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Tradytics Review: Reliable Tools or Just a Strong Marketing Campaign?

Tradytics Review

Developing their Tradytics AI trading software, people behind the website have the idea of helping investors of any knowledge level successfully navigate the complex trading landscape. 

Making the most out of one’s investment process isn’t an easy task, but this website claims to have the key to your financial success, only if you invest in their easy-to-use AI tools. How true that is and can artificial intelligence boost our trading capabilities that easily is what this Tradytics review addresses.

General information
Name Tradytics / Deepytics
Type of the company AI trading tool
Regulation status Not regulated / No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms Proprietary
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, South Africa 
Customer support Online chat
Compensation fund No

Legit Entity in the UK

Since the website declares to be run by a company called Deepytics, we decided to find it in any public register, if it exists. 

After contacting the customer service, we were told the company is headquartered in the UK. Indeed, the firm can be found in the UK Companies House, as a software development business, also engaged in data processing, hosting and other similar activities. 

However, nothing else could be dug up on this conduct. Even the connection between the UK firm and the website remains unconfirmed. Also, nowhere does it say who works on the development of the Tradytics bot and other products, except Muhammad Haider being the founder. Everything else remains unknown.

Services and Tradytics Pricing

A set of tools relying on AI-powered algorithms is what is offered as a part of a total of three packages. Users can subscribe to these on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on their plan and buying power. Before purchasing the full package, clients have the option to test it at a price of just $15 for the period of 15 days. 

Free Basic Access

The Tradytics free package allows users to get a hold of some of the features in case they wish to test the products without making a purchase. Some of the options this package contains are:

  • Access to free Discord channels
  • Delayed market updates and data
  • Daily scanner
  • AI news preview

However, this bundle doesn’t help much if you plan to use it in the long run and for more serious investments. 

Full Pro Access

Tradytics cost of this bundle is $69 monthly or $699 yearly. While some may argue that it’s quite the price, the firm claims that it unlocks endless possibilities thanks to these features:

  • Live summary and options flow
  • AI trading ideas and portfolio
  • Premium scanners
  • Advanced and algorithmic analysis
  • Access to premium Discord channels

For Discord Server Owners

Owners of various discord servers can purchase this package if they intend to integrate some of the software solutions in their very own server. For a price of $199 per month or $1.499 on a yearly basis, the following utilities could be unlocked:

  • More than 10 bots for Discord
  • Live market data and up-to-date news feed
  • AI trade ideas
  • Options sweeps

If you’re looking for more affordable options, we suggest you try out Botsfolio.

Software Overview

The primary way of using your Tradytics account is through the website itself. The amount of data available for clients is quite immense, sporting up-to-date market analysis on several different asset types like stocks and options.

Through the comprehensive dashboard, you may also view darkpool trading information. The free package will only show information delayed by 3 days, and viewing the current data requires a package upgrade.

This brings us to the mobile device support, or better said, the limitations of thereof. Namely, the mobile app is said to be the “lightweight version” of the website.

The firm advertises both an iOS and Android versions, but the GooglePlay link is dead, unfortunately. Apple users can regularly download the app from AppStore, which does sport an admirable 4.5 stars average score. The number of unique downloads is not displayed, though.

Customized Tradytics Curriculum

In order to get familiar with the trading software basics, users are directed to use a customized curriculum. The first step in the process is going through the Crash Course –  a collective playlist of Youtube videos that goes into detail about how the platform works.

After going through the fundamentals of the platform’s functionality, clients can move onto the specific subjects, such as:

  • Introduction to trading
  • Options flow analysis tools
  • Crypto guides
  • Tradytics Miscellaneous Tools

These particular subjects are also made into youtube videos in the form of lessons, and the access to them is completely free. 

Community Is Silent

This company has an account in virtually every corner of the web, including every popular social network. The firm operates profiles on Facebook and Instagram, as well as TikTok and YouTube channels. They are present on the Reddit forums and have a corporate account on LinkedIn as well.

Now, you may naturally make an assumption that with all this net prominence, the company must be a media powerhouse with thousands of subscribers, but you’d be wrong. In reality, these exterior pages are total ghost towns, which is eerily reminiscent of shady firms like GMT Markets.

The X community, for instance, has tens of thousands of followers, but nobody bothers to comment on anything since the admins of the page make a single post every other year.

Tradytics discord channel doesn’t fare any better, and you’d be hard pressed to find any Tradytics reviews on TrustPilot, SiteJabber or TrustedReviews. One can’t help but wonder how a company that’s been a successful business since 2020 managed to avoid any public response.

Should You Consider This Service?

The firm does offer quite a lot of information, including some insights you won’t commonly see with these sorts of services. Education materials are of good quality as well, although the lack of any widespread community feedback does cast something of a shadow.

Different software solutions might improve your profits by a slight margin, but the true edge comes in the amount of capital at your disposal. We are ready to provide our traders with as much as $180,000 in forex prop trading funding. Book a free Zoom meeting to learn more about the program.


What is Tradytics?

The firm promotes AI trading tools and sells packages containing various trading bots.

How Much Does Tradytics Cost?

On a monthly basis, packages are sold for $69 and $199, while yearly subscriptions cost $699 and $1.499.

How to Choose a Good Trading Firm?

What makes a firm reliable is their license and regulation, then general user satisfaction and feedback. If you need help with choosing a quality platform, feel free to contact us for advice.

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