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Monafoli Review: A Broker With Regulatory Issues

Overview of Monafoli

Monafoli, an untrustworthy broker, should be avoided due to various concerns. Like many similar companies, it faces regulatory issues and unfavorable trading conditions.

To gain a different perspective or obtain more details about this broker, we recommend reading our comprehensive Monafoli review. In the review, we delve into each of these concerns, aiming to persuade you to stay away from Monafoli.

If you still have doubts, reading reviews from other customers would be beneficial. These reviews offer unbiased opinions about Monafoli’s services, which can help you make a more informed decision. 

Company Monafoli
Headquarters UK
Platforms Web, MT4, MT5
Minimum Deposit $10,000
Leverage 1:200
Spread 0.6
Review Rating 1/5

Monafoli’s License and Fund Security: A Closer Look

Monafoli claims to be based in London but operates without the necessary license from the reputable British regulator, the FCA. This absence of regulation exposes your deposited funds to potential risks.

Regulation is a vital aspect of FX trading, ensuring fair treatment and protection against fraud. Reliable financial authorities impose rules and restrictions on FX brokers to mitigate scam risk.

Monafoli operates with a lack of transparency, disregarding regulations and concealing its location. Notably, this murkiness puts your money at risk, as it is handled by unidentified individuals. This leaves room for fraud without consequences.

To trade with confidence, it is crucial to choose brokers authorized by reputable authorities such as CySEC and FCA. These regulators enforce account segregation, preventing client funds from being mixed with broker assets. Segregated accounts enhance transparency, facilitate faster withdrawals, support chargebacks, and deter fraud.

Besides, European companies are backed by deposit insurance funds. CySEC offers compensation of up to €20,000, and British clients enjoy a guarantee of up to £85,000. Ensure your funds’ safety by selecting brokers with proper licenses and robust fund security measures in place.

A Comprehensive Look at the Trading Platform

Monafoli offers a Webtrader platform equipped with essential trading tools like charts and indicators. Yet, when compared to leading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, Monafoli’s platform falls short in reliability.

While the trading costs may seem favorable, with a 0.6 spread for the EUR/USD pair, these seemingly positive conditions are surpassed by regulation issues and platform quality concerns. As a result, we cannot recommend the Monafoli broker scam.

Instead, it is advisable to focus on well-regulated brokers with a proven track record of satisfying their clients. When investing, choose brokers with a solid regulatory framework.

Furthermore, the fixed leverage of 1:200 offered by Monafoli poses additional risks. High leverage levels like this can potentially lead to notable losses. It is critical to note that the British regulator FCA imposes a leverage cap of 1:30, further highlighting Monafoli’s lack of legitimacy. Due to these factors, it is wise to avoid both this broker and another shady broker Foxane.

Monafoli’s Bonus and Promotion Policy

Monafoli offers two types of bonuses. They are as follows:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Initial deposit bonus.

Yet, no further information about this offer is disclosed on their homepage. We have contacted their customer service for more details, but they haven’t replied yet. We highly suggest readers be cautious before investing.

Account Options Offered

Monafoli offers three trading account options: Basic, Silver, and Gold. However, it is worth noting that the minimum deposit requirements for these accounts are quite high. The Basic account requires an initial deposit starting at €10,000, the Silver account requires €25,000, and the Gold account requires €50,000.

These high minimum deposit amounts raise concerns about Monafoli’s intentions and credibility. It is critical to exercise caution and thoroughly research any broker before depositing such significant sums of money. Unregulated brokers may present a higher risk to clients, as regulatory authorities do not oversee or protect them.

While it is essential to evaluate each broker individually, Monafoli’s exceptionally high minimum deposit amounts may raise suspicions. It is crucial to consider the reputation, regulatory status, and track record of any broker before entrusting them with substantial deposits.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Monafoli’s high minimum deposit requirement of $10,000 is significantly above industry standards. This raises many doubts and concerns. Many other brokers offer their services for as low as $5, making Monafoli’s demand excessive and questionable.

Regarding funding options, Monafoli accepts cards, wire, and e-wallets for deposits. However, the availability of these options is uncertain. How? Well, the deposit system has previously experienced malfunctions, indicating potential issues.

Moreover, Monafoli fails to provide transparent information about withdrawals and associated fees. This creates further doubts about its credibility. This lack of transparency suggests a deliberate attempt to hide essential details about its services. With multiple red flags, it is normal to question Monafoli’s legitimacy as a reputable broker.

How Does the Fraudulent Scheme Work?

Fraudsters target individuals by contacting them and posing as representatives of reputable organizations. This includes governments, financial authorities, banks, and well-known companies. With persuasive tactics and false promises, they convince victims to make deposits. However, the scam unfolds once the deposit is received.

As soon as scammers obtain a deposit, they manipulate prices and provide fake reports to deceive victims. They exploit this mindset to encourage additional deposits.

Over time, fraudsters employ various tactics to convince victims to increase their investments. They fabricate stories and pressure victims into repeated deposits. When victims attempt to withdraw funds, scammers demand further deposits, claiming it is necessary to cover taxes and fees. This is often the point at which victims start to realize the deception.

As the scam becomes more apparent, the fraudsters abruptly cease all communication. They dismantle the entire website and replace it with another one to continue their illegal activities. Understanding these tactics is crucial to safeguarding oneself from fraudulent schemes.

Note: It is essential to safeguard yourself from companies like Monafoli and Dizl FX Ltd

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The Truth About Monafoli: Unveiling the Scam

When it comes to Monafoli, their lack of regulation and license raises serious concerns. Transparency issues and an unreliable trading platform add to the list of red flags. 

We also know that the fixed leverage of 1:200 and ambiguous bonus policies further contribute to doubts. With high minimum deposits and questionable practices about deposits and withdrawals, it’s crucial to opt for regulated brokers with a strong reputation.


Is Monafoli suitable for beginners?

This broker is not secure for traders. It is hazardous for beginners.

Is depositing with Monafoli safe and secure?

No, it is not secure. We know Monafoli is a scam broker.

How long will it take to process my withdrawal request?

You can be sure that the withdrawals will never occur.

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