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MarketHaven Review: The Real Deal Behind the Broker

MarketHaven Review

Welcome aboard as we explore the ins and outs of MarketHaven. Namely, this may seem like a broker with a name that suggests exciting trading prospects. Our mission? To provide you with an in-depth assessment infused with hard facts and much more. Let’s dive deeper into our MarketHaven review.

General information
Name Market Haven
Type of company Broker
Regulation status Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2008
Registered in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, United Kingdom
Contact info [email protected], [email protected], +441277282822
Trading platforms WebTrader
Majority of clients are from Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Singapore
Customer support Email and phone
Compensation fund No

About the Broker

Let’s chat about Market Haven, a trading company that suggests it’s got some superb trading opportunities. They claim their team of experts is here to guide you through the twists and turns of online trading. 

MarketHaven scam flaunts a spiffy platform, top-notch support, and a focus on what traders need. Are you thinking about giving it a go? You can join the crew and dive into what Market Haven claims is the ultimate trading environment. Still, we advise you to think twice! 

MarketHaven Regulation Issues

Heads up, we couldn’t find any details about their regulations, making us raise an eyebrow. Also, those extremely positive online reviews of the company? They indeed seem a bit fishy.

Plus, they say they’re UK-based, but guess what? Offshore in SVG is where they really call home.

Convenient Trading News

Staying in the know in the online trading world is a big deal. Speaking of, MarketHaven broker tries to make it easy with a special news section.

Traders get quick updates to stay on top of market trends. This may sound interesting to you. But remember that offshore status tends to raise many suspicions here. Offshore companies often lack Tier 1 regulations, which poses many risks to traders. This is a fact!

Market Haven’s Platform Unpacked

Let’s take a closer look at Market Haven’s trading platform. They claim to have a versatile WebTrader designed for everyone. Compatible with any browser and mobile-friendly, this platform offers tools for trend analysis, various indicators, and order options.

However, think about your safety and consider something else! Go for brokers that swear by the reliable MT4 and MT5 for that additional layer of security. This is essential!

Account Types

This FX broker throws 6 different account types your way. Let’s dive into what these accounts contain:

  • Litecoin
    • Initial deposit: $250
    • Spreads: Competitive starting at 1.5 pips
    • Leverage: Standard at 1:100
    • Extras: Daily market reviews, 2 eBooks, and video tutorials
  • Ethereum
    • Initial deposit: $10,000
    • Leverage at 1:200
    • Extras: Professional trading tools, prioritized withdrawals, and more perks
  • Bitcoin
    • Initial deposit: $25,000
    • Extras: Tier 3 room analysis, a devoted account manager, education on demand, full access to trading platform analytics, and over 20 eBooks
  • Pro Bitcoin
    • Initial deposit: $50,000
    • Leverage: Impressive at 1:300
    • Extras: Ultra-low commissions, weekly webinars, access to a professional glossary, expedited transaction processing, and market updates with Tier 3 trading strategies
  • VIP Bitcoin
    • Minimum deposit: $100,000
    • Exclusive Features: Tailored for the most loyal clients ready for a challenge, unlocking endless possibilities
  • Rockefeller
    • Initial deposit: $250,000
    • Distinctive Features: Cost-effective, professional trading tools, high leverage, made for institutions 

Trading Assets at Market Haven

Are you curious about what you can trade with this FX broker? The company covers all major asset classes. It includes forex, commodities, metals, indices, stocks, and crypto. For many traders, this may seem like a great set of options. 

Still, be mindful of the specific terms and conditions, along with additional services. Please note that all of these can vary based on the chosen account type. We advise that you find a broker that is safe and supports the same array of options.

How Does an Online Trading Scam Work?

It’s crucial to be aware of the most popular trading scams. Online trading scams often start with brokers advertising on social media, promising huge success. Market Haven and Squires Finance Ltd, among others, may present themselves as your allies. Still, beware of potential deception.

Working without obligations to follow regulatory rules, these companies leave you with little recourse. Once entangled, the only way to recover your funds might involve filing a dispute independently. Make sure that you understand this. 

Market Haven Reviews – A Blank Slate Raises Concerns

A closer look at Trustpilot reveals a surprising absence of reviews for this shady broker. We must say that this raises suspicions about its credibility!

When it comes to online trading, it’s crucial to stick with safe and regulated brokers with a rating of 4.5 stars or higher. Don’t risk your investments with untested companies.

Tip: JT 24 LIMITED is affiliated with JT-24 and claims to be registered and regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services. Still, you should be skeptical of these claims! Always conduct further research to check the information provided.

How to Earn Money Trading Online

Ready to make money from online trading? The path to financial gains has never been smoother. We urge you to seek free consultations and expert advice on leading trading platforms! Our goal is to help you navigate this domain with confidence! 

Also, we have exciting news! We’re promoting our new product – proprietary trading, offering clients the chance to collaborate with a prop firm and potentially earn up to $180,000. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

Final Words

Last but certainly not least, while Market Haven presents nice trading options, try to be mindful. Shady firms can jeopardize your investments and cause you unnecessary stress.

Our advice? Steer clear of uncertainties and explore our alternative – a proprietary trading firm. Earn up to $180,000 with us! A safer and more promising choice in the trading domain is waiting for your decision! 


Is MarketHaven Regulated?

No. MarketHaven lacks clear regulation protections. Caution is advised!

Can I Trust MarketHaven Broker?

Trust in MarketHaven is questionable. Due to uncertainties, it's better to explore alternatives with proven credibility.

Is It Better to Trade with a Broker or a Proprietary Firm?

Choosing between a broker and a prop firm depends on your preferences.

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