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Meritkapital Review: Discovering Legitimacy and Regulatory Status

Meritkapital Review

In this Meritkapital review, we will explore MeritKapital Ltd, a Cyprus-based investment firm. What is so special about them? The company specializes in fixed-income investments, particularly within the emerging market Eurobond sphere. Our MeritKapital review aims to provide you with essential information about the broker’s background, banking options, and more. Stay tuned and keep reading our informative assessment!

General information
Name: Meritkapital Limited
Regulation status: Regulated by CySEC
Warnings from Financial Regulators: No official warnings
Website link:
Active since 2006 (2006 for domain age)
Registered in Cyprus
Contact info Phone: +357 25 857 700, Address: Eftapaton Court, 2nd Floor 256 Arch. Makarios III Avenue CY-3105 Limassol, Cyprus
Trading platforms: Bloomberg FX GO platform
The majority of clients are from: Cyprus

United Kingdom 

United States 


Customer support: Yes ([email protected])  Phone: +357 25 857 700

 Fax: +357 25 340 327

Compensation fund: Yes

MeritKapital Regulation: Understanding Legitimacy

When considering a Forex broker, legitimacy is crucial. MeritKapital addresses this concern through its registration and regulation with two esteemed agencies:

  1. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC). In 2006, MeritKapital obtained registration with CYSEC under registration number 189316 and CIF License number 077/06. This allows them to provide expert financial advice to clients worldwide. Moreover, this has earned them several prestigious awards in the foreign exchange business.
  2. Financial Conduct Agency (FCA) in the United Kingdom. To operate in the UK, MeritKapital had to fulfill the stringent requirements imposed by the FCA. It works in the UK as MeritKapital UK and is subject to regular inspections and reports. Besides, the company has extended its reach by opening a branch in Riga, Estonia.

Note: It is important to note that there is a clone website called that is not authorized by the FCA.

Trading Assets Available at Meritkapital

MeritKapital includes a broad range of investment products. These are fixed income, equities, FX, and derivatives. Clients can trade these assets on Over-The-Counter (OTC) markets or electronically through Direct Market Access (DMA). The broker provides asset management, custody, underwriting, and brokerage services for derivatives, equities, fixed income, and forex.

Notably, MeritKapital leverages the Bloomberg FX GO trading platform, popular among professionals and institutional investors. While the platform is feature-rich, novice traders might face challenges initially. Nevertheless, the broker ensures consistent and reliable trading performance, despite higher trading costs.

Meritkapital Platforms and Their Benefits

Unlike many brokers, MeritKapital Limited does not have a proprietary trading platform. Also, it does not offer third-party software like MT4. Instead, all clients receive access to the advanced Bloomberg FX GO platform, known for its powerful trading tools and indicators. However, beginners might find it more challenging to acclimate to this platform than the UI-friendly MT4 and MT5.

The broker provides mobile apps for traders on the go and a web trading interface, ensuring flexibility. While MeritKapital trading accounts deliver consistent performance, higher trading costs may concern some traders.

General Trading Environment at Meritkapital

Meritkapital review: Detailed charting tools available for traders

MeritKapital caters to a broad spectrum of services, with Forex and equities brokerage integral to its offerings. The broker has a particular affinity for Ruble and its allied currency pairs. However, it also offers all G10 currency pairs through OTC and cash settlement protocols. While this ensures access to competitive market quotes and instant pricing, the drawback lies in higher spreads that may lead to increased trading costs.

Traders interested in joining MeritKapital can do so with a minimum deposit of $100. This will give them access to a standard Forex trading account. To access the full range of trading options, traders must create a MeritKapital account, providing them with a gateway to many opportunities. The broker supports various trading strategies like scalping and hedging. Still, these are restricted in certain countries.


MeritKapital has a maximum leverage of 1:100. This makes it favorable for traders with different trading strategies such as scalping and hedging. 

Leverage allows traders to increase their exposure and trading capital without having to invest more. However, it should be used with caution as it can lead to significant losses. It is recommended to use leverage only if you understand the risks associated with it.

Demo Account 

MeritKapital offers a demo account with a 30-day activation period and a $10,000 deposit. It allows traders to explore broker offerings before committing to real funds. 

This account is completely free of charge and risk-free. Namely, it uses virtual money. Once the trial period ends, traders can upgrade to a real account with a minimum deposit of $100.

Special Bonuses

MeritKapital falls short of bonuses for its clients. Unlike many other brokers, MeritKapital does not provide welcome or deposit bonuses. It may avert potential traders from seeking such incentives. MeritKapital focuses more on providing quality services and educating traders on safe trading strategies. 

It provides a secure trading platform and reliable customer service. This makes it an ideal choice for experienced traders looking for a broker without bonuses.

Secure Transactions at MeritKapital

MeritKapital offers multiple banking options. This includes electronic transfers, credit, and debit cards. Clients choose VISA, MasterCard, and Visa Electron. These options facilitate both Meritkapital withdrawals and deposits, ensuring smooth and convenient transactions for traders. 

Deposit and withdrawal requests are processed quickly and efficiently. Clients can also withdraw money via bank wire transfers. MeritKapital Ltd truly offers a wide range of secure payment methods for clients to choose from. Before starting their trading journey, potential clients should thoroughly review the MeritKapital fees. They should do this to make informed decisions and manage their trading costs effectively.

Customer Support

MeritKapital’s customer support channel is average and it can be improved. While they offer live chat support, it may be challenging to reach them during regular market hours.

Email communication is available. Yet, the lack of comprehensive trading product information on the official website is a drawback. Nonetheless, MeritKapital remains a secure and regulated option for traders.

Note: Avoid fake brokers like Lumina Group to protect your investments and avoid deceptions. Trusted brokers provide safety and transparency for your trades. Choose admirable brokers with a solid track record for a secure trading experience.

Trader Reviews – Meritkapital

Traders share overwhelmingly positive reviews about Meritkapital, but not on Trustpilot. They highlighted their satisfaction with the broker’s reliable and regulated services. 

Trading with it is seamless and trustworthy, thanks to the diverse investment options. Meritkapital also offers a wide range of educational materials to get traders up to speed quickly. It also provides 24/7 customer service to answer any queries. Overall, Meritkapital is a reliable and professional broker suitable for any trader.

Long Story Short – Meritkapital

MeritKapital Ltd is a reputable and regulated Forex broker. They operate under CYSEC and FCA supervision. Traders can choose a diverse array of investment products, ranging from Forex and equities to fixed-income assets. 

Notably, MeritKapital employs the Bloomberg FX GO platform, which sets them apart from other brokers. It is an advanced trading terminal used by professional traders. While it may not offer the most competitive spreads, MeritKapital remains a great choice for traders seeking legitimacy and a wide range of trading opportunities. With numerous banking options and a 30-day demo account, MeritKapital ensures a secure and reliable trading experience for traders of all levels of expertise.

If you need help choosing the right broker that fits your trading style and preferences, contact us today! Don’t let yourself fall prey to crooks like InvestOFund and similar entities. By using a trusted broker, you can ensure that your investments are safe and sound. Make sure to research any broker you choose before investing any funds. We are here to help you make the right decision. Book a free consultation with us today!


Is Meritkapital A Legit Broker?

They are legit as they are regulated by: CYSEC and Financial Conduct Agency or FCA.

What does Meritkapital offer?

They offer asset management, custody, underwriting, and brokerage services on derivatives, equities, fixed income, and forex.

Is It Safe To Trade With Meritkapital?

MeritKapital is safe to trade with since they are fully regulated and secure.

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