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Motion Markets Review: Avoid Motion-Markets.Com at Any Cost

Regulation and Fund Security of Motion Markets

Motion Markets review is dedicated to exposing this and every other fake broker company. This enterprise claims to be a multi-asset class brokerage, but they weren’t very keen on providing some evidence. Anonymity is their middle name.

The only things we could stumble upon are user complaints, negative reviews, and their website that’s not working anymore. Even when their website was fully-functional it had no information regarding their headquarters or license number. This is something we come across all the time when we are dealing with scam brokers.

Leverage 1:1000
Regulation Unregulated
Headquarters Unknown
Minimum Deposit $250
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and shares
Platforms Web
Spread 0.2

Regulation and Fund Security of Motion Markets

Motion Markets website

As we have mentioned, Motion Markets doesn’t provide its address or phone number details. Only businesses that have something to hide, keep their customers in the dark. Because they don’t want to get in a position to answer questions regarding their fraudulent operation.

One of the probably most important things for a broker company is the regulations. However, Motions Markets doesn’t provide data about their country of registration and regulation. This means that it is impossible to tell where they are located. It could be somewhere in the EU, the USA, or some offshore country.

In cases like this one, we always look closely in Tier 1 regulator databases, to try and find the broker’s name. Unfortunately, we never do. We looked into FCA’s and CySec’s registers and the name of Motion Markets was nowhere to be found. This is a good indicator that this firm is operating illegally.

Without an address to show, or any legal status, the firm can do and act in any way, without consequences.

The “Legal documents” section on Motion Markets’ website consists of several random pdf documents such as the Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, Deposits and Withdrawal Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement, and Anti Money Laundering Policy.

A man would assume you would find some relevant information in these documents but guess not. It’s all generic and worthless pieces of information.

Motion Markets is a forgery company that has no legitimate business practices. It looks like its whole website is as fake as its owners.

Trading Platform Available

Motion Markets webtrader

Motion Markets has a browser-based platform that offers a user-friendly interface, however, it offers a very limited pool of trading options and tools, not to mention shallow chart customization options.

Every investor, even a beginner, knows how important trading software is. It’s one of the most important parts of any successful trading strategy. Easy-to-navigate, reliable, and accurate trading software is essential to ensure you have the best possible chance of making money trading online.

That’s not the end. Another wake-up call about Motion Markets’ trustworthiness shows up. There are links on their website that allow visitors to directly download popular remote control software tools such as TeamViewer and AnyDesk, which is very suspicious.

Exclusive access to your device can lead to catastrophic consequences, including identity theft and unwanted access to all your bank accounts.

That’s why you mustn’t go with this enterprise. Instead, you can choose one of the several credible firms we have listed and the end of this article. They use MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Trading Conditions at Motion Markets

Motion Markets claims to offer luring leverage starting from 1:100 for a “Basic” account to up to 1:1000 for an “Elite” account. This enormous leverage is their way of trying to lure you into a fairy tale, promising quick and huge returns.

More potential profit per dollar invested is а very appealing feature for traders. However, what scam brokers don’t tell you is that high leverage also magnifies losses and may put a trader’s account into a place that is hard to recover from.

To control that, regulatory bodies such as the FCA, have restricted the leverage that UK brokers may offer to up to 1:30, except for professional traders who can benefit from higher leverage. This is supposed to protect the investors.

Motion Markets does not provide negative balance protection, which is mandatory under UK law. The high leverage ratio combined with no negative balance protection means that you may lose more than your initial investment. When it comes to risk management, Motion Markets is a disaster.

Moreover, Motion Markets offer bonuses that are banned in the European Union and the UK.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Investors can choose between credit cards, wire transfers, and bitcoin. Allegedly the minimum deposit is $250. The withdrawal area lacks information. We assume that’s because you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

In the notoriously illegitimate Deposit and Withdrawal policy, it is revealed to us what fees the broker charges for withdrawals, as well as the supposed payment methods. The fees are as follows: $50 for bank transfers, $35 for credit cards, and $25 for e-wallets. Then we are faced with the 10% charge applied to every user that applies.

How Does The Scam Work?

If you’ve reached out of the sky about a forex investment opportunity, it’s most likely to be a scam. You should give away your personal information or transfer money to these firms. You can never know for what purpose they will use that information.

Investing always comes with some level of risk so any company promising investment opportunities without any risk of losing money is probably a scam. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Scam brokers often promise to make high returns from your initial deposit that may seem life-changing. Any company that offers quick and easy returns is likely to be fraudulent.

When a company tries to pressure you into investing right away, it’s probably a fraud. Most scammers even offer bonuses or discounts to persuade you to invest right away.

Motion Markets Summary

Motion Markets is an anonymous broker company. Their website is not working at the moment, and even when it was, it was lacking essential data like address, license number, who regulates them, etc.

We have checked some of the well-known regulators and we didn’t find the name of Motion Markets. Also, they promise high leverage and bonuses that are banned in the EU and UK. Also, they don’t offer negative balance protection.

Overall, they are shady all the way.

FAQs About Motion Markets Broker

Is Motion Markets Broker Regulated?

This trading company doesn’t provide any information about being regulated, and we weren’t able to find their name in several regulators. So, they most likely aren’t.

How Much Is The Minimum Deposit for Motion Markets?

The minimum deposit at Motion Markets is $250. That would be a decent offer if they are legit. But they are not.

Does Motion Markets Offer a Demo Account?

Motion Markets doesn’t offer a demo account. But, many legitimate businesses offer this benefit.

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