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Market Cipher Review: The Full Breakdown of This Indicator

Market Cipher Review

We are aware that finding the right trading indicators can be a game-changer. This is a fact!

Today, we will talk about the Market Cipher. Namely, this is a hybrid indicator package hosted on TradingView that claims to take your trading skills to new heights. But the question on everyone’s minds is – does it live up to expectations? Read our comprehensive Market Cipher review as we expose the facts from the buzz.

General information
Name Market Cipher
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in Unknown
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms n/a
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Customer support n/a
Compensation fund No

Trading Indicators: Are They Worth the Investment?

It is a fact that many indicators are vying for attention. Do these indicators deliver the promised results, and is it a wise investment?

Understanding how indicators function on TradingView is key. Writing an indicator in Pine script, TradingView’s proprietary language is a skill not everyone possesses. Also, the availability of code in the public domain is tricky. It raises concerns about purchasing repackaged indicators at inflated prices. So, be mindful of pricey indicators.

Now, what about the Market Cipher indicators? Let’s elaborate on that below! 

Market Cipher 101

Market Cipher talks about being an all-in-one set of trading instruments. We can see that it is mainly made for crypto traders but is adaptable to analyzing stocks and FX markets.

It functions as a typical indicator and uses various methods to analyze signals on a candle-by-candle basis. Also, the prices are competitive, but we will talk about that later on!

The Market Cipher Risk Calculator adds an extra layer. This one helps traders minimize risks while maximizing profitability. However, it’s crucial to approach this tool with a bit of caution, considering the competitive market.

How Does the Evaluation Work?

As we can see on their website, the tool apparently transcends simple indicators. They talk about the importance of community, education, guidance, and wisdom.

In addition to acknowledging the challenges of trading, the brand emphasizes harmony. Still, after all, the real benefits beyond rhetoric must be observed here.

Tip: BacktestZone looks like a no-code haven for traders of all levels. Launched in 2021, it talks about a modern interface, but they have a dark side. There is no information about who’s behind this business or who runs it. It’s best to avoid this shady company. 

Market Cipher Academy

What about the educational side of things here? The Market Cipher trading tool introduces the Market Cipher Academy. Notably, this one is there to provide users with a full understanding of the tool. It also teaches you about different strategies.

Private and group lessons, led by professional educators, promise solid insights. Still, in our opinion, there are other companies that offer even better education programs.

Is Market Cipher Expensive?

So, is Market Cipher free? Is it pricey? Let’s see what are the pricing plans here!

While this company offers a range of benefits, the major drawback is its price. We can see $1,500 for a lifetime package or $600 per month for the professional plan.

It is evident that the firm competes with other tools that charge more affordable amounts. So, this can’t be good for them. Both plans offer the same benefits, so deciding between them is a matter of how long you plan to use the tool.

Tip: What about the Composer Trade tool? This trading company automates trading with different ‘symphonies’. Many traders say they are impressed with the interface of this company. You can learn more about them in our blog post! 

Trustpilot Ratings: Trader’s Take

What about trader reviews? Checking Trustpilot, this company shows a respectable 3.8-star rating. It seems traders are generally pleased with their experiences, despite everything.

However, it’s best to go for trading firms with at least a 4.5-star rating. Ensuring safety in your trading journey is key to a smooth and secure experience. This is an unwritten rule!

Note: Always choose regulated brokers for secure trading. We highly recommend selecting those that adhere to regulatory guidelines. Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation!

Is Market Cipher Really Worth Your Investment?

Opting for the best indicators doesn’t always involve spending money. There are powerful free tools like MA, EMA, MACD, and RSI. When combined with Elliott’s theory and Fibonacci tools, these can cover all your analytical needs. The key is to master these tools before considering any purchase. Save your money and, instead, focus on earning through a solid technical analysis skillset.

While outsourcing technical analysis to a trusted third party can be a shortcut, establishing trust is crucial. Beware of YouTube channels with over-the-top expressions and bold predictions. Before following any advice, check the reasoning behind it, avoiding blind leaps based on a YouTuber’s enthusiasm.

When evaluating indicators, look for features like:

  1. Ability to set up alerts for automated trading
  2. Independence from Heikin Ashi candles
  3. A reliable source, avoiding random online recommendations
  4. Reasonable prices

You will enhance your trading strategy by understanding these factors.

Earning with Online Trading

Ready to step into the world of online trading? Making money can be straightforward, and our team is here to help you at every step. Get in touch for free advice on the top forex and crypto trading platforms.

And guess what? We’re rolling out something new – proprietary trading. Join us, and you could perhaps earn up to $180,000. It’s an exciting chance for financial growth, and we’re thrilled to be part of your trading adventure.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this company has nothing special to offer. They talk about top-notch features, but we cannot say that this is the best trading platform on the market. Reviews are solid, but the number of traders who talk about this firm is low. 

As you weigh your choices, remember to pick the best fit for you. Also, don’t overlook the exclusive opportunity with our prop trading firm, where clients have the potential to earn up to $180,000. This is indeed a tempting option in the lively world of trading. So make sure you choose wisely! 


What is Market Cipher?

Market Cipher is a trading indicator package used for analyzing markets.

Is Market Cipher Worth It?

Whether Market Cipher is worth it depends on your preferences and needs. We think it is not.

How Much Does Market Cipher Cost?

It is $1,500 for a lifetime package or $600 a month for a 12-month subscription.

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