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TC2000 Review: Is TC2000 Your Winning Ticket for Stock Analysis?

TC2000 Review

If you’re looking for stock analysis software that’s both powerful and user-friendly, you’ve come to the right place. In this TC2000 review, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about this fantastic tool. Let’s jump right in and explore the ins and outs of TC2000, so you can make the best choice for your trading journey. Read on!

General information
Name TC2000 Brokerage, Inc.
Type of company Broker
Regulation status Regulated by FINRA
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 1996
Registered in Wilmington, NC 28402
Contact info [email protected], [email protected], 1-800-508-9150
Trading platforms TC2000® Version 23
Majority of clients are from United States, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Canada
Customer support Email, phone, and contact form
Compensation fund Yes

About TC2000 – Your Stock Trading Sidekick

So, what exactly is TC2000? Well, it’s not just your average stock analysis software – it’s your trading sidekick, available on desktop, mobile, and web platforms. Imagine having the ability to analyze stocks, create charts, and execute trades, all in one place. That’s TC2000 for you! 

The latest version, version 23 by Worden Brothers Inc., has taken things up a notch with cool features like historical condition testing and synchronized charts. And, if you’re new to trading, this company’s got your back with its beginner-friendly interface. Moreover, they have a neat trading simulator for risk-free practice.

Your Trusted, Regulated Broker

When it comes to choosing a stock broker, trust is key. TC2000 is your reliable choice, and it’s licensed by FINRA. This is a Tier 1 regulator that guarantees your trading experience is secure and trustworthy.

Affiliated with the well-known TC2000 stock screener software, owned by Worden Brothers, this company has many perks. Worden Brothers, who created TC2000 in 1998, are recognized for having one of the best stock-picking tools on the market.

TC2000 Price Modules

Now, let’s talk about finances. This broker offers 3 pricing plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver plan, at just $9.99 per month, gives you the basics – stock and options trading, streaming charts, and watchlists. 

If you’re a bit more serious about your trading game, there’s the Gold plan for $29.99 per month. It offers advanced features like chart drawing tools and nice scanning capabilities. 

And for the trading pros out there, there’s the Platinum plan, priced at $59.99 per month. This one comes with a live EasyScan dashboard and market timing indicators. Plus, all plans offer sweet discounts for annual and bi-annual subscriptions. We must say this makes quality trading tools accessible to everyone! 

TC2000 Software

So, what software does this company support so we keep an eye on your trades? TC2000 has got you covered with its web and mobile platforms for both iOS and Android. The desktop version offers the smoothest experience. 

Still, the web and mobile options ensure you never miss out, no matter where you are. It’s all about flexibility and convenience here. Ultimately, we all know life gets busy, but your trades shouldn’t have to suffer.

Tip: WarriorTrading is an exceptional educational platform mainly designed for experienced day traders. They provide education, simulators, and chat rooms for stock market success.

TC2000’s Main Indicators

Now, let’s talk about what sets this broker apart – its notable indicators. One of our favorites is Relative Strength. Unlike many indicators out there, this one isn’t based on some complex formula. Instead, it simply compares one security’s performance to another. It’s a gem that’s often missing from other TC 2000 charting packages. Yet, the TC2000 web platform not only includes it but executes it flawlessly.

The ability to toggle the main stock indices on and off with presets is a time-saver. With a Sector/Industry symbol checkbox, you can avoid the bother of deciphering industry index symbols.

Another striking feature is their ability to incorporate custom formulas. Imagine creating a formula like (Volume/5 bar average volume * 100) and using it as an indicator or to set alerts. A seasoned trader will appreciate this kind of flexibility.

EasyScan Scanner

EasyScan scanner truly surprised us! What sets it apart is the freedom it gives you to rank stocks based on their performance against a specific security or group of securities.

This means you can narrow down your selection until you find stocks that have significantly outperformed the market. The convenience of finding real-time trading opportunities daily is a game-changer for traders seeking valuable insights.

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Client Reviews on Trustpilot

Now, what about trader reviews? Taking a peek at Trustpilot, we found that has an average rating of 3.6 stars. While this might seem okay at first, it’s not exactly the most reliable indicator for clients or for us while writing this review.

We strongly recommend choosing platforms with a rating of 4.5 stars or more. That is essential for safety! Trustpilot reviews can be a helpful guide, but it’s crucial to prioritize platforms with a proven track record of positive ratings.

Tip: Is NinjaTrader legit? NinjaTrader’s strict adherence to regulations is a remarkable feature! The platform is overseen by the CFTC and NFA.

Earning Money Trading

Now, let’s shift our focus for a moment. Earning money through online trading is not just a possibility but it’s a reality for many. If you’re ready to dive into the world of trading, we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Reach out for free consultations on regulated and safe trading platforms. And here’s the cherry on top – our AI Analysis Bot, the most promising AI trading tool today. It offers priceless trading predictions and more. Also, you can try it entirely free for 20 days. With detailed FX and stock analysis reports, you can indeed boost your profits. Give it a try today and start your journey toward financial freedom.

Final Observations

In wrapping up, we’ve explored this broker, highlighting its strengths and areas for consideration. Remember, your trading journey is unique, and the platform you choose should align with your demands and goals. This platform is regulated, and they truly care about your trading experience. While TC2000 presents several solid features, we also encourage you to explore our AI Analysis Bot

It’s designed to provide you with accurate insights and enhance your trading experience. Ultimately, the choice is yours!


Can I Use TC2000 for Free?

Yes, TC2000 offers a free trial with some limited features.

What is the Difference Between TradingView and TC2000?

TC2000 focuses on stock analysis, while TradingView focuses on social trading and charting tools.

Can You Trade Directly From TC2000?

If you open an account, you can trade straight from TC2000.

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