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TopInvestTrader Review: Signs That This Broker Is a Fraud

License and Safety of Funds at TopInvestTrader

This is yet another shady broker firm that we are exposing in this TopInvestTrader review. As soon as you take a glance at their website, you can feel that something is wrong. The website is empty and it’s lacking any meaningful information. Seems like it was made and launched in a short time.

This enterprise claims to be regulated by the British regulator which we highly doubt. That regulator has high requirements, and it doesn’t look like this anonymous broker could meet them. However, we are going to discuss this intermediary in detail. Stay tuned.

Leverage Not available
Regulation Unregulated
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Minimum Deposit $1
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex, CFD
Platforms Web, Mobile
Spread Not available

License and Safety of Funds at TopInvestTrader

topinvesttrader broker review

TopInvestTrader states that it is based in the UK, which can’t be true. They are opposing some basic UK regulations by offering bonuses, for example. Nonetheless, we took a look in the FCA register, and the name of TopInvestTrader didn’t show up.

Every enterprise or individual that’s providing financial services in the area of the UK, has to be licensed or registered by the FCA. Since TopInvestTrader isn’t, anyone who chooses to start trading with the broker would not be entitled to some essential protections.

We mentioned in the beginning that their website doesn’t look legit. That’s because legitimate businesses leave on their website clear and detailed information about the company that owns and operates it, where it is based, and what licenses it has.

Genuine brokers also provide access to a comprehensive set of legal documentation. Of course, the availability of such information does not guarantee that those documents are not false or misleading. But the absence of these elements is very indicative that you are dealing with scammers.

TopInvestTrader does not disclose the company behind the website. The Terms and Conditions, which are available only after you register an account, also do not mention any legal entity by name.

They chose to be completely anonymous which is a characteristic of investment scams. Legit businesses focus on being fully transparent.

TopInvestTrader Trade Trading Platform

TopInvestTrader promises a multifunctional trading platform. It’s advertised as easy to use, with a friendly interface, it gives you a clear view of your account, opened trades, pending trades, automatic functionalities, and fast access to a wide range of trading instruments.

But after registering an account this platform is nowhere to be found. Topinvesttrader does not have the software needed to trade financial instruments. However, to start trading on any sort of software, they ask you to deposit first.

You can’t even access the client area before making a deposit. And even when you decide you want to invest, that also turns out to be impossible.

Only scam brokers operate this way. This is not a common practice for real-deal trading companies.

What Trading Instrument is Available at TopInvestTrader?

Allegedly, at TopInvestTrader you are available to trade forex and CFDs, and that’s about it. A rather modest offer. However, this is a problematic fact about this trading company. They are unregulated, and that’s where serious consideration of their offer should end.

You can find several trustworthy brokers at the end of this article. Your money is not in danger with them.

TopInvestTrader Deposit and Withdrawal

Since we weren’t able to make a deposit we can’t say with certainty which deposit methods this broker accepts. They don’t mention it, either. In its Terms and Conditions, we have found some of the fees on some deposit methods that would supposedly be available:

These fees are outrageously high – $50 for an international wire transfer might be acceptable, but a total of $35 for a credit/debit card payment, and $25 ePayments is not. An additional 10% fee will be charged on accounts that have not been verified or reached 200 times in turnover.

It doesn’t specify 200 what – presumably they mean 200 lots, i.e. 20,000,000 currency units. Such vague and extortionate clauses are typical of fake brokers. There is also a monthly fee of 10% of the balance if the account has been inactive for more than three months.

This means that the broker is essentially blackmailing you because no legitimate company would ask you to reach such an enormous turnover before you could withdraw. Also, these huge withdrawal fees are a rip-off.

In our experience, scam brokers prefer deposits in cryptocurrencies because they are untraceable and irreversible. Legitimate brokers typically offer clients a wide choice of transparent payment methods, including bank transfer, credit/debit cards, and established e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or Sofort.

The Terms and Conditions state that Topinvesttrader charges an advance commission of 20% of the deposit. Real brokers do not charge such outrageously high fees and commissions.

How Does This Scam Operate?

Scam artists like to present themselves as “best in the business”. They promise bonuses, high leverage, and other benefits that other traders don’t because it’s illegal. The regulators forbid those kinds of benefits.

Most importantly, legitimate businesses don’t guarantee success. There is no such thing as a guarantee with investing funds in a volatile market.

The first step is to lure users in with click-baiting ads. After you leave them your data, that’s when calls start., They use small talk and try to convince you that they understand your problems, and want to help you. It’s a classic scam technique. When you invest money in them, you are deceived that the money goes to the market. It goes straight to those cyber fraudsters.

TopInvestTrader Summary

TopInvestTrade is the opposite of what they say they are. They claim to be located in the UK, which can’t be true since we didn’t find their name in the FCA’s register. If they are legit, their name would be there.

There are not many things to talk about since they provide zero information. You can’t access their trading platform, and they don’t talk about trading conditions. There is no point in wasting your time and money with this fake broker company.

FAQs About TopInvestTrader Broker

Is my Money Safe with TopInvestTrader?

There is no safety with unregulated businesses like TopInvestTrader.

Does TopInvestTrader Offer a Demo Account?

They don’t. With TopInvestTrader you need to deposit money to start trading.

How Secure Is TopInvestTrader?

Companies that don’t provide information about headquarters, ownership, license number, and don’t talk about trading conditions can’t be trusted.

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