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MarketScreener Review: Your Go-To Market News Outlet

MarketScreener Review

Few online media have been around for as long as this news platform. Over the years, the firm has achieved a large following and a great deal of trust among its audience.

So, what makes this news platform so special and how can you capitalize on all the knowledge it has to offer? Find out in our MarketScreeener review.

General information
Name MarketScreener / Surperformance SAS
Type of the company Trading tools
Regulation status No/ None expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2001
Registered in France
Contact info 17 avenue d’Albigny, 74 000 Annecy, France

Tel: +33 4 78 30 41 42

Majority of clients are from Germany, Italy, Spain, India, United States
Customer support Callback, Online form
Compensation fund No

Reliable Trading News Outlet

The owner and parent company of the MarketScreener news site is a registered trademark of Surperformance SAS from France, curated by the director of publication Franck MOREL.

The same media company owns numerous other news outlets, and has been operating the website since 2001. Both of these trading names, as well as other subsidiaries of Surperformance may be found in the French INPI database.

Over the years, the news outlet became among the most popular and trusted platforms in France and abroad. Majority of website visitors are from these areas:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • India
  • United States

What Makes the Platform So Popular?

As one of the early birds in the business, the media outlet capitalized on the vacuum of media catering to financial news and analysis. With the internet-based media seeing an explosion of popularity in the coming years, it is easy to see how this particular company would solidify its presence. If you’re looking for a brokerage with a long-term business, then look no further than Nadex.

It was not possible without high quality research and publishing of up-to-date information, however. The company’s market information is currently frequented by millions of traders worldwide.

In order to remain relevant, the firm has had to expand into other, external platforms. It may currently be found on numerous social networks, including Facebook, X, LinkedIn and CrunchBase.

The outlet is particularly active on YouTube, where it has published more than 3.200 videos. In addition, it hosts a trading news and journalistic commentary podcast on Spotify.

Overwhelmingly Good Ratings

The MarketScreener reviews found on various ratings platforms are very positive. On TrustPilot, the company has a 4.0 overall score out of more than 200 separate reviews.

While the clients are generally satisfied, some Reddit users suggest that the site layout is difficult to search for desired information.

There are those who complain, though, with the most common reason being the site being frequently down for maintenance. Others, however, say that their refund was denied after they gave up on the service. All in all, the reputation is what you’d expect from a well established firm, with Elland Road Capital being another example.

Market Screener Tools

Useful tools adjusted to searching the market for precise criteria set by the user are called screeners. MarketScreener screeners are extremely helpful instruments that allow traders to make educated decisions and pick the exact product that suits their investment capabilities, strategies and preferences. 

In order to fully analyze the complete offer of market screeners that this company provides to their customers, we’ll take a look at every subgroup they are advertising.

Stock Screener Home

Using the MarketScreener stocks filtering tool is easy and fast to navigate through over 95% of publicly traded companies. To search through these, users can first search based on a preferred country, geography or index. 

Then, they can set their search filter depending on what concretely interests them about a company. Under this category, you can find investor rating, trading rating, sales growth, EV/sales, and finances.

The results shown can be ranked according to personal criteria of the investor with a simple click on a button. Lastly, those most appealing elements of the search results can be saved and checked later with a single click.

Investment Themes

Company information found through this tool is available for the entities from the following fields of work:

  • Solar energy
  • Private Equity
  • Defense
  • Digital Health and Telemedicine
  • Blockchain
  • Boats

Transcripts for over 9.000 companies from various lines of business are available for all subscription owners on the day their earning information is posted. 

Spotting investment opportunities that way is far easier, especially in the sense of avoiding market pitfalls. At the same time, users unlock all benefits, such as MarketScreener news, transcripts, expert advice and investment lists.

Technical Rankings

Technical analysis is the most crucial part of identifying trading opportunities by analyzing statistical data related to trading activity, like price fluctuations and market volume. Besides utilizing basic filters, such as capitalization and sectors, investors can perform searches based on ST trend, MT trend, LT trend, MT timing and RSI. 

All of this information filters through the following stock categories:

  • Oversold stocks
  • Overbought stocks
  • Close to resistance
  • Close to support
  • Accumulation Phases
  • Most volatile stocks

Fundamental Rankings

This ranking is provided based on the evaluation of the intrinsic value of stocks. By engaging in this sort of evaluation, traders are building an estimation of external influences and events that affect the fair value of a stock. 

Ranking the stocks using these filters produces the following information relevant to investment decision making:

  • Top Investor Rating
  • Top Trading Rating
  • Top Consensus
  • Top Growth
  • Top Dividends
  • Low valuations

My Screeners

Whoever wishes to become a member and signs up for the site can do so without spending a single penny. Members can browse the website contents and use the main features including watchlists, MarketScreener portfolio, expert dynamic chart. 

At that, you can become eligible to receive weekly market updates every Friday. In addition, traders who open an account have access to more news and can download their PDF reports.

Subscription Prices

Besides the fact that interested investors can join the site and browse for free, they can also use other features for a limited time or a small fee. 

However, if you want to have access to the premium service, you are expected to buy a subscription plan. Here’s is the MarketScreener price of each plan available:

  • ACCESS – $ 28/month – unlocks unlimited access to articles and analysis, browsing and iPhone app, with daily and weekly newsletter included.
  • PREMIUM – $ 50/month – in addition to the aforementioned, users also have stock screener provided, with thematic investment lists, premium newsletter and 3 portfolios.
  • EXPERT – $ 219/month – provides access to all of the features the company has to offer, including the options for the previous two plans.

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What is MarketScreener?

It is an online media outlet which provides market analysis tools for traders.

Is MarketScreener Safe?

Yes, the company is registered and is operating well within their legal constraints.

Is MarketScreener Free?

Not all services are free of charge, and some require a monthly subscription.

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