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T4Trade Review: Regulators Say Offshore License Is No Good

T4Trade Review

The website we’re analyzing in today’s T4Trade review tends to present itself as a global online trading leader with a valid Forex license and genuine, customer-oriented approach. 

While it may seem so at a first glance, below the surface hides a major problem of fund safety, loose regulatory oversight and no chance for compensation. 

Despite the disclaimer, the site still allows EEA traders to sign up and that itself was enough to earn them more than a few warnings from prominents authorities. Read on for more details and a possible alternative we offer.

General information
Name T4Trade/Tradeco Limited
Type of the company Broker
Regulation status Regulated/Offshore
Warnings from Financial Regulators FSMA, CONSOB, CNMV, FCA, AFM, FCA, IOSCO
Website link
Active since 2022
Registered in Seychelles
Contact info F20, 1st Floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Seychelles

[email protected]

Trading platforms MT4, mobile app
Majority of clients are from United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
Customer support Yes – email, chat and online form
Compensation fund No

Regulatory Information

While some would call T4Trade legit, we have good reasons not to. It’s hard to consider them reliable or diligent and fair as many Tier 1 licensed brokerage brands are. The reason for that is the offshore regulation. 

Many not entirely transparent and legal firms seek shelter in the gray zones, where the regulatory oversight is weak. That’s what Tradeco Limited, the owner of the domain, has done in the Seychelles. 

Visiting the site for the first time will trigger a warning saying that the website services aren’t intended for the EEA investors, but the company still targets this group of traders, just like BGX AI

That has caused the prominent regulators from this area to issue warnings for illicit operations. Institutions that have flagged this trading brand as unauthorized and potentially fraudulent are FSMA, CNMV, CONSOB, FCA, AFM and IOSCO.

Suspicious User Testimonials

Not to be undone by various unscrupulous groups like Immediate Fortune, this firm also uses fake online content to boost their reputation. Various T4Trade reviews can be found, each of them greatly exaggerating the quality of the service.

The fake testimonials we see on all these ratings platforms, including SiteJabber and, were written by so-called review seller networks. You can notice them thanks to the repetitive nature of their comments, which were created by following a script.

Visiting TrustPilot, we’ve noticed an excellent overall score of 4.2 out of some 470 separate comments. The site administrators, however, extend the public warning issued by FCA in an effort to present more information about the company’s known regulatory breaches.

Active On Social Networks

To solidify their online presence, this firm has established a number of social network profiles. The official ones, or at least the ones that the company links on their own website, include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and TikTok.

These social profiles have gained quite a bit of traction thanks to tens of thousands of subscribers. Judging from how the firm purchases bogus reviews, however, it raises some doubts about how genuine these followers are in the first place, however.

In addition, there is also an official Telegram channel, as well as CrunchBase and Medium entries. The latter ones are not endorsed by the firm, though, or at least not in the official capacity.

Trading and Administration Costs

It’s always a risk agreeing to trading conditions provided by insufficiently transparent trading platforms. For instance, this trading portal offers leverage of up to 1:1000 and spreads starting from 1.1 pips. While that may be attractive at a glance, no guarantee exists that the company will stick to these costs. 

Furthermore, some additional taxes are only revealed if you dig through the legal documents. That’s the 10% administrative fee for every deposited amount, for example. 

Unrevealed, yet apparently present fees are those following the wire charges and returned cheques, additional services purchased, an annual fixed fee of $50. Another administrative fee of 3% per transaction appears and an extra $60 if you issue a chargeback!

Accounts With Optional Bonuses

The T4Trade broker offers a total of three account types:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Privilege

It’s a total mystery what specific features these packages offer, as well as their prices. However, the user area reveals the minimum of $200 as first deposit is accepted. Some basic characteristics such as lot sizes, leverage and alleged zero commission is universal for all bundles. 

To create a new account, users have to share some of their basic contact information and choose to take a bonus of up to 100% or pass. Be aware of the fact that bonuses always bear hidden fees and trading volume requirements, which may render you unable to withdraw anything.

Selection Of Trading Software

The company provides the MetaTrader 4 application for download on both desktop and mobile devices, as well as a web based version of the same software. The T4Trade MT4 is only presented in order to entice clients to invest funds.

Instead, the firm channels clients into opting to use one of its own proprietary mobile apps. This T4Trade app is not well-known, but is available for download on AppStore and Google Play, where it doesn’t boast a good reputation.

Trading with a loosely regulated broker is not something we recommend, due to the rampant data tampering involved.

Available Trading Assets

Selection of trading assets is on par with other brokerages of the type. It includes the most popular asset types, albeit with a relatively small selection of individual instruments.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Shares CFDs – Apple, NVidia, Amazon, Chevron
  • Commodities – Cotton, Sugar, Oil, Natural Gas, Copper
  • Precious Metals – Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium
  • Indices – UK100, JP225, Swiss20, US30
  • Futures CFDs – US500, US30, UKOIL, USDX

Various Payment Channels

While the company does offer a range of different methods for deposits and withdrawals, we wouldn’t recommend you to entrust your funds to this suspicious platform. Here’s some of the funding procedures available to choose between in the user dashboard:

  • Credit Cards
  • E-wallets (Netteler, Skrill)
  • Digital Assets
  • Bank Transfers

Pay extra attention to the fact that a ton of taxes and fees apply to every single transfer you make, so it doesn’t really pay off to invest anything in these shady services.

Funded Trading is the Answer!

This firm was a fine example why every serious investor, or at least everyone who wishes to make actual profit from trading should make better choices. Instead of relying on loosely regulated and not entirely trustworthy Forex dealers, we have a better proposition for you.

By signing up with our proprietary company, as a talented trader, you will be able to ensure a trading fund of up to $180,000! All you have to do to learn more about this unique offer is sign up for a free zoom interview! 


What is T4Trade?

It is an offshore regulated online Forex broker that has received quite a bit of reprimands from Tier-1 regulators.

Is T4Trade a Legit Platform?

Although the company does have a license in an offshore jurisdiction, their lack of any Tier-1 authorization makes them a suspicious entity.

What is the Minimum Deposit for T4Trade?

The minimum investment amount with this service provider is $200. If you’re looking for additional account funding, take a look at our funded trading accounts instead.

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