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proprietary firm

Funded Trader com Review Review – Is It The Ultimate Guide to Prop Trading? is more than just a platform for accessing funded trading accounts. It serves as a…

FTUK Review
FTUK Review: Alarmingly Dishonest While Fake Reviews Flood Trustpilot

Financial swindlers are always finding new ways to squirm into your pocket. While the prop firm indu…

DeiFunded Review
DeiFunded Review: Exploits Talented Traders For Their Own Gain

The DeiFunded prop firm alleges that its founders are people who are passionate traders themselves a…

Sure Leverage Review
Sure Leverage Review: The Pipe Dream Of Offshore Prop Trading Profits

Today we take a look at a company that has dubious legal background and corporate connections that m…

Breakout Prop Review
Breakout Prop Review – Is Trading With a New Prop Firm a Smart Move?

Breakout Prop is a proprietary firm established recently in the year 2023. It states it embraces rad…

Eagle Market Makers Review
Eagle Market Makers Review: Is This a Good Option for Trading?

Discovering the right partner in the competitive world of forex prop firms is crucial for successful…

1 of 1 Funding-review
1 of 1 Funding review – Can This Prop Firm Be Trusted?

1 of 1 Funding is a proprietary firm and trading sector launched in late September 2023 by founders …

EXO Funding review
EXO Funding Review: Faced Multiple Scam Allegations

Several complaints on Trustpilot indicate trouble using this prop firm, however, many traders still …

Nordic Funder review
Nordic Funder Review: Swedish Prop Trading Gem 101

In the world of forex prop firms, finding a good company for your financial journey is key. So, here…

GetFundedNow Review
GetFundedNow Review – A Closer Look at This Prop Trading Firm

GetFundedNow prop firm is operated by TIGOGI FZCO, a limited company registered in the United Arab E…

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