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Option Pit Review: Your Gateway to Crypto and Trading Know-How

Option Pit Review

Today, we have something quite interesting to explore. Are you ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of the Option Pit? This Option Pit review spills the beans on what they offer and what they try to hide. Let’s dive deeper into their history and the way of operation. Read on!

General information
Name Option Pit
Type of company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2003
Registered in 190 S. LaSalle Suite 450 Chicago, IL 60603
Contact info [email protected], 1-888-872-3301
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from United States, Canada, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom
Customer support Email and phone
Compensation fund No

Let’s Talk About Option Pit

We can see that is similar to a crypto information hub. Also, we see they support many informative courses and tools. The company is the bridge connecting crypto assets and traditional markets. 

Still, for some features, you must be logged in to see them. This may be a drawback for those who want to explore the platform fully before signing up. 

Taking option trading seriously? We can see that Option Pit education hub claims they have your back. The Option Pit Method is all about using your capital wisely, managing risks, and taking you from a trading newbie to a pro. They’ve got different levels and newsletters, and even a store with courses for every trader. It’s a buffet of trading knowledge.

Their Motto:Learn to Trade Options & Become Your Own Money Manager’. Essentially, they’re all about helping you crack the financial market code.

All About Options with Option Pit

New to options or a seasoned pro? OptionPit claims to have everything covered. They’ve got a team of traders, market makers, and insiders who love teaching. You’re never alone in the trading game. This is what we liked about them! 

It’s easy to check out their services. There’s a video library with everything you need to know about Option Pit options trading. The PRO experience is like the VIP section, giving you access to the PRO Trading Room. There are also one-to-one calls with traders and a personal concierge line.

The Edge Hunter series has a lot of interesting features. It helps you read market conditions and make trades based on volatility. We can say it’s like having a crystal ball for trading!

Insights from Market Mavericks

Meet Mark Sebastian and Andrew Giovinazzi, the pit trading gurus. They spill the beans on private strategies and spotting unusual volumes. Licia Leslie’s Option Shopper method finds you the sweet deals.

Andrew Giovinazzi delivers top trades with just a button click. And, Bill Griffo, the Fed expert, guides you through the Fed’s policies with his Power Income Trader method.

In a market driven by connections, you can trade alongside D.C. Bill Griffo’s analysis. And, trade recommendations apparently set you up for weekly wins. This may be good, but we still cannot fully trust this company.  

Tip: FXCC is a reliable broker offering its clients access to a liquid Forex model (ECN). If this sounds appealing, you can learn more about them here

Client Reviews from Trustpilot

If you look at Trustpilot, it’s noticeable that this trading company falls short in the customer review department. After all, that’s not exactly music to the ears. The lack of reviews doesn’t paint a picture of confidence for potential clients. 

Still, we found two positive Investimonials Option Pit ratings. Yet, this still does not instill much confidence. 

You probably know that trust is crucial in the trading world. So, an empty Trustpilot review section might leave some hesitations in the air. We strongly recommend considering platforms with a track record of 4.5 stars and above for safe trading. After all, safety in tools and platforms is the anchor of a successful trading journey.

Tip: When it comes to FX brokers, the first thing to think about is your safety. It’s always best to choose brokers like Trade Nation, which are reliable and controlled by Tier 1 regulators. 

Trading Necessities

To succeed in the trading domain, you need a specific set of tools. Let’s dive into the must-haves:

  • Visualize: See price movements like a pro. These tools let you draw trend lines or use smart technical calculations, important for every trader.
  • Planning: Plan your moves with a heads-up on the subsequent events, like central bank meetings. Stay sharp.
  • Feedback: Track your entry and exit points, and think about why you made each move. It’s essential to learn and grow.
  • Stay Educated: Keep up with all the updates on market events, data, and news. Reuters and Bloomberg are solid options for staying in the loop.
  • Safety First: Manage your risks properly. Keep your losses, profits, and position sizes in order.
  • Gateway: The link between you and the market. Look for platforms like MT4, MT5, or TradingView. These are safe and popular, and they give you real-time info and vivid charting tools.
  • Laboratory: Test your strategies without risking real money. You can test historical data, find quirks, and make your strategy strong for the future.
  • Partnership: Profit by copying trades from professional traders. Recently, copy trading has become increasingly popular.

All these tools are paramount to your trading success. So, stay perceptive about your choices and keep expanding your trading knowledge!

Earning Money Trading

Are you ready to boost your earnings through online trading? If yes, dive into the world of profits effortlessly under our top-notch guidance. We offer you free Zoom consultations and expert advice on leading trading platforms.

The exciting news is waiting as we introduce our latest venture—proprietary trading. Partner with us and seize the opportunity to earn up to $180,000. This is a big plus! Take the plunge and let your money work for you.

Final Words

All in all, the company we reviewed claims to have many interesting features. Still, more client reviews would add value, especially reviews on Trustpilot!

Now, let’s think about our offer! What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency! Our exclusive prop trading can boost earnings up to $180,000. Explore the superb possibilities with us, where your success is our top priority.


Is Option Pit Legit?

Option Pit seems legit. It offers solid crypto insights but lacks Trustpilot reviews for assurance.

Is Options Trading Profitable?

Yes, options trading can be profitable, depending on your knowledge of the market.

What is Option Pit for Trading?

Option Pit is a crypto information hub and trading education platform. It connects crypto assets to traditional markets.

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