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QuantifyCrypto Review: Good Investment or Just Another Shady Service?

QuantifyCrypto Review

The internet is becoming bloated with different fledgling companies which claim that they alone are able to tell the future, and predict the next coin about to Moon. Nearly all of these services have very little to show, yet they ask for costly monthly, or even yearly recurring payments.

Is this firm the holy grail it claims to be, or just another in the sea of crypto related gimmicks? Find out in our QuanitfyCrypto review.

General information
Name QuantifyCrypto
Type of the company Trading tools / Software development company
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings
Website link
Active since 2018
Registered in US
Contact info Trolley Square , Suite 20 C, Wilmington , Delaware 19806, US

[email protected]

Trading platforms Proprietary
Majority of clients are from France, Turkiye, United States, Netherlands, Australia
Customer support Yes – Telegram, Discord, email
Compensation fund No

US-Based Parent Company

Established in 2018, the company is headquartered in Delaware, US. The conduct itself was founded by John Berry as the CEO and Alexander Barry as the CTO. Maksym Zhakun is another important figure in the company hired on contract as a software engineer with a reputable career as a full-stack developer at Coinbase.

The firm advertises their products as a solution for quick and thorough tracking of the crypto market movements. For that, market displays, DeFi tools, signals and live prices are used, all for the purpose of facilitating the participation in the fickle crypto markets.

EVM Finance

Launched in 2022, this is yet another project by the same team. EVM.Finance platform employs an interface based on Aave smart contracts that is used for asset management, self custody and other purposes. The company refers to it as “unified interface for decentralized finance”.

Products and Tools

The total range of tools provided by the company revolves around providing accurate information about market changes, price fluctuations, thus detecting signals and all this is done without a dedicated QuantifyCrypto app.

These tools allow traders to stay up to date with the latest changes and market events that could affect the future prices. Knowing that gives a significant edge in future trading endeavors, which may help your business with other firms like

QuantifyCrypto Coin Screener

Quickly changing and highly volatile, the crypto market demands constant dedication and attention. Therefore, the developers of the tool are confident that investors utilizing it are gaining significant insight into how prices of multiple coins change and fluctuate. 

Fully customizable, with several time frames available, the layout also provides access to customizable columns and the “favorite coin” feature. The last one makes it especially easy to always keep an eye on your favorite asset as you look for investment opportunities.

QuantifyCrypto Trading Signals

Highly specialized web dashboard monitors the real-time price trends as they occur. The feature provides bearish and bullish trading signals for Bitcoin, Ethereum and some of the most popular altcoins. The signals are a result of the price pattern analysis process conducted by the QuantifyCrypto Trend algorithm.

The other two algo signals that the platform supports are Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). Users can choose whichever algorithms they wish to utilize.

Cryptocurrency Terminal: Signals, Metrics and Trends

The Terminal Page provides a collective insight into ongoing market events, price changes and most significant occurrences that affect the future prices. 

The panel primarily displays the current price movement of the top 20 crypto coins along with their performance. There’s also the option to click on the coin and analyze the data yourself. Special help with educated decision making is provided through advanced analytics for top trending coins using RSI data. 

Other Useful Tools

Heatmaps are especially helpful when a trader wants to choose which coin to invest into based on the latest performance. Knowing which coins are leading and which lagging is of crucial importance, with the option to only display the favorite ones.

Premium analysis, research reports, and trading tips are unlocked by buying the subscription plans. There’s no doubt that, if functional, these tools can provide a good starting point in crypto trading when combined with other reliable apps such as MetaMask.

QuantifyCrypto Price for Subscribing

While creating a QuantifyCrypto login is free, most of the services the company offers will set you back quite a bit. While some may argue these prices are quite high, the final decision is up to investors, and how they perceive their buying power and the usefulness of these tools.

  • API
    • API Basic – $29.99 monthly or $299.99 yearly
    • API Professional – $99.99 monthly or $999.99 yearly
    • API Enterprise – $299.99 monthly or $2999.99 yearly
  • Quantify Crypto subscription
    • Silver (advanced price metrics) – $19.99 monthly or $199.99 yearly
    • Gold (premium analysis and alerts) – $49.99 monthly or $459.99 yearly

Company’s Online Activity

It is difficult to imagine a crypto related company that does not have a large online footprint… But this one seems to be one just like that.

It’s not like they don’t try, though – QuantifyCrypto crypto service has numerous profiles on Facebook, X, Reddit, LinkedIn, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, CrunchBase and a slew of other less known platforms.

All of these have a healthy follower count, numbering in thousands, yet they are total ghost towns. The firm doesn’t bother to create regular updates, with the youngest ones being from nearly a year ago.

The CEO, John Barry, also doubles as the company’s public figure and hosts business related profiles of his own. These Instagram, Threads and Quora pages are similarly abandoned it seems.

After looking into all this, one can’t help but wonder if the firm has any real client base at all? Or if it’s just another hollow shell tethering on the brink of oblivion?

Who Wrote the Reviews?

One of the things that we couldn’t help but notice is the “client testimonials” section displayed prominently on the website. This is quite strange, considering that there are zero QuantifyCrypto reviews on popular sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

Turns out, you can actually click on these testimonials, and they will lead you to an external site. They are almost universally various “top 10 lists” of different kinds, created by paid content creators.

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What is QuantifyCrypto?

It is a company that specializes in providing cryptocurrency market analysis data in return for a recurring subscription.

Is QuantifyCrypto Legit?

The company legal information does check out, but the lack of any customer feedback casts a shadow of doubt on the quality of their service.

What Can I Do With QuantifyCrypto Screener?

This tool allows you to monitor sharp changes in cryptocurrency prices along the board, helping you make an opportune investment and capitalize on the market shifts.

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