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Spikeet Review: Learn Everything You Need to Know Before Subscribing

Spikeet review

Read our Spikeet review before committing to learn more about this business and its offerings. With Spikeet, you can gain an instant edge and find out immediately if you have an edge without waiting months or years. 

The platform also offers built-in data tracking, allowing you to configure your data requests for automatic daily updates and eliminate manual tracking. The tool was established in 2019 and by this day, the company also established a Spikeet AI tool.

To learn more keep reading our evaluation and before you go, make sure to check out Perlybit, a scam brokerage company you should avoid at all costs. Now without further ado, let’s start.

About Spikeet

With automated daily updates, Spikeet offers historical financial data of the highest caliber. The platform is quick and simple to use; you don’t need to know how to code or use Python. Reliability and adjustment for all financial business actions, including splits and dividends, are features of the data.

Every kind of data is available to you, including technicals, intraday, fundamentals, SEC filings, averages, indicators, and earnings information. With the platform’s sophisticated filtering, you may select the assets that most closely match your trading style and receive just what you need.

Advanced filtering is available on the platform so you may select the assets that best suit your trading style and receive exactly what you need. With the Spikeet demo account, traders can test the service before committing completely, which is a huge benefit.

Company Type Data Analytics Tool
Legal name Spikeet Inc.
Regulation Not expected
Registered in N/A
Established 2019
Financial Authorities Warnings
  • No official warnings
If a withdrawal is possible No refunds;
  • Trader $299/month
  • Quant-Yearly $250/month
  • Analyze $49/month
  • Chartist $99/month
If Active on Social Media:
Investor Protection: None;
Activity areas United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia;
Main threats Potential lack of transparency; Lack of reviews;
Main perks Affordable charts;

Spikeet Features

All corporate financial actions, including splits and dividends, are covered by the platform. Users can get an immediate advantage with Spikeet by getting results fast and without having to wait around for long. Additionally, the built-in Spikeet data tracking removes the need for manual tracking and enables automatic daily updates.

A wide variety of data types are available on Spikeet, including as indicators, averages, SEC filings, technicals, intraday, fundamentals, and earnings data. It has sophisticated filters to help you concentrate on assets that fit your trading philosophy.

For QUANT-YEARLY members, Spikeet provides an infinite number of charts. The charts are connected to every one of your results that were entered into the Spikeet sheet, and you may expedite the historical charts for your data scans. Additionally, you can examine multiple charts at once by pulling data using the data platform.

Spikeet Pricing

There are two types of plans available: charts and data. In addition to the Spikeet free plan, each plan contains additional account types and its own price structure. A year’s worth of dates, a maximum of 20 rows and 14 columns per request, and up to 4 filters per request are all included in the free plan. Downloading is not permitted, though. 

Data Plans

Trader: The Trader plan, which costs $299 a month, permits up to 2000 rows and 40 columns per request, has an 8-year date range, and allows unlimited requests. Additionally, it enables up to six filters per request; however, infinite graphing, download access, or Excel plugin access are not supported.

Quant-Yearly: This $250 monthly package offers 150 years of date range support, an infinite number of requests, and an infinite number of rows, columns, and filters per request. It permits downloading, unrestricted charting, and access to Excel plugins.

Spikeet Charting Plans

Chart Free: There can be a maximum of two charts open at once with this free plan, and up to two charts per request. It is compatible with market periods during regular business hours and 1m chart aggregates. Nevertheless, exporting charts and adding indicators are not supported.

Analyze: More features are available with the $49/month Analyze plan, which can provide up to 50 charts per request and a maximum of 8 charts at once. In addition to market times such as before/after hours, it provides chart aggregates of one minute, five minutes, one hour, and four hours. It does not support exporting charts, but it does allow adding indicators.

Chartist: For $99 a month, you can get unlimited charts on demand (up to 20 charts at once) with the Chartist plan. All market periods and chart averages, including before, during, and after hours, are supported. Moreover, exporting charts and adding indicators are supported.

Spikeet Reviews

Besides a couple of comments on this Elite Trader discussion, there are no reviews about Spikeet on any platforms. Even these comments don’t look good, as Spikeet tried to advertise its service over the platform but it faced criticism for not displaying pricing transparently.

Additionally, some traders even commented that the service may not be worth the money, so it’s always advisable to test the tool with a free trial before committing. There are also a couple of other discussions we encourage you to look at, however, the comments are mildly satisfying.

Payment Options and Process

The payment for the subscription can be made using all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX. Users can also pay using PayPal and there are no additional fees besides the subscription.

As the company provides a free trial, refunds are not available. But the concerning issue is that Spikeet didn’t provide terms and conditions on their website, nor the refund policy, indicating a lack of transparency. Traders are advised to proceed with caution and test the tool before subscribing.

Final Words…

To sum up, Spikeet provides a powerful data analytics tool with a variety of features intended to improve traders’ decision-making, similar to MarketBeat. It is a useful tool for traders trying to get an advantage in the market because of its dependable data, user-friendly layout, and sophisticated filtering features. 

However, potential customers are recommended to tread cautiously and investigate the platform’s free trial option before committing to a membership, since the lack of transparency around price and refund procedures is concerning.

Have You Tried Proprietary Trading Yet?

Although Spikeet gives traders access to strong tools for data research and trading, proprietary trading gives traders the chance to collaborate with a company and potentially make up to $180,000. 

By using Spikeet, traders can improve their trading methods by having access to high-quality, historical financial data and automated daily updates. Proprietary trading, on the other hand, gives traders access to significant funds and resources, allowing them to trade with greater positions and possibly higher earnings. 

Both proprietary trading and Spikeet trading can dramatically boost productivity and profitability, giving traders exceptional chances to succeed in the financial markets. Sounds like a plan? Call us now and learn more about this time-limited offer.

FAQ Section

What is Spikeet?

Spikeet is a data analytics tool that provides high-quality, historical financial data and market insights.

Is Spikeet a Good Trading Tool?

Spikeet can be a good trading tool for those seeking reliable, adjusted financial data and automated daily updates.

How to Pick the Right Trading Broker?

To pick the right trading broker, consider factors like regulation, fees, customer service, and the broker's reputation.

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