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QuantWise Review: Be Wise and Don’t Give These Crooks Your Money

QuantWise Review

This fraudulent company has managed to secure various celebrities to vouch for their alleged quality of service. Everything about the firm is a complete fabrication, however, including the company registration.

Avoid the pitfall of fake AI software, read our QuantWise review.

General information
Name Quantwise Labs LTD
Type of the company Fake trading software developer
Regulation status Unregulated / None expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2023
Registered in Dominica / BVI (alleged)
Contact info Skelton Bay Lot, Fish Bay, Tortola,

British Virgin Islands

Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from Italy, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Australia, Germany
Customer support Online form
Compensation fund No

Company Information Not Found

Quantwise Labs LTD is allegedly established in the British Virgin Islands, according to the current company information presented on the website. Alas, other information can be found on other company’s profiles, such as Trustpilot, where it says that they’re headquartered in Dominica.

Due to these registers either charging for giving information about conducts’ incorporation or they simply don’t even keep reliable databases, we couldn’t verify all of these claims. 

However, it is certain that the Online Business Registry kept by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has no information about Quantwise at all. It doesn’t matter if we search by the name or the alleged registry number of 2126403.

The fact that this business most likely only exists online and doesn’t even have a registration with any existent authority is just the tip of the iceberg as our readers will soon see.

Celebrity Endorsement Raises Eyebrows

It has become somewhat of a norm when launching a new project to have one celebrity or another endorse it. The trouble with this one in particular is that the celeb chosen for the job is Floyd Mayweather.

This individual, although a champion athlete, is known for endorsing various fraudulent schemes. It happened multiple times too, prompting none other than the US SEC to post an online bulletin.

All this happened during a public event in Dubai, when the celebrity was noticed promoting the AI scheme with other known scam promoters. The con artists have moved on from merely using DeepFakes, like BGX AI did before.

Social Networks

Swindlers are making full use of social networks to further disseminate their Ponzi scheme. They are present on Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn and CrunchBase.

This con scheme is not exactly a completely new development, however. It is a rebranding of a known fraud, which changed names numerous times from WeWe Global, LiraCoin, Xera and numerous others. Some of these schemes overlap, which may be seen with XERA Telegram.

Not a Single Negative Review

We’ve noticed an interesting trend when it comes to QuantWise reviews on portals like TrustPilot – there are no negative ratings. Out of the alleged 100,000+ customers, nobody had anything bad to say, apparently.

This sort of reputation boosting through paid comments is a frequent thing to encounter with con schemes, including BitApp24.

QuantWise AI Solutions

Trading software developed by this firm purportedly relies on AI-based technology that is promised to ensure quick detection of investment opportunities in the volatile markets. Furthermore, this majestic piece of progressive technology is built so smartly that it should also close trades at a perfect moment, thus making sure that the clients are only profiting. 

The AI-powered bots are advertised in such a way that inexperienced investors will perceive trading and online investing as something as easy as a breeze. That is exactly the trap that you shouldn’t fall in, as it will make you lose every last penny.

Crypto GPT

Most advertised and allegedly most prestigious of all QuantWise software this firm has to offer is the Crypto GPT solution for crypto investing. The usage is explained as simple and seamless: all traders have to do is link the bot to their account via API. 

Once the bot is activated it is said to constantly be engaged in monitoring the markets in order to detect a perfect investment opportunity. When that happens, it places orders on the trader’s behalf and boosts profits continuously.

Forex GPT

This piece of software hasn’t yet been launched, but the promises are already ridiculously full of hype. It isn’t exactly clear what this QuantWise crypto bot is supposed to do. The description of it is just as vague and useless as it is about all other services being sold. 

The site claims that it combines the analytical power of AI and volatility of the market to provide traders with an additional edge. It is supposed to do so by detecting signals in real time and warning traders of potential winning trades.

Institutional Clients

Services for institutional clients are said to be coming soon on one page, but are already available when you click on another! Wow, that was fast, there must be some kind of AI behind it!

Jokes aside, it’s another layer of the fraud intended to get into the bank accounts of business entities. The description is vague as always, mentioning “robust infrastructure”, “quantitative sciences” and “seamless integration”.

In short, it’s all buzzwords without anything you’d actually want to know as a business owner when creating a QuantWise login.

Prices are a Total Rip Off

The company’s business model, if you can call it that, is based on two different payment systems. The first is the product license, which is available either as a subscription-based recurring payment, or as a one-time lifetime payment. Additionally, the company charges a performance fee, in the form of a rather hefty profit split.

Here’s an overview of QuantWise price ranges:

Monthly Price Annually Price Lifetime Performance Fees
QuantWise Plus €49 €379 €797 50%
QuantWise Pro €199 €1,479 €3,997 40%
QuantWise Expert €499 €3,997 €7,997 30%

The annual price, although quite steep, does not include an additional “yearly platform renewal fee” of €49. We can see that the whole thing is created to nudge the users into purchasing the exorbitantly expensive lifetime.

Don’t Waste Your Money – Try Prop Trading!

Earning a profit on the market is difficult enough without various vultures trying to steal it from you at every corner. We understand that one of the greatest hurdles for every retailer is in securing a good starting capital.

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What is QuantWise?

It is a rebranding of a known cryptocurrency scam that promises to enhance your profits through AI.

Is QuantWise Legit?

No, the company is a total sham, with no legal registration. Don’t risk your funds with these con artists - try our prop trading instead!

How Much Does QuantWise Cost?

Depending on the chosen package, the use of the trading bot may cost you up to €499 and additional 30% of profits each month!

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