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Tradingexpo Review – Trust Is Not On Admirable Level

Overview of Tradingexpo

Tradingexpo broker is one of those pretending hardly to look legitimate. With their alleged address in the United Kingdom, it’s very easy to confirm their identity and legitimacy. Thus, they didn’t think much about it. Nevertheless, we are checking everything for you in this Tradingexpo review.

To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, you should equip yourself with knowledge. We encourage you to check as well our reviews of AMarkets and Bitech Max brokers

Company TradingExpo Limited
Headquarters United Kingdom (allegedly)
Warning FCA, ASC, CSA
Platforms Web trader
Minimum Deposit $250
Leverage 1:500
Spread From 1.5 pips

Regulation and Security of Tradingexpo

All trading conditions point out offshore. But this broker still claims to operate from the UK. Let’s see. The primary regulator in the UK is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s one of the most trusted Tier 1 regulators besides BaFin and ASIC. Traders can enjoy high security standards and strict monitoring. However, that’s not the case with Tradingexpo scam broker.

Not only that they are not regulated, but this institution issued a warning against them. Among other Canadian institutions like CSA and ASC. Take a look for  yourself.

With this in mind, traders can’t expect any transparency from this broker. Not to mention funds protection measures and compensation funds.


Tradingexpo Trading Platform

If the regulation was not enough big sign for you, here is another one. Instead of trusted third-party software, this broker chooses a web trader. Primarily, traders lose transparency due to manipulation possibilities.

But even if we assume that everything is trusted, this software lacks important updates. There are no social or copy-trading features. Also, traders would miss good opportunities because of missing analytical tools. Nothing looks like designed to comfort traders, but only these swindlers.

Another key point is the mobile app. Traders that generally prefer mobile apps will leave disappointed here. There are no iOS or Android downloadable apps for Tradingexp trading software.

Tradingexpo  Bonuses and Promotions

What should make you suspicious about the company’s legitimacy is its bonus offer. In a big part of Europe, these bonuses are banned. Mainly because such bonuses often come with fake clauses that don’t allow traders to make withdrawals.

In this case, the company provides traders with a welcome bonus of up to 100%. Since the company doesn’t have any documents available, we are playing a guessing game here. Thus, there is not much need for it after you check Tradingexpo broker reviews. All claim one thing. Nevertheless, the broker can make up any excuse not to allow the withdrawal.

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure

As for the funding methods, there are a few options promoted on the company’s website. But only as the logos of those payment options. Traders can choose:

  • Visa and Master card
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin

Thus, Tradingexpo reviews confirm that this broker mainly promotes crypto transfers. Primarily because of the anonymity behind those. Also, such transactions are irreversible and hardly traceable. But with the CipherTrace software that our specialized team has, not even that is an issue anymore.

Account Types Offered

With leverage of 1:500 and spreads from 0 pips, this offer might be attractive. But you already know that everything is designed just to extort money from clients. However, account types don’t bring much benefits to traders. Not to mention that there is no demo account where you can test the broker.

On top of that, the company is missing crucial information about fees and commissions. In general, that’s how legitimate brokers make profits. Anyways, traders can choose between:

  • Standard
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • VIP

How Does Offshore Brokers’ Fraudulent Work?

Offshore scam brokers lure traders everywhere. On Social media, social networks and through referral programs. Once they get you on board they manipulate everything they can to attract you into depositing big money. However, once you want to withdraw big money you face certain issues.

Primarily ones regarding document verification. But even after completing that they make up some more. That buys them time to check if you have any more spare money. Whether you do or don’t, very shortly after you won’t be contacted by this broker anymore. There is no benefit to them and you realize that you were a part of a scam.

Get in touch if you want to find the best broker

Let us hear about your experience with this broker. Every story is different but with the same ending. If you would like to know more and protect yourself from these situations, get in touch with us.

But not only because of that, but because our expert team has CipherTrace software for tracking crypto.  Don’t let these bogus swindlers get away with it.

Tradingexpo Summary

Tradingexpo is a completely anonymous broker. But most likely offshore one. Without regulation and with numerous warnings against them, they are not a smart choice. Instead of trusted software they only use quite a suspicious web trader.

Moreover, funding methods and policies are completely non-existent. Practically, there is not even a single positive thing that would make anyone deposit here. Stay away from them at a wide angle.

FAQs About Tradingexpo Broker

Is Tradingexpo Regulated?

No. The company operates without licenses, but with multiple warnings from trusted regulators.

Does Tradingexpo Offer a Demo Account?

No. Besides shady information about live accounts, you can’t test any information through a demo.

What is the Minimum Deposit for Tradingexpo?

The minimum deposit starts already at $250. But without regulation that is too much.

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