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The Robust Trader Review: Robust and Creative Solutions For a Hefty Price

The Robust Trader Review

Success on the world’s market goes hand in hand with knowledge and experience. Despite countless false Forex gurus selling their expensive trading wisdom, there’s still legitimate ways to acquire knowledge. 

Before us is a firm that is reluctant to reveal anything about its legal background but offers a wide range of features. How truthful the offer is and if the firm can be trusted is what we investigate in the following The Robust Trader review.

General information
Name The Robust Trader
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2017
Registered in Latvia
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada
Customer support Yes – email, online form
Compensation fund No

Who Owns The Robust Trader Brand?

The Robust Trader signals, education and trading strategies are offered by an anonymous firm. Name of the company that owns the brand is SIA Lofjord Corporation, but it isn’t revealed where the firm operates from. 

According to the social networks links shared by the website, the firm can be found on X, LinkedIn and Facebook. Person who operates the LinkedIn page is called Håkan Samuelsson and his profile says that he resides in Sweden. That’s why we looked through the Swedish business register, yet found no matches for the mentioned firm:

Apparently, the same company also runs and One of these sites reveals that the actual location of the company is Latvia. That’s where we did manage to find the company registration details:

Registration of SIA Lofjord Corporation in Latvia

The website itself seems to be operating since 2017, but the lack of transparency with legal incorporation is somewhat alarming.

The Robust Trader Reviews – What Users Have to Say?

Lack of any The Robust Trader reviews online additionally casts doubt on the credibility of the brand and it’s total trust score. 

Overall, trustworthy companies that provide lucrative trading strategies and knowledge have managed to establish their brand and have thousands of positive reviews online. 

This one, however, has left us with no data to analyze. Usually, this is a warning sign. Those interested in purchasing The Robust Trader education materials should be careful when risking their funds.

How Much Does The Robust Trader Course Cost?

If you’re a trader looking for a helping hand, guidance or simply additional Forex learning materials, the company invites you to open The Robust Trader account first. The procedure is far easier and hustle-free compared to the complex process demanded by Morgan Creek Capital

After becoming a member, clients can choose between  variants of packages that feature different products:

The Robust Trader package variants

The Robust Trader academy membership enables swing trading signals, monthly trading strategies, candlestick backtest and other possibilities. Becoming a member means being ready to invest a significant amount of money into a package, however:

The Robust Trader membership price

For a particular The Robust Trader price, clients can unlock one of the two paid plans:

The Robust Trader paid plans

As for the payment channels available, only credit cards are accepted. Additional billing information that clients are expected to disclose is the following:

The Robust Trader payment channels

The Robust Trader free materials aren’t available in comparison to KryptoGO, for example, which is completely free to use.

Instead, this educational platform offers an option to just buy the particular product instead of unlocking an expensive subscription. All in all, the company has a rich palette of tools to offer, including signals, strategies, guides, analysis, indicators, patterns and dictionaries.


What is The Robust Trader?

The Robust Trader is an online educational portal and strategy provider but also sells signals, and other guides related to Forex and stock trading.

Is The Robust Trader Legit?

While we did manage to find the parent firm, the website wasn’t transparent about their ownership.

How Much Does The Robust Trader Cost?

While subscriptions cost from $149 to $4.995, where are individual products that cost as little as $5.95.

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