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Rekt Capital Review – Assessing Trustworthiness in the Absence of User Feedback

Rekt Capital Review

Rekt Capital crypto analyst was renowned for providing macro research, commentary, and technical analysis on crypto markets. The platform offers educational courses aimed at guiding traders in making informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Ether.

However, the company lacks user reviews, and that can be a drawback for potential clients. Stick with us as we delve deeper into the value of its courses, reputation, user feedback, and other aspects mandatory for a legitimate platform.

General information
Name Rekt Capital
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2018
Registered in N/A
Contact info Only through a web form
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico
Customer support N/A
Compensation fund N/A

More About Rekt Capital

With a significant presence on platforms like Twitter and YouTube, which has over 70K subscribers, Rekt Capital shares real-time insights into market trends and opportunities. 

The Rekt Capital newsletter is highly regarded in the crypto community, ranking fourth globally in the crypto newsletters category on the platform. Rekt Capital’s courses cover various topics including risk management, technical analysis, altcoin investing, and Bitcoin investing, providing valuable insights to learners. 

In 2021, Rekt Capital saw increased demand for its insights as cryptocurrency markets experienced new highs and lows. It continued to provide regular updates and market commentaries and introduced the “Bitcoin Investing” course. 

User Feedback

Regarding Rekt Capital reviews, we only found a couple of sources, both of which express caution. On a popular platform Trustpilot, the platform received only one review, with a very poor score. 

One review suggests using the platform solely for entertainment, while another warns of potential red flags reported by users on BitcoinTalk, indicating a high-risk perception. A significant issue highlighted by these reviews is the lack of positive feedback. 

The platform seems to suffer from a dearth of online evaluations overall, with the few available being negative or cautionary. This absence of reviews can be detrimental, as it undermines trust and credibility, crucial factors for a trading education platform. 

To address this, Rekt Capital could benefit from actively managing its marketing to encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews. By doing so, they could build a more positive online reputation and attract more users who are currently deterred by the lack of feedback. On another note, watch out for unregulated platforms that are involved in shady operations, such as Arctic Capital Review

Rekt Capital – Membership


Ideal for beginners who want to learn more about crypto markets.

  • Previews of three in-depth Technical Analysis reports per week on Bitcoin and Altcoins so you can confidently navigate the crypto market


Ideal for people who want to take their crypto trading and investing to the next level.

  • Three premium investors report on Bitcoin and Altcoins every week
  • Macro research on Bitcoin so you can confidently navigate the market
  • Exclusive Access to Rekt Capital’s Altcoin Watchlist featuring primed swing trade and investing opportunities
  • Friday chart requests from the community on Altcoins of their choosing


Designed for serious crypto investors who want to maximize their chances for success and achieve financial freedom. It includes everything in the Premium Membership, plus additional:

  • Exclusive Access to all of his hand-picked undervalued Altcoin gems that he thinks could each generate a 10x return over the coming months
  • Detailed report on undervalued tech stocks every week
  • Weekly Premium videos on Bitcoin and Altcoins featuring Rekt Capital’s price projections and personal investing strategies


Researching the company’s offerings, we found that Rekt Capital offers four courses:

Altcoin Course

  • a 9-module course designed to enhance users’ understanding and navigation of the Altcoin market

Technical Analysis Course

  • 17-hour course tailored for beginner and intermediate cryptocurrency traders and investors, focusing on technical analysis

Bitcoin Course

  • an 8-module course assists in investing during both Bitcoin Bull and Bear Markets, utilizing data science

Risk Management Course

  • a 10-module course that guides Cryptocurrency Risk Management Strategies

Rekt Capital’s previous courses, “Technical Analysis” and “Risk Management,” have both received a perfect 5 out of 5 rating. However, we must note that the ratings are only based on their website. No other sources are found to evaluate the courses. 

Up-Close Features


  • 9 Video Lectures
  • 2 x Bonus Tutorials

Technical Analysis Course

  • 17 hours of video tutorials and webinars
  • Access on mobile and PC
  • Lifetime access to content
  • Tutorial and webinar format


  • 8 Video Lectures
  • 3 x Bonus Tutorials

Risk Management Course

  • 10 on-demand video tutorials
  • Lifetime access
  • Topics covered
  • Video tutorial overview


Delving into the Rekt Capital price ranges, since there are multiple offerings, we’ll start with Rect Capital membership cost options.


USD 160 / yearly USD 797 / yearly


BUNDLE – all packages included USD 997

Individual access to Rekt Capital’s courses is priced at USD 297 per course. However, users also have the option to purchase a bundle if they find that their needs align with all the course offerings. It is important to note that purchasing the bundle is not mandatory, as it is on the higher end in terms of pricing. 

Further research into each course can help users make an informed decision and potentially opt for just one course instead of the bundle. Comparing prices to different trading education platforms is a smart move. Check out our EliteTraders Review and evaluate their offerings as well.


In terms of the Rekt Capital newsletter, we found that it offers an array of resources designed to empower cryptocurrency investors. Through detailed macro research on Bitcoin, subscribers gain insights into market dynamics, breakout predictions, and investor trends.

Additionally, the newsletter provides a curated Altcoin Watchlist featuring handpicked undervalued altcoins. This selection aims to aid investors in identifying opportunities for potential strong breakouts, facilitating informed investment decisions. 

Furthermore, the Rekt Capital community offers a platform for crypto enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals. By joining this community, subscribers can engage in discussions, share ideas, seek advice, and collaborate with fellow traders. 

Final Take on Rekt Capital

In conclusion, Rekt Capital presents itself as a real deal in crypto education, offering a range of courses, newsletters, and community engagement opportunities. However, the platform’s legitimacy comes into question due to a lack of user reviews and feedback, with existing reviews expressing caution and highlighting potential red flags. 

While Rekt Capital’s offerings seem valid and informative, the absence of positive user experiences poses a credibility challenge. Moving forward, the platform may benefit from actively soliciting and showcasing positive feedback to build trust and credibility among potential users. 


What is Rekt Capital?

It’s a trading education platform that offers macro research, commentary, technical analysis, and educational courses focused on cryptocurrency markets.

Is Rekt Capital Trustworthy?

The trustworthiness of Rekt Capital is debatable due to a lack of user reviews and feedback. While the platform offers great resources, a low trust score expresses caution and highlights questions about the platform's credibility.

How Much Does Rekt Capital Cost?

Rekt Capital offers various membership tiers and individual course options with different price points. Check the price section for a better overview.

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