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Zeiierman Review: It’s Wise To Spend Your Money Eslewhere

Zeiierman Review

Ever since the first line of work was invented, there was somebody that claimed to improve the process in return for a fee. This anonymous company works along those exact same lines, but instead of high quality service and solutions, they offer costly tools the performance of which is shady at best.

We’ll give you ample reasons why not to spend money on shady tools that promise to improve your results and why you should try out prop trading instead in our Zeiierman review.

General information
Name Zeiierman
Type of the company Trading Tools
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2019
Registered in N/A
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms None
Majority of clients are from United States, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada
Customer support Yes – Discord
Compensation fund No

Firm Behind the Product

While the website shares little to no corporate information, we also tried looking up online to find out more on this shady business. Turns out they’re completely anonymous, with Stock Images of models for the leadership team.

The firm itself makes a disclaimer about not being a licensed financial advisor. Considering that they could interfere with the way traders make crucial investment decisions, there’s a great deal of caution needed when employing any of their tools, strategies and other products. 

However, no legal courts are listed, where the company is incorporated and what their registration numbers are. Compared to other companies that don’t need regulation by law but are transparent, like FX Premiere, this suspicious firm may as well not even exist outside the internet.  

Viral Advertising Goes A Long Way

The internet is full of people who claim that they will somehow turn you into the next Wolf of Wall Street overnight. 

This company is no different, and they use viral advertising over various social networks to reach potential clients.

They own a myriad of profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok, LinkedIn, and probably a few others that we’ve missed.

You can also find them hosting YouTube and Discord channels, as well as a multitude of dedicated pages on TradingView. Caution is advised, since groups like Tango Trading are known to abuse social networks as well.

Who Writes The Reviews?

None of these various social media channels we mentioned have a large number of followers. The company is virtually unknown in the trading circles, even though they’ve been operating since 2019. This begs the question – where are all the Zeiierman Trading reviews coming from?

They are certainly not taken from TrustPilot or SiteJabber pages, because adding up all the comments from these sites gives you a grand total of 22 testimonials! The comments that do exist reek of review seller networks, as they all follow the same script.

Toolkits Offered

The advertisements on the site state that each customer that purchases one of their all-inclusive memberships will receive access to over 80 different indicators and 7 advanced algo systems.

Allegedly, their strategies and indicators work in any market and any timeframe, which is a bit difficult to believe. This cash grab markets heavily to novices, as the provided solutions “can be used by anyone with ease”.

Arithmetic Candlestick Toolkit

The main benefit of this strategy is its wide usage, as it can be combined with any other indicator or employed independently. Utilizing its functions, traders are promised to be able to efficiently identify new trends. That is a considerable edge, might we add, but is it really worth the price? We’ll discuss that shortly as well.

Buy & Sell Toolkit

The professional cutting-edge algorithm in this case is especially useful for non-repaint Buy/Sell Alerts. Allegedly convenient for any market and timeframe, it is described as highly functional. It includes trend and contrarian signals, reversal cloud, candle coloring and take profit.

Smart Money Toolkit

This toolkit is allegedly tailored to the professional markets, or to those that wish to become pros themselves. Some of the benefits it enables include liquidity grab, EQ highs and lows, and real time market structure.

In short, it’s nothing an actual seasoned professional can’t do by themselves, but the swindlers felt it important to include in the offer.

Oscillator Toolkit

These oscillators are described as top notch and the highest rated. There’s several sorts of them, and all are advertised as top of the line products for most efficient and premium features. 

The types available are reversals, trends, institutional, volume and buy/sell oscillators, but many others are claimed to be available. The site doesn’t contain much info on this matter. 

Free Indicators

Some indicators for TradingView are available without the payment requirements. These are free indicators like RSI, Momentum, Fearzone, Greedzone and their availability unlocks as soon as you sign up with the service.

First is to boost the indicators so they show up in your list, however, then you provide the following of the Zeiierman page and lastly, you need to leave a positive comment on the script. Way to get desired feedback, isn’t it?

Expensive Bogus Knowledge

The clients are urged to make purchases on very little information, as all of the necessary information is allegedly contained in an instruction email, and a thank-you page.

These purchases are by no means cheap, however. Let’s have a look at the subscription costs for Zeiierman membership plans:

  • Monthly – $95,2 per month
  • Quarterly – $179,96 per month
  • Yearly – $455,82 per month
  • Lifetime – $1,699 one time purchase

As you may see, potential users of the service are heavily incentivised to buy more expensive plans through large discounts. Pay first and think later seems to be the name of the game here.

Affiliate Program

By referring anyone to sign up with this website, you can allegedly get various benefits. Some of them are:

  • Commissions and fast payouts – up to 50%
  • 30-day Cookies – referrals that sign up within 30 days will be assigned to you permanently
  • Monthly Income
  • Optimized conditions for affiliate marketing

It is known that these are some of the alluring promises misused to get existing clientele to bring in more potential victims, so beware of being entrapped by Ponzi schemes. 

Customer Support

Customer support is not something you’d consider to be up to the task with this firm. It involves a community discord group, which are known to quickly degrade into a mess of irrelevant comments rather than being an effort focused on problem solving.

Besides this, an email address is also available. Whether anybody reads these emails is up for debate since our message never got a reply.

Genuine Opportunity Instead Opportunism

All veteran traders know that accomplishing success in the volatile asset markets is a matter of skill and experience alike. Money spent on these sorts of dubious thingamajigs that promise to launch your portfolio to the moon is better invested in your actual trading account.

If you’re one of thousands of talented traders looking for that extra edge that will improve your trading results, why don’t you try prop trading instead? Our company is willing to provide as much as $180,000 in funding for those that wish to excel in the markets.


What is Zeiierman?

It is an anonymous trading tool and signal seller that doesn’t mention their parent company or legal background.

What Is Zeiierman Trading Used For?

Allegedly, it is used to provide advanced toolkits that help the traders improve their portfolios. Whether any of this is true is questionable.

How Much Do Zeiierman Tools Cost?

A monthly subscription costs $95,2, with the lifetime access having a price tag of $1,699.

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