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Trader Dale Review: Premium Cost For a Worthless Education Service

Trader Dale Review

Trading world can be difficult to navigate, with all the cybercriminals and con artists lurking about, ready to rob you blind while keeping a smiley face. This one, unfortunately, is no different.

Our Trader Dale review will tell you about one fake Forex guru that is likely to ruin you financially, and sell you a worthless book in the process.

General information
Name Trader Dale
Type of the company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2016
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Trader Dale’s Order Flow Software
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada
Customer support Yes – online form
Compensation fund No

Who is Trader Dale?

Every prominent software development company or a knowledgeable, professional financial advisor would not shy away from disclosing their legal information, education and company background. In the case of this alleged Forex veteran, every single detail related to the conduct running the site is left hidden.

Legal documents are several useless chunks of text that are just disclaimers, saying that the trading results shown are not made on a live account. Additionally, the disclaimers also say that the entirety of the performance of the Trader Dale course is hypothetical, and does not offer any guarantee when it comes to expected results.

It doesn’t seem like this alleged Dale is even a real person. The identity of this mysterious individual is never revealed and all you’ll see about him is claims about his exceptional education. Whoever hides behind the cartoony avatar is most likely not a genuine trading professional, wealth manager or however else he likes to refer to himself. 

Connection With Blacklisted Platform

The service comes complete with a recommendation for a trading platform – NinjaTrader. Don’t mistake this for the software developer, the website link leads to a brokerage company.

All would be fine and dandy if this broker was a well-established and respectful entity. Instead, the parent company, NINJATRADER LLC, as well as the domain are blacklisted by a number of regulatory watchdogs. They can be found on CNMV, A-TVP and IOSCO warning lists.

Problems With Testimonials

If you take a moment to read the disclaimer provided in the website footer, you will notice an interesting statement. It says that the testimonials shown on the website “may not be representative of other clients or customers”.

In other words, they are all fakes created for promotional purposes. It’s like the ones on TV infomercials where a housewife talks about how great the new anti-snoring pillow is.

The trouble is, the testimonials on the site are all Trader Dale reviews as they appear on a third party website, TrustPilot. It doesn’t take long to connect the two, and realize that acknowledges that these are fakes too.

Indeed, if we take a more in-depth look, we will see the telltale signs of review seller networks. The lack of any testimonials like SiteJabber further proves this point.

Shilling Fake Knowledge

It has become a staple of any online business to tend to a large number of social network profiles in order to reach out to a huge audience. The problem is – scammers use the exact same methods too, and sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who.

This educator is a relatively prominent figure, with tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube and even TradingView. The Trader Dale Reddit community is rather large, albeit divided in their opinion on the service.

What does the self-proclaimed trading guru do with this sort of attention? Use it to push his product on Amazon, of course! Currently, it contains 4 separate publications, and an “about me” page that is somehow even less informative than the main website.

While putting all your eggs in one basket is never an ebay strategy, this one might not be your best option. If you’re looking for better opportunities, take a look at WOLFX Signals or book a Zoom meeting with our representatives to learn about our forex funded trading program.

Trading Education and Software Packages

Each of the packages advertised on the website allegedly include a variety of trading facilitators, learning materials and video tutorials. Clients buying these bundles are encouraged to blindly believe in their future trading success. What portion of the content included in the powerful marketing campaign is truly so efficient is up for discussion. 

Trader Dale Volume Profile

Customers looking for a complete collection of trading education are directed to buy this particular feature bundle. The site claims that it provides a complete walk-through of the trading process and will help future investors maximize their winning chances. 

The package is said to include:

  • Full video course
  • Trading levels with an addition of an ebook and lifetime license for Ninjatrader 8 and TradingView software

The price of this pack is $497, which is quite hefty for a couple of videos with questionable content.

Trader Dale Order Flow Pack

The major feature advertised as a part of this package is the alleged advanced charting software. Its purpose is to allow traders to read all trading orders that are being conducted on the market, and thus providing an unfair advantage of tracking the big players. This further allows identifying of the strongest Support and Resistance zones. 

This bundle also costs $497 and it includes:

  • Order Flow software
  • Trader Dale video course of 12+ hours
  • Indicator pack

Combo Pack

In short, this package is a combination of the two previously mentioned ones. This is the most fiercely advertised product, as it allegedly includes everything the other two bundles feature but for a significantly lower price of $697. Website also makes big statements about the reputation of this package, saying that it has “thousands of 5-star ratings” – something completely unverifiable and unprovable. 

In the sense of reliability and affordability, Trader Dale price is extremely costly compared to other providers like QuantumTrading which sport better overall features. Hop over there and read our take on this firm as well. 

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What is Trader Dale?

The scheme is represented by an anonymous person that claims to be a Forex trading professional and a highly educated financial advisor.

Can I Learn Forex Trading With Trader Dale?

The functionality and effectiveness of the tools is not verified and the majority of the user reviews are forged, so caution is advised.

How Much Does Trader Dale Course Cost?

While a single course can be purchased for a price of $497, both of the courses combined cost $697.

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