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Quantower Review 2024: Robust Features and Impressive Reviews

Quantower Review

From robust features to impressive Trustpilot reviews, we cover everything in our Quantower review. A state-of-the-art, feature-rich trading platform covering global financial markets with great client feedback seems like a trader’s dream come true. But is this company reliable?

A variety of assets including Quantower Forex and options are available with this platform among many other robust features. The client feedback is also impressive and this platform seems to be very popular.

Before we start, we need to give some attention to QuoMarkets, so make sure to check them out. Now without further ado, let’s delve into this evaluation to learn about features, pricing, and reviews, and weigh the pros and the cons of Quantower.

About Quantower

The fintech initiative Quantower LLC was created by a small group of developers and it offers commercial solutions along with a highly functional internet trading program for individual traders. In addition, the platform is a broker-neutral, multi-asset trading platform that supports informed and self-assured decision-making. 

Quantower’s extensive range of professional capabilities, along with its ever-expanding list of supported brokers and data suppliers, make it an all-purpose and potent tool for a variety of asset classes and trading methods. A group of FinTech specialists launched the platform in 2017, with its main office located in Dnipro, Ukraine.

The firm offers futures traders first-rate assistance. Comparable to cryptocurrency, the Quantower trading platform provides links to many brokers. Several data stream providers can be connected to, and a variety of graphing tools are also offered.

Company Type Trading Tool
Legal name Quantower West LTD
Regulation Not expected
Registered in 311, Shoreham Str., Sheffield, Yorkshire, S2 4FA, England
Glinki str, 2, Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region 41000, UA
Established 2017
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible 10-day money-back guarantee
  • $70/month subscription
  • DOM Surface $30
  • Power trades $25
  • Volume Analysis $35
  • TPO Profile Chart $20
  • Advanced features $25
  • Options trading $50
  • Multi-asset (Volume Analysis + Advanced features) $50
  • Crypto (Volume Analysis + Advanced features) $40
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None
Activity areas United States, India, Brazil, Germany, France;
Main threats Minor complaints;
Main perks Good reviews; Robust features; Affordable;

Quantower Features

The exclusive simultaneous Quantower connections functionality makes it possible to synchronize with several brokers and data sources. Concurrently conduct trades across many platforms, generate synthetic symbols, and compare data from multiple sources.

The cutting-edge and feature-rich trading platform covers international financial markets and enables trading across a variety of asset classes, including FX, equities, futures, and options. It gives you access to dependable real-time data, liquidity, and execution for profitable trades whether you are a buy-side or sell-side investor. 

This platform’s modular design, which enables you to connect and utilize just the modules required for your purposes, is one of its best features. A Quantower demo is available for an All-in-One license for one week so that you can try all the features and tools available before committing.

The features don’t stop there, though. A wide variety of charting tools, including different timeframes, technical indicators, and customization possibilities, are available from the platform, guaranteeing flexibility. The platform offers strong options trading tools, a customizable interface that can be customized to your requirements, and flawless and accurate order execution.

Tip: You might want to check out 7XFX before committing!

Quantower Pricing

You can only select and pay for a particular function, thus reducing the monthly price. Purchasing additional features separately or buying a full license depends on individual preferences, and the company offers flexible choices for all types of needs.

The All-In-One License includes all available features, which are DOM surface, power trades, volume analysis, TPO profile chart, advanced features, option trading, multi assets, and crypto. The price monthly is $70 or traders can choose to pay each six months for $336.

Eventually, the annual plan is also available for $588, or you can take advantage of this powerful tool for a whole lifetime for a cost of $1590. Try a full-featured terminal for a week before you buy. Just register an account and get your trial instantly assigned. 

Traders Share Their Experiences

The company is a 4.7-star rated company on Trustpilot, based on 172 reviews in total. The platform has gained favorable feedback among traders, however, 7% of the comments experienced some issues with the firm. Several traders found the app to be laggy, clunky, and visually not pleasing enough.

Additionally, when using tick charts, drawings will move every second or so unless you anchor them to candles. The platform also takes a long time to reload and several users experienced dysfunctional stop loss order on a position. The good thing is that there are no complaints about reliability.

Traders on Reddit are mainly satisfied with the app and overall operations and the company has a great reputation with years of experience behind them. However, lags and lack of compatibility with tick charts are the main problems with this company.

Payment Options and Process

The Quantower download will be available after paying for the subscription. Traders can use cards either Visa or Mastercard to pay over the website after registering. Payment is also accepted in cryptocurrencies, through the payment system CoinPayments.

In addition to the free trial, refunds are also available only for the initial purchase within 10 days after purchasing. Traders really have the opportunity to test the service before committing, which is a huge benefit. We advise testing it out and taking advantage of both options.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Diverse Asset Coverage
  2. Simultaneous Connection
  3. Spreads and Synthetic Symbols
  4. Comprehensive Charting Tools
  5. Options Trading Features
  6. Flexible Interface
  1. User Interface Concerns
  2. Technical Glitches
  3. Reload Time
  4. Lag Reports

Final Words

Finally, the Quantower app demonstrates that it is a flexible and dynamic trading platform that provides traders with the necessary tools. But if you want to really achieve unmatched profitability and efficiency, think about embracing the future with our exclusive offer. 

This creative strategy, which is flawlessly linked with Quantower, optimizes your potential and offers exclusive benefits and the opportunity to make up to $180,000. Quantower and proprietary trading work well together to make sure your trading career takes you to new heights. 

Don’t pass this up—use this potent combination to explode your success! Call us now to learn more about it and start your profitable trading journey as soon as you start!

FAQ Section

What is Quantower?

It is a fintech initiative offering a feature-rich, multi-asset trading platform with diverse asset coverage and simultaneous connection functionality.

Is Quantower Legit?

Yes, the firm is a legitimate trading tool with a positive reputation, though some users reported minor interface and technical issues.

How to Find a Good Trading Broker?

Finding a good trading broker involves researching regulatory status, available assets, fees, and user reviews.

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