

Is MadazMoney Course a Good One?

MadazMoney's course appears to be insightful.

Can I Learn How to Trade Forex?

It’s possible with a good education platform or free YouTube videos.

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