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Park Financial Consulting Review – Fake Licenses Entice Investors

Park Financial Consulting Review

This company alleges to be incorporated in the UK, and claims to possess a number of different licenses to their name. They have gone so far as to place the FCA logo in the footer of their site. However, none of the given information checks out.

While examining the website code, we’ve found out that some parts of it are in Ukrainian, which points out that the platform itself is not English in origin. So far, the company has been placed on a regulatory blacklist, as you will see later in our Park Financial Consulting review.

General information
Name Park Financial Consulting
Type of the company Forex Broker
Regulation status Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators FCA
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in UK (alleged)
Contact info [email protected]

[email protected]


Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from Germany, Poland, Netherlands
Customer support 24/7 Email and Phone
Compensation fund None

An Illegal Organization

Park Financial Consulting broker states several untruthful things worth the mention. First is that the company operates out of the UK, which is why the address in this country is posted. Nonetheless, it doesn’t belong to any financial services provider. 

Next there’s a claim about the FCA license and a CySEC regulation. Neither of these financial authorities supervises the activities of this firm. What we found is the FCA warning and we’ve also established that the domain isn’t on the approved domains list by CySEC. FSC (Mauritius) hasn’t licensed either, despite the claims.

While exploring the legal docs, we found the texts were just a carbon copy of the papers from, another fraudulent domain. The connection between the two may exist, but it remains unproven. That said, please stay away from FXtradewolf as well – they’re just as fake and dangerous.

World Wide Scam

This bogus brokerage is active throughout the world, and actively targets people from Germany, Poland and Netherlands. The fraudulent site was first put online in 2023, while the WhoIs database shows that the entire scheme is short-term, as the domain was only leased until October 2024.

Much of the fraud revolves around boiler room agents, who find new marks by endlessly dialing phone numbers. Over the line, they present themselves as seasoned professionals looking for new investors.

Your investment is never safe with illicit entities like the Park Financial Consulting scam or Nuvo Markets. If you’re looking for a reliable investment opportunity, consider our services instead.

Trading Account Parameters

Much of the crucial information on the site is purposely obscured to confuse the traders. While an account overview page does exist, it is fashioned in such a way to make any comparison difficult.

More expensive accounts allegedly yield benefits like account insurance, testing periods and arbitration. It’s all done just to sweeten the deal, however.

The minimum deposit requirements are these:

  • Forex + Cryptocurrency – £100
  • Commodities – £10,000
  • Stock-Market – £50,000
  • Stock Indices – £100,000
  • Savings Account – Undisclosed

Costs Calculator

Not much information is available when it comes to different costs. There is a trading cost calculator embedded in the site, which does contain some info. In it, we could see that the leverage can go as high as 1:1000, many times over the UK legal limit of 1:30.

While the calculator only accepts GBP as a base currency, it charges swap in USD. Unfortunately, the rate of swap is undisclosed as well, and examining this calculator was not sufficient to gain any insight.

Fees are concealed as well, and you won’t get any tangible numbers in the Terms of Use document either. The only thing that is mentioned is the account dormancy fee, which is charged $10 each month after 90 days have passed.

Artificial Trading

The web platform being the only choice of trading software doesn’t quite meet even the minimum functionality requirements. Lack of advanced features such as different timeframes, Expert Advisors and tools for technical analysis make it inferior in comparison to industry leaders. 

The illusion of comprehensiveness and simplicity temporarily creates an impression of it being user friendly and easy to navigate. However, that is not the case. It is just stripped of any functionality and purposefulness. 

Available Markets

To make the whole ordeal seem trustworthy, the fraudsters advertised over 250 trading assets. These contain the most popular categories, and even include cryptocurrencies.

The range of instrument classes enabled for trading on this portal is as follows:

  • Currencies (EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY)
  • Metals (Gold and Silver)
  • Crypto (BTC, ETH, XRP)
  • Commodities (Gas, Oil, sugar, coffee)
  • Stocks (BMW, 3M, Ford, Disney)
  • Indices (FTSE100, Nasdaq, DAX)

Payment Processing 

Replenishing your account balance isn’t as easy as you’d expect it. First you have to input your personal information, along with the bank details or credit card data and then send a request to support to approve the transfer. 

This process easily turns into shameless robbing, considering that you’re asked to share all of the information that provides the fraudsters enough means to drain your accounts.

Withdrawals aren’t any different. What disrupts your ability to even understand how the process works is the absence of legal texts to clarify these procedures. 

Contacting The Company

The platform does not feature a dedicated customer support page. If you hit a snag while trading, or require any help you can allegedly contact the firm by email, or phone.

We’ve done exactly that in order to get some numbers about the fees and commission. Nobody answered our emails, however, and the phone line seems to be disconnected. It is apparent that nothing is invested into providing reliable customer service.

Find A Superior Solution Here

There’s basically no pros to dealing with this firm. Since it’s completely unregulated, and even blacklisted by one of the strictest authorities in the business, we can’t recommend investing with park Financial Consulting.

Don’t waste your money and effort on these cybercriminals. If you’re looking to up your ante in the world of online markets, take the advantage of our $180,000 funding offer for talented traders. For more information, you can use our site to book your free zoom consultation with the company representatives. 


What is Park Financial Consulting?

Allegedly a reputable broker but nothing more than a FCA-blacklisted financial swindler.

Is Park Financial Consulting Regulated?

No, they claim to own several licenses but after we checked with the regulators, we determined that these claims are lies.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Forex prop firms are one of the safest options for trading. The greatest benefit is the fact that you use another company’s funds for trading and then just split the profit.

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