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TradingSim Review: Your Path to Virtual Trading Confidence

TradingSim review

Are you curious about virtual trading? Well, you’re in for a treat with TradingSim! In this engaging TradingSim review, we’ll unravel the magic behind this popular trading simulation software. Join us for a real exploration of its features, tools, pricing, and more. 

Let’s discover together how this company can be a game-changer, whether you’re just starting or not. Stay tuned!

General information
Name TradingSim
Type of company Trading Education
Regulation status No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2002
Registered in Lewes, Delaware, US
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms Web
Majority of clients are from United States, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Australia
Customer support Email and form
Compensation fund No

About the Company – TradingSim 101

Futures TradingSim isn’t just a basic trading simulator. We can see that this company has many superb features for market exploration. It is made for anyone diving into the trading world.

The platform lets you practice trading for any day in the past two years. You can test strategies, refine your approach, and hone your entry/exit management skills easily. This is beneficial, for sure!

Market Data

The platform provides a treasure trove of market data. Moreover, this saves you the hassle and cost of third-party data providers. This company understands that trading has a learning curve, and they’re here to make it smoother. While it can’t replicate the emotions of real trading, it’s your risk-free space to fine-tune strategies before the real deal.

And did we mention their top-notch customer service? Quick and professional responses to your queries are another major benefit.

Tools and Features

The TradingSim stocks platform is not just functional but it’s user-friendly too. With over 60 drawing tools and 50 indicators, we cannot say anything negative about it.

The platform offers 2 years of historical data (tick, level 1, and time and sales) without the need for downloads. And the best part? You can use it without a brokerage account. This is quite good.


  • Pause, Play, and Fast Forward: You get to watch your paper trades unfold at your own pace, just like a video.
  • Multiple Charts: View multiple charts simultaneously for a full and broad analysis.
  • Market Movers: Get real-time updates on stocks with the highest and lowest gains.
  • 24/7/365 Access: Practice trading whenever you want, even when the markets are taking a nap.

And there’s more! You can observe lists linked to charts, zoom options, customizable account balances, and a TradingSim free blog filled with helpful tips and strategies. Every trader needs this!

The Cost of TradingSim

Now, let’s talk about pricing. TradingSim day trading firm offers a number of features for a relatively good price. The Pro package at $33 per month, billed annually is a steal, covering a vast array of stocks, ETFs, market movers, and over 500 trading sessions.

The Premium package, mirroring the Pro package, throws in top Futures contracts, Bitcoin Futures, and more. The price for this one is $37 per month, billed annually.

And don’t worry if commitment scares you – there’s a free 7-day trial of the chosen package to test the offer.

Tip: EdgeWonk is another interesting digital mentor. This firm is made by Quantum Trade Solution, and its aim is to refine your strategies and boost your expertise. You can check them out! 

Virtual Trading

TradingSim’s virtual trading isn’t just for beginners. Their platform is for everyone wanting to continually test their strategies.

We can see that this company aims to prepare you for the real market. But, let’s keep it real – virtual trading won’t teach you to control your emotions. It’s a friendly reminder to stay Zen in the trading game. Keep this in mind.

Are They Publicly Traded?

Are you looking to invest in TradingSim? Unfortunately, that is not a possibility at the moment. 

This is a privately held company, and your dreams of grabbing a piece of it on the stock market will have to wait. Still, remember that this may be available in the future. 

Reddit Buzz and Trustpilot’s Silence

Wondering what other traders say about this trading gig? Surprisingly, Trustpilot has nothing to show for this company. No ratings are there. But guess what? We checked Reddit, and it’s a completely different story. We indeed found many positive TradingSim Reddit discussions. The community spills the beans, giving us the lowdown on some of the features here.

All in all, make sure to adhere to safe platforms and brokers that have a 4.5-star badge or higher. Safety should always come first!

Tip: TraderVue is a mixture of a trading journal and a social media platform made exclusively for the trading community. They let you keep track of your trading game and share it with other traders as well. 

Choosing Your Trading Education Platform

Choosing where to level up your trading game is a big deal. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tips.

  • Know Your Needs: Make sure that you know what you need from a trading education platform. If you’re new, stick with platforms that keep it basic and offer clear support. Always aim for companies with superb analytics and customizable charts.
  • Check the Buzz: What are people saying? Look for platforms with a good reputation, as positive reviews are a great sign. If the big names or experts give it a nod, it’s probably safe and reliable.
  • Easy Does It: Your platform should be a breeze, not a maze. Test it out and see if you can find what you need without any problems. If they include blog posts and videos, that is a massive advantage.
  • Get Support: In trading, customer support is a priority. Go for a platform with a support team that’s quick on the draw. Good support is the name of the game. So, why settle for less?

Making Money Trading

It is truly possible to make money trading stocks, indices, crypto, and forex. Moreover, it is a breeze with our guide. Free consultations, expert advice, and a golden ticket – proprietary trading? 

Partner up with us, and the chance to earn up to $180,000 is yours. You read that right. Are you ready to turn your trading hustle into some serious capital? Take advantage of the opportunity today!

Final Words

So, TradingSim, what’s the story behind it? They provide outstanding tools and guides for both newbies and pros. User-friendly, diverse – it’s the whole package. From historical data to market movers, they’re setting you up for success.

Yet, before you go, don’t forget our exclusive offer – a proprietary trading gig that could land you $180,000. 


Is TradingSim Free?

No, but there's a free 7-day trial. Monthly plans like Pro ($33) and Premium ($37) offer solid features.

Does TradingSim Have Options Trading?

Yes, TradingSim includes options trading, providing a versatile platform for many strategies.

How Do I Cancel TradingSim Subscriptions?

Simply reach out to their support team via email, and they'll guide you through the cancellation process.

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