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Venly Review: Solutions that Ease Interaction with the Digital World

Venly Review

Integrating Web3 tech and onboarding wallet users seems seamless and hustle-free with the solutions offered by this company. 

More than 3 million users, institutional and individual clients, actively utilize their apps and tools, if we were to believe the website statistics. Stay tuned and discover everything this prolific company has to offer in the following Venly review.

General information
Name Venly
Type of the company Software development firm
Regulation status Unregulated / No regulation expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No warnings issued
Website link
Active since 2021
Registered in Belgium
Contact info Antwerpsesteenweg, Willebroek, Flemish Region 2830, BE
Trading platforms Proprietary suite of apps and tools
Majority of clients are from United States, Belgium, United Kingdom
Customer support Yes – online form, forum
Compensation fund No

Owning Company

Venly, a Belgium-based software company, is a blockchain technology provider established in 2018. The firm works on creating products that aid companies in excelling in Web3. Accessible and trusted software solutions have in mind both the demands of developers and the needs of end-users.

The groundbreaking innovations facilitate the work of Web3 developers and Web2 industry leaders in gaming, online marketplaces and entertainment. The owning team consists of Tim Dierckxsens as the company CEO, with Gerbert Vandenberghe as the co-founder (left in February 2024), Karel Striegel as the CPO and Davy Van Roy as CTO.


Being one of the well-known Web3 platforms for developers, Venly offers a fast way to build and scale projects with a set of Web3 tools. 

Furthermore, the solution for utilizing blockchain APIs for seamless integration is also present. Wallets, digital assets, marketplaces and payments are just some of the leading areas where the Venly technology provides trusted solutions. 

Wallet as a Service

Wallet solutions developed by the company in 2021 provide instant Web3 wallets for end users. For instant deployment, Wallet-as-a-Service API is recommended as it brings full control of the UX or the Wallet Widget.

Venly Wallet ensures that users interact with Web3 apps by using a comprehensive interface that is also safe and secure. It works on any device, any operating system and any browser. 

Users can choose to connect via google, Twitter, Facebook or email for a quick creation of a Venly login.

NFT Toolkit

Anyone looking to buy and sell NFTs, whether a company or an individual, can utilize the Venly NFT tools. To create your own NFT token contracts, the NFT API is available. 

NFT2Email is another tool that facilitates the process of onboarding NFT newbies by allowing the token owners to send them directly to the users email addresses.

Lastly, Venly also provides an API for retrieving data from NFTs and wallets holding NFTs across 7 supported blockchains. 


One of the core features of the company’s identity are certainly marketplaces. They include a set of comprehensive tools and APIs that allow any user to create their own NFT market.

The blockchain agnostic approach lends its hand to 7 supported blockchains. The kit allows integration of any wallet the client might prefer for a truly open peer-to-peer experience while maintaining their own branding.

Alternatively, users may integrate their NFT collection on the Venly marketplace in seconds. Some fees do apply for this service, however.


Payment solutions supported by Stripe enable NFT purchases with credit cards. Since checkout supports 30+ languages and 135+ currencies it is accessible to customers worldwide. 

Being suited for any device the Venly Pay is compatible with mobile, tablets and desktop machines. Most various payment channels are supported – from credit cards to PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, to instant bank transfers.

Pricing Options

Depending on the type of service, clients can expect different business models. Generally speaking, each of the services is divided into 3 tier levels, Starter, Growth and Enterprise.

  • Wallet API
    • Starter – $99/month
    • Growth – $299/month
    • Enterprise – Custom
  • Wallet Widget
    • Starter – Free
    • Growth – $299/month
    • Enterprise – Custom
    • Starter – $99/month
    • Growth – $299/month
    • Enterprise – Custom
  • Market API
    • Starter – Free
    • Growth – $299/month
    • Enterprise – Custom
  • Shopify App
    • Starter – $19/month
    • Growth – $99/month
    • Enterprise – $199/month

Clients can also expect some additional fees for using the services. One of these is a Pay as you go fee, charged 5% + $5 per sale. Shopify app also includes a varying sale fee per collection, starting at 7% + $1 for Starter account and reducing to 2% + $0.25 for Enterprise. There is also an additional 5% transaction fee, and a 10% royalty for all NFTs sold on the Marketplace.

Free Trial Period

Potential buyers that wish to first test the products offered can do so by choosing to sign up for a Demo period. The time limit is generous and it includes 30 days of full access. In addition, signing up for the trial version doesn’t require you to provide credit card info, so you won’t be forced into making a purchase after the test period ends. 

Company is Active on Social Networks

Blockchain technologies have grown to such heights in no small part thanks to the social networks. Many companies, small and large, have risen to prominence thanks to viral advertising, and this one is no different.

The firm operates a number of social profiles, including ones on Facebook, X, YouTube, LinkedIn and CrunchBase. Podcasts can be found on Spotify and ApplePodcasts, as well as a community server on Discord.

Novice traders should take extra precaution when engaging with strangers on social media though. Many unscrupulous companies like ZH1 have their own profiles as well.

Customer Reviews

The company has a trust score of 2.9 from only 9 Venly reviews on TrustPilot. Majority of clients that left negative feedback complained about the app being buggy and unreliable.

The same Shopify app has a nearly impeccable score on its own ProductHunt profile, which by itself has over 600 followers. This discrepant information may be written off as a result of a statistical bias, with many other companies like JFD Brokers sharing the same fate.

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What is Venly?

Venly is a software development company that offers blockchain solutions for both developers and individual users.

How Much Are Venly Fees?

There’s a 5% transaction fee for using Market API and 7% transaction fee per sale for using Shopify app.

How to Choose the Right Trading Firm?

The most important detail is the regulation. However, with our prop trading deal you can trade to your heart's content while keeping almost full profit.

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