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Wise Tradefx Review: Can You Trust WiseTradefx.Com?

Wise Tradefx's License and Fund Security

Wise Tradefx review will show you that this is a broker company that you definitely cannot trust. This allegedly UK and USA-based trader company has a warning from an official financial regulator, an unfunctional trading platform, and a lot of negative reviews and complaints from the users. And even if we haven’t researched them, the very first thing you notice about them is the website that is being reworked.

With those things in mind, this is not a firm you can trust to operate with your money. If you ever plan to invest your money in the Forex market, you should do thorough research on your potential broker. Our articles are always great guidance on what to expect from a certain trading company.

Company Wise Tradefx
Address London, EC2N 1AR United Kingdom & 40, Wall Street, 8th Floor, New York City
Email [email protected], [email protected]
Phone +442080898131, +16469802684
Minimum Deposit $100
Leverage 1:500
Bonuses Trading bonus
Regulation No regulations
Warning Financial Services Authority Seychelles

Wise Tradefx’s License and Fund Security

Wise Tradefx claims to be a trading company with offices in London and New York. However, we didn’t find this firm in the FCA register in Britain, and the NFA and CFTC register in the USA, which means their addresses are fake.

Also, in the text of the Terms and Conditions, we see a statement that the unnamed company behind the Wise Tradefx is regulated and authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles. Now, the biggest problem is that the FSA issues a warning about the Wise Tradefx. Warnings from financial regulators are a huge deal.

It’s clear that Wise Tradefx is an offshore scam that you should avoid, or your money may get lost forever. Before investing in any trading company, always make sure they do not have a warning. Being blacklisted means that something shady is going on with them, and you should not deal with them, under no circumstances.

The Wise Tradefx Trading Platform Overview

Wise Tradefx is using, or at least they say they are, a trading platform called Xone Trader. This is not the first fake trader we see using this software. Although the Wise Tradefx website has a link to the web, desktop, and mobile versions of the platform, you can’t log in. With everything we have seen so far about Wise Tradefx, this is a scam brokerage.

Legit agents use the best trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. These are industry standards, and you should always pay attention to what software is your intermediary offering. Manipulative software, like Xone Trader, is something we see more and more often.

If you are tired of all of these con artists, you can always contact our recommended brokers. With them, you can invest your money with no risks. We have researched the entire Forex market for you and listed the most trustworthy agents.

Procedure for Deposit and Withdrawal

When it comes to minimum deposit, there are only two paying options, via credit cards and cryptocurrencies. But if you choose the Visa card method, you get an error message “page not found”. That means the only funding option for deposits is with cryptocurrencies, which is dangerous. Payments with this subject method are not eligible for refunds. Legit brokers offer much wider options for depositing.

The minimum deposit at Wise Tradefx is 100$, which is a decent amount. Of course, several real-deal intermediaries have a 10$ minimum deposit amount. With all the things we have mentioned earlier, there is not a single reason why you should go with this phony trader.

Withdrawals from scam artists are never easy, if not impossible. They always have high trading volume requirements that are hard to get even for an experienced agent. Also, when you try to withdraw your funds they will probably tell you that you have lost your money. That’s because your funds have never seen the Forex market. Instead, they got straight into the fraudster’s pockets.

How Is the Con Carried Out?

Financial swindlers are always using the same technique because it’s working. They spend a lot of money on their online advertising, and they lure you in with the story of easy earning. Since you are dealing with professional financial fraudsters, it’s easy to believe them. You think you have found something that will change your life overnight, but you have become the next victim.

Since offshore intermediaries are mainly not supervised, they can take your money and disappear. That will probably happen. But if you choose one of the reliable brokers that are on the Forex market for a long time, you won’t be sorry.

Wise Tradefx Summary

Wise Tradefx is a bogus broker company. Everything they claim is untrue and unreliable. They say they have offices in London and New York, but relevant financial entities didn’t show up their name, which means they are unlicensed, and unauthorized for providing the services they offer.

Also, the Financial Services Authority Seychelles has issued an official warning about this firm, telling customers to be cautious. Let’s not forget the unfunctional platform and website. This is 100% an investment scam, and you should go with reliable trader companies.

FAQs About Wise Tradefx Broker

Is Wise Tradefx Good for Beginners?

Wise Tradefx is not good for anyone. They are cyber fraudsters, and they will take your money and disappear.

Is Depositing with Wise Tradefx Safe and Secure?

Wise Tradefx is an unlicensed trader and is not supervised by any financial entities.

How Long will it Take to Process my Withdrawal Request?

Your funds will never be withdrawn since they will never reach the Forex market. Their destination is the scammer's pockets.

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