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TradeManifest Review – A Worthy Investment or a Scam?

TradeManifest Review

TradeMnifest is a trend-following trading system that offers a range of features for traders across various markets. TradeManifest AI works for all markets, including stocks, ETFs, futures, options, currencies, and more.

With an 86% win rate and over 8,400 users, the TradeManifest bot seems like a reliable choice among traders looking for a robust trend-following trading system. However, being established in 2024 doesn’t sound promising. Since new platforms are prone to scam people and close when things get complicated. 

That being said, in this review, we will analyze every aspect of this newly founded form, and evaluate their client feedback, trust score, and overall reputation in the market. Yet again, the time frame of its operation is short, so bear with us and find out for yourself if this platform is legitimate.

General information
Name TradeManifest
Type of the company Signal Seller
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2024
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email 
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom
Customer support Available
Compensation fund N/A

More About TradeManifest

Delving into TradeManifest, we found that the platform provides real-time, buy/sell signals for a user-defined watchlist of securities, including TradeManifest stocks, ETFs, options, and futures.

They offer thorough videos on how to use the TradeManifest scanner and how to trade with them to buy and sell signals. As well as offering Live Demo and Day Trading. If users want to engage in intraday trading, the platform has those options as well.

One notable feature is the ability to specify an unlimited number of securities in the TradeManifest automated system, allowing users to track and receive signals for multiple assets simultaneously.

The system is made to cater to multiple trading styles, including swing, and long-term trading. TradeManifest signals are charted for a visual representation, allowing traders to easily interpret the data. Additionally, the signals can be delivered via text message and email in real-time.

User Reviews

Researching TradeManifest reviews, we found mixed feedback. One user expressed being blown away by its effectiveness, citing a win rate of 85% and significant growth in their trading account. The user mentioned earning over USD 75,000 in just two months, attributing this success to the platform’s accuracy in providing buy signals. 

However, they noted some dissatisfaction with the pricing, as they purchased the system for USD 3,000, only to find it offered for USD 600 less the next day. Some users also mentioned experiencing issues with being double-charged by the payment system and not receiving a response regarding their refund request. 

Additionally, the platform has been flagged as potentially risky by the source the Scam Detector. Their analysis suggests a low trust score of 8.5 out of 100, indicating possible issues like phishing, spamming, and other risks. While the website seems legitimate on the surface, they state it’s wiser to avoid them. Read more in their analysis.

TradeManifest – Should Users Donate?

One thing that stuck out for us is the option to support the platform through donations. The platform suggests that by donating, users can become first-tier users when their next-generation product is released. They have the option from USD 50 to USD 200 that users can send.

However, asking for donations, especially for access to future products, sparks questions about the platform’s intentions. It’s quite uncommon for signal sellers to request support from users in this manner. Donate, so we can keep up the good work. We don’t think so. 

This approach can only be seen as shady because it creates a perception of needing financial support to continue operations, despite the potential for increased profits from more users joining the platform.


Regarding TradeManifest pricing plans, there are three packages available. All plans include lifetime access to the platform, and no additional cost, which means no monthly or yearly fee.

Note that the Premium package is currently under a discount, the price will go back to its original price after the limited-time sale. Comparing prices with other trading tools is a smart move, read our SwiftCoin Review to evaluate its offerings. 

Starter – USD 1198

One-time Purchase / Lifetime Access

Developer – USD 2297

One-time Purchase / Lifetime Access

  • Alert 
  • Scanner 

Premium – USD 1498

One-time Purchase / Lifetime Access

  • Alert 
  • Scanner 
  • Automated Trading 
  • Early Bird Alert 
  • Early Warning 

All pricing plans include a lifetime update, tutorials up to 2 hours of training, and ongoing support from the platform. As well as:

  • Buy & Sell Signals – 72% Win Rate
  • Context Analysis Tools – 86% Win Rate

Potential users should keep in mind to visit the official website themselves. Platforms are prone to change their site appearance and web forms, and that includes pricing options. For accurate details on pricing, discount codes, and up-to-date information, visit the platform.

Media Presence

Its new algorithm has been featured in over 40 news media outlets in 2023. However, we’re sad to say that the articles are faked. All media news was published around 2 months ago, indicating that the platform was established in the year 2024, not in 2018 as they state.

While being featured in the news outlets may seem impressive, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the platform’s effectiveness or reliability. Platforms can pay for such coverage through articles and interviews, which may not provide a complete picture of their intentions.

Some press was released even on the same day. On January 25th, Benzinga, NEWSnet, and Fox40. This doesn’t only influence their transparency, this is what scam platforms do, and this can have an impact on their overall reputation. 

Platforms should prioritize user reviews and feedback. This approach can lead to improved management and product development, ultimately benefiting both the platform and its users. Read about another AI trading tool, EzAlgo Review, which seems reliable, but again lacks user reviews. 

Concluding Thoughts On TradeManifest

In conclusion, TradeManifest presents itself as a reliable trading system that includes significant earnings, but there are concerns about the platform’s transparency and reliability.

The platform’s pricing, media presence, user reviews, and donation requests don’t seem promising. The pricing plans are expensive, and the discount strategy may seem deceptive. The media presence appears to be fabricated, which questions the platform’s integrity. 

Despite having positive reviews, there was only one source which they listed on their official website as ‘proof’ of their legitimacy. Moreover, the request for donations for future products seems dubious, as platforms should be able to sustain themselves through their services.

Potential users should think twice before approaching TradeManifest. It’s advisable to seek platforms with genuine user reviews and media presence, and a track record of reliability to avoid falling victim to potential scams.


What is TradeManifest?

It’s a trading system that offers real-time buy/sell signals, however, it lacks reviews and does shady operations on the website.

How Much Does TradeManifest Cost?

All pricing plans are a one-time purchase. It offers a Starter package for USD 1198, a Developer package for USD 2297, and a Premium package for USD 1498 currently on sale.

How to Choose the Right Trading Brokerage?

Ensure the brokerage is regulated, and consider the brokerage's commission, spreads, and other fees. Always read reviews, and evaluate pros and cons from reputable sources.

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