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TBG Lmtd Review: An Easy Scammer to Figure Out and Avoid

TBG Lmtd review

Finding a good broker you can trust is harder now than it ever was. The shark tank is enormous and unfortunately, many scammers prey on unsuspecting traders. TBG Lmtd is one of those, and we are here to show you on their example what red flags to look for and how to avoid other scammers. You can read all about it in our TBG Lmtd review, so let’s not waste time and get right to it.

General information
Name: TBG Lmtd
Regulation status: Unregulated
Warnings from Financial Regulators: No
Website link:
Active since: 2023
Registered in: Nevis
Contact info: Data is hidden
Trading platforms: N/A
The majority of clients are from:
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Croatia
Customer support: N/A
Compensation fund: No

Who is TBG Lmtd and is It Regulated?

The main issue with TBG Lmtd is how little information we know about them. The first red flag is that their website is down, which drastically limited the ways we could gather anything on the broker. This is also a sign that they are not legit, as no reliable broker would disregard their online presence like that and cut you off from the main source of information.

However, a WHOIS search gave us some indication of who they might be. A majority of data was missing, but we did see the domain’s registrant is located in Nevis, which we did not like at all. This small country is not known for being a safe Forex regulator, and therefore, we do NOT recommend TBG Lmtd!

What Does a Reliable Broker Look Like?

Since we determined TBG Lmtd is not legit, let’s consider what attributes good brokers have. The most important thing is a bulletproof license. You want your broker to have strong regulatory backing, preferably from one of the Tier-1 authorities like the FCA, CFTC, CNMV, and FINMA.

These regulators impose strict rules on brokers to protect you. The brokers must have a substantial minimum operating capital, which ensures fraudsters with limited funds won’t be able to open a legitimate brokerage. Authorities also set the leverage and minimum deposit caps, among other things, to make trading more accessible and as safe as possible.

The leverage usually does not go over 1:30 to minimize the risk you expose yourself to, and you can open an account for as little as $1 with most legitimate brokers. We also want to mention that most reliable regulators do not allow bonuses, so if you see one, you should check your broker’s background more carefully.

Should You Trust TBG Lmtd?

We would not put our money in TBG Lmtd’s hands under any circumstances. Approach this like you would approach choosing a doctor. You would want a professional with legitimate certification and an excellent track record to take care of you, and it should be no different with picking a broker.

Sadly, TBG Lmtd is neither legitimate nor does it have a good track record, so it is best to avoid them. There are not even any user reviews online, which only lowers our trust in them.

How Do Scammers Operate?

Scammers use many tricks to deceive traders, the most common being false license information. Everyone knows this is essential for every broker, so they try to fake it and hope you will not figure it out. This is why we urge you to always be extremely thorough in your research, as that is the only way to avoid falling for a scam.

Additionally, shady brokers like CoinsBank might contact you directly and start selling you their platform. As a part of their pitch, you can expect deals that sound too good to be true, promises of outrageous wealth, and quick returns, which are only a ploy. Remember this – there is no such thing as quick and easy money in Forex, and if a broker tries to convince you of it, you can know they are up to no good.

Reasons To Avoid This Company

TBG Lmtd has not shown to be a reliable broker. Their website does not work, and there are no other websites with any information about the broker. But we do know they do not have a license, and we are kept in the dark about their trading conditions, all of which is enough to distrust them.

They seem very similar to Coin Royal in that no good can come from trading with them. They will undoubtedly put your money at significant risk, and you should not engage with them in any way!

Is It Possible to Make Money By Online Trading?

If we have learned anything from our TBG Lmtd review it is that we cannot trust this broker. We know almost nothing about them and do not want to enter such situations and waste our time and money.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could research the market quicker and avoid losing precious time researching scammers? Well, our new AI Analysis Bot does exactly that. Book a free consultation today to learn how our state-of-the-art technology can help you be more productive!


What Is TBG-Lmtd?

TGB-Lmtd is a broker offering trading services. However, we advise you to avoid them due to their anonymity.

Is TBG-Lmtd Regulated?

No, it is not. The WHOIS search revealed its registrator comes from Nevis, and we did not find TBG-Lmtd in the Nevis FSRC.

When Was TBG-Lmtd Founded?

We could not determine when exactly TBG-Lmtd was founded. However, we do know their domain was created in 2023.

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