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AccendoMarkets Review – All About Operational Aspects of the Firm

AccendoMarkets Review

AccendoMarkets is a firm regulated in the United Kingdom by the official regulating body, FCA. The website is designed solely for residents of the UK and is not intended for use in any jurisdiction where it would violate regulations or other laws.

AccendoMarkets gives access to global financial markets and provides online trading services to retail clients, including CFDs, spread betting, and forex, along with the option to place orders over the phone with a committed trader.

However, interesting information has surfaced about AccendoMarkets broker company and their operations under the regulation of the FCA. AccendoMarkets faced penalties from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for deficiencies in their advisory sales of Contracts for Differences (CFDs), revealing serious faults.

Although measures have been taken to address shortcomings in risk management, broker qualifications, and customer service, ongoing challenges persist in ensuring they are abiding and cooperative.

Regulatory Status and Legal Info

AccendoMarket’s compliance with FCA regulations has come under scrutiny for multiple reasons, prompting us to unveil all the factors. Are you prepared for all the juicy deets?

AccendoMarkets regulation has been questioned by the FSA due to deficiencies in their advisory sales of CFDs during one specified period. Aspects include an inadequate risk management system, bringing in unqualified brokers, and lack of suitability for customers relying on their service, breaching regulatory principles 3 and 9.

Despite these shortcomings, Accendo has taken significant steps to resolve the issues, including improving systems and controls, cooperating with the investigation, and agreeing to redress affected customers. 

However, the absence of recorded information regarding customer suitability and the mistaken qualification of brokers highlight challenges in compliance. Additionally, shaken regulation stability could potentially discourage future clients who prioritize transparency in their choice of brokerage services.

AccendoMarkets review – User Experience

An interesting fact is that AccendoMarkets doesn’t seem to have any reviews, positive or negative, available online. One would expect a brokerage firm, especially one regulated by the FCA, to have some sort of review.

And despite receiving a notice from their regulator, which might typically attract negative criticism, our research team found no reliable feedback. This absence of AccendoMarkets reviews sparks questions about the transparency and reputation of AccendoMarkets. 

This lack of reliable information from users makes it challenging for potential clients to see the quality and reliability of AccendoMarket’s services. We always advise future traders to choose with caution not to become a victim of scam brokers, such as Gainful Markets.

Areas of Activity – Where’s AccendoMarkets Present?

AccendoMarkets significant influence can be found not only in the UK but all across the range. Our research shows their involvement in the following areas:

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain 
  • United States
  • India

Regulatory bodies in the United States and the United Kingdom maintain stringent supervision of local companies. Residents should ensure that their providers comply with official regulations within their jurisdictions. If you are looking for a reliable brokerage company in the EU, be sure to check our review on Traders Trust EU

Available Platform and Trading Tools

AccendoMarkets platform is a web-based provider. Traderoom, an acclaimed browser-based trading platform, is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

We found that pricing information is not available on the AccendoMarkets website, they do offer a free trial, and their trading platform is accessible on various devices. Trading platforms offered: 

Accendo Markets CDFs

  • Trade shares, currencies (FX pairs), indices, commodities, and treasuries
  • Get access to over 5,000 different instruments to trade
  • Charts with automated Technical Analysis tools
  • Better pricing with increased liquidity over “Level 2” platforms
  • News and Market Calendar powered by Reuters

AccendoMarkets Forex 

  • A range of useful tools for advanced users
  • Current open positions
  • Live news feeds
  • Live pricing
  • Simple user interface for beginners
  • Trade direct from the chart
  • Trading tools and charts, featuring technical indicators for chartists
  • Web-based for easy access from anywhere

AccendoMarkets Mobile Trading

  • Add, edit, and delete working orders
  • Check the intraday high, low, change, and percentage change of any market
  • Open, edit, and close positions, or see all open positions
  • Receive price alerts
  • Set stops and limits, including guaranteed stops
  • View your real-time balance, profit & loss, and margin requirements

AccendoMarkets spread betting

  • A range of useful tools for advanced users
  • Current open positions
  • Live news feeds
  • Live pricing
  • Simple user interface for beginners
  • Trading tools and charts, featuring technical indicators for chartists
  • Web-based for easy access from anywhere

Trading Conditions – Leverage, Speads, Commissions, Fees

Accendo Markets provides retail traders with a standard leverage framework. While higher leverage for retail traders would be desirable, AccendoMarkets leverage offerings are regulated by the FCA, which oversees UK financial markets.

The FCA requires leverage limits for brokers’ retail investor accounts as part of its regulation of the UK’s official financial markets.Conclusion

To conclude, based on a thorough analysis of AccendoMarkets, several crucial aspects stand out. Firstly, the firm’s regulatory abidance under the FCA ensures a level of slip-ups and accountability for its operations, particularly in the UK financial markets. However, recent fines from the FSA for shortcomings in advisory sales of CFDs prompt worries about this company’s regulatory standards. 

Additionally, the absence of client reviews, regardless of the company being regulated by the FCA, sparks questions regarding transparency and credibility. Feedback deficit restrains potential client’s ability to see the quality of service that AccendoMarkets can offer. We also highlight the lack of communication due to the potential poor operation of customer support and client engagement.

While AccendoMarkets offers a range of trading platforms, information about the pricing must be clear, potential clients should have a broader perspective of what the firm offers. This may pose challenges for clients seeking transparency in trading situations and flexibility in their investment operations. 

Overall, while AccendoMarkets presents itself as a reliable brokerage firm with a global presence, resolving and addressing these issues and enhancing the clarity of their actions could boost user trust and confidence among current and future clients.

FAQ Section

What is AccendoMarkets?

It’s a forex trading platform regulated in the UK

Is AccendoMarkets Regulated?

Yes, but they received a notice from their regulator (FCA)

How to Choose the Right Trading Broker?

Make sure the broker’s regulation is pronounced valid and justified by an official regulating body in your country

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