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2ndSkies Forex Review – Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

2ndSkies Forex Review

2ndSkies Forex, also known as 2ndSkies Trading, is a trading platform that provides courses for both beginner and advanced traders. Apart from its paid courses, 2nd Skies Forex offers a variety of free resources, including blog posts, YouTube videos, and newsletters.

Additionally, 2nd Skies Forex Premium Content courses are highly praised. The Trading Masterclass, Advanced Traders Mindset, and Advanced Ichimoku course are among its most popular offerings.

2Skies Forex presents itself as a reliable and resourceful platform, with great options and reviews, yet, we are here today to examine if they are worth your investment. 

Moreover, be on the lookout for potential scammers in this industry, so that your financials are safe, read our review on an unregulated broker, Adams Darby. If you experience any problems, be sure to contact us.

General information
Name 2nd Skies Forex / 2nd Skies Trading
Type of the company Trading education
Regulation status Regulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2009
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Canada
Customer support Email, web form
Compensation fund N/A

2ndSkies Forex – The Man Behind it All

Have you heard of Chris Capre? He is a CEO and head trader at 2nd Skies Forex, with a goal to encourage traders and investors to develop a profit in financial markets. Capre has over two decades of trading experience in stocks, forex, and crypto. 

His motto is that prosperity comes not from materialistic things, but from overcoming challenges and achieving your goals. As a verified trader, Capre’s approach to neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy, which he studied at the University, blends with practical trading understanding to build long-term financial wealth. He endorses others in breaking loose from financial restrictions and achieving a new perspective.

2ndSkies Forex reviews – User Feedback

2ndSkies Forex reviews highlight deep appreciation for the exceptional experience offered by Chris Capre’s mentorship. On a well-known platform, the platform received 68 reviews with a score of 4.6.

Students write comments with such gratitude for Capre’s guidance, admiring his dedication to teaching that a growth mindset resonates strongly, and how challenges and mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning. His ability to bridge theory with practice is admirable, and students describe him as a compass in this business.

Our team found feedback on a popular platform as well. Comments regarding customer support, stating whenever users need help, 2ndSkies Forex has generously provided it. The platform received 146 reviews with a total score of 4.7.

All in all, reviews highlight the course material and support to be outstanding, and the clients highly recommend this platform. Showcasing 2ndSkies Forex as a respected institution in the trading education space.

Options Trading

Trading stocks or forex is pretty straightforward, buy or sell. Options trading is different. It allows profit from stocks going up, down, or staying flat. There is more on their official form, also regarding 2ndSkies Forex login, sign-up, etc, ensuring the website is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. 

Additionally, they are not just being informative about what offerings they have, but also basic starting pieces of information that are surely valuable for traders that don’t know a lot to begin with, yet want to start their journey in the market.

This also demonstrates their knowledge and expertise in the field, making them a reliable source for trading education. The 2ndSkies Forex options available:

Options basics

  • Options Trading 101
  • Calls & Puts: The Most Basic Options
  • The Covered Call Strategy
  • LEAP Options
  • Is Writing Options Profitable?
  • Are Options Safer Than Stocks?

Best options account

  • Best Option Trading Platforms

Trading options offer several key advantages. They provide leverage and margin, allowing control over a larger number of shares compared to trading the underlying asset directly. 

Options offer market-neutral strategies, enabling traders to profit even if the stock or pair’s value remains unchanged. 

Overall, options trading provides opportunities for unlimited upside potential, fixed risk/profit, and insights into the market. On another note, our team always advises beginner clients and traders to avoid suspicious companies. If you are one of those individuals take a look at our other reviews to stay informed on unregulated brokers, such as EverestCM

Stock Market

2ndSkies Forex stock market offers valuable insights into stock trading, covering basic concepts such as ownership interests, market capitalization, and trading hours. 

Their site provides valuable information on stock market behavior, bid/ask prices, and order types, making it a reliable resource for starting traders looking to understand the complexities of stock trading and give them tools to navigate the market effectively.

Stock market account

  • Stock Market 101
  • Stock Market Sectors
  • Types of Stocks
  • Dividend Stocks
  • How Do Traders Make Money?

Best stock accounts

  • Best Stock Brokers For Beginners
  • Broker Review


2ndSkies Forex courses are in-depth, they provide all the necessary tools and insights to trade and focus on essentials for overcoming obstacles and building real confidence in trading.

2ndSkies Forex courses available:

Premium content

  • The Trading Masterclass Course
  • Centered on price action and order flow, providing thorough trading education. Students benefit from live ongoing mentorship with Chris Capre every Friday, gaining access to various trading ideas and personal Q&A sessions.
  • Advanced Traders Mindset Course
  • Connects members from over 40 countries, with 10+ hours of Ichimoku video lessons and access to private member webinars, and traders can learn strategies directly from Chris Capre.
  • Advanced Ichimoku Course
  • Consists of 32 lessons, in video and audio format, providing the tools, strategies, and training essential to develop a profitable trading mindset.


Our research time found that the 2ndSkies Forex price range is cost-effective, compared to other courses in the trading industry, we can say that it’s budget-friendly for both beginners and advanced users. 

The Trading Masterclass Advanced Ichimoku Course Advanced Traders Mindset Course

annual subscription


lifetime access – no ongoing fees


one-time fee – includes lifetime access

There is an applied discount on all courses. Overall, based on a thorough examination of the positive reviews and detailed content, it is evident that 2ndSkies Forex investing is reliable and offers authentic service.

Final Thoughts on 2ndSkies Forex

Let’s conclude, 2ndSkies Forex with a strong focus on practical learning and mentorship, led by industry expert Chris Capre, the platform provides valuable insights and strategies to help traders navigate the complexities of the financial markets. 

The positive reviews and detailed course content highlight the constant commitment to providing high-quality education and support. Overall, 2ndSkies Forex seems to be a complete package, a reliable platform that traders can trust to enhance their trading skills and succeed in the forex market.


What is 2ndSkies Forex?

It is a trading education platform, suitable for beginners and advanced traders

How Much Does 2ndSkies Forex Cost?

They have various courses with different pricing, affordable with authentic service

Who is Chris Capre?

He is the CEO and trader at 2nd Skies Forex

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