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Algo Robot Review: One Page Scam Sells AI Trading Illusions

Algo Robot review

AI trading solutions are still in their infant stage, and will need a lot of time and development to reach their peak and become fully reliable to retail traders. 

However, despite the insufficiently developed industry, scammers do not miss a chance to exploit this idea for the purpose of earning their piece of profit. If you wish to learn more about these malevolent schemes before they get to your wallet, please pay attention to the following Algo Robot review.

General information
Name Algo Robot
Type of the company Affiliate Campaign
Regulation status Unregulated/ Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators N/A
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in N/A
Contact info Data is Hidden
Trading platforms None
Majority of clients are from France, India, Uzbekistan, United States, South Africa
Customer support No
Compensation fund No

Algo Robot Regulation: Fake Claims

Any reputable company displays their corporate details, proof of license and all other information necessary for the client to get to know their company, while these fraudsters only want to trick you. Under the pretense of being a properly regulated online trading service, swindler will publish lies about their licenses and regulations. 

Statements on this web presentation refer to the firm operating under the ASIC and FCA supervision. However, visiting these databases showed nothing of the sort.

Firstly because a fraudulent service could in no way obtain a Tier 1 legislation, and secondly because this firm doesn’t even provide the services they claim.

What is Actually Algo Robot Trading

If you’ve spent some time on the Forex markets and the ever dynamic online trading world, you’ve must have encountered ads and simple websites with alluring promotions. These campaigns are at the very core of every affiliate scam. 

You see, the ads and visually captivating online pages of this type often market attractive trading conditions, low costs and supreme software. Their goal is to get anyone to sign up with their service so the fraudsters obtain personal data, primarily the victim’s contact info. 

That’s all there is to it. Literally every single claim is a total fabrication and couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no premium software and trading terms hiding behind the sign up page, there’s nothing. 

Connection to False Brokers: What Happens When You Sign Up?

Now, let’s say you’ve deemed the advertised software and conditions as worthy of giving it a shot and you decide to go with the flow and open a trading account. As soon as you leave your contact details on this page, you can be sure that they’ll instantaneously be misused. 

The single goal of getting clients to sign up is to abuse access to that data by selling it to fraudulent online trading platforms like BN93. That is the reason why faux online trading portals connect to affiliate scam – data gathering. 

Sometimes you will immediately get redirected to the client zone of a trading scam platform and the fraudsters that connected you earn their portion of the profit for that. 

Automated Trading Bot: True or False?

As previously discussed, there’s no lie that cons wouldn’t sell and there’s no length they wouldn’t go just to get your hopes of quick riches up. By doing that, they immediately increase the chances for you to sign up and for them to make profit. 

One of the most common illusions and financial traps, so to say, are the promises about the company offering a prestigious AI-powered software. This technological wonder is nothing short of a miracle by the way they describe it. Not only does it allegedly detect the most profitable trades, but it also opens and closes positions instead of you at the best possible moment. 

Just by putting it this way, we are sure you can already tell it’s all just false marketing and attractive mumbo-jumbo and could never even come close to truth. 

Who is Targeted?

With the accuracy of almost 100%, the idea of such a precise trading tool is very alluring for the beginners. These traders are yet not experienced and knowledgeable enough, but would like to make some quick profit. 

Unfortunately, they’re most sensitive and weak to these lies presented by participants of the fraudulent chain, so it’s not a surprise that Forex newcomers are the ones most focused on. EuropeFX is one of the illicit companies participating in the grand scam scheme.

If you are also one of the newbies, please make sure you do a thorough research and check the background of every conduct before you engage in any suspicious deals. Knowledge is indeed the key to success, and this phrase is not said often enough.

Making Cash: Is it Possible?

At first, after listening to the bunch of lies about quick wealth and big riches, you’ll probably be encouraged to invest and start trading. Unlawful brokerage portals will welcome you with open hands and greedy eyes. 

You’ll ever be urged to make more deposits and the altered software data may even lead you into believing that the cash is piling up. What helps cyber thieves solidify their claims of an unmistakable crypto bot is the heavily manipulated software. 

When tempered with, these illusory tools will show whatever the swindlers want them to show you. However, it won’t be long before you request your profit to be paid out and you’ll find out the truth behind the scam machinery: the entire profit was another rotten lie. 

Prop Trading May be What You’re Looking for!

Any prospective trader should be aware of other possibilities other than trading with Forex dealers and risking the hard-earned capital your financial future depends on. Instead of having to invest your own funds, why not consider signing up with our proprietary trading firm?

After a quick evaluation and proving your skills, you can get funded with up to 180.000! The beauty of prop trading isn’t just in the fact that you don’t have to invest your own cash. 

It’s also in the fact that the split is high and the majority of the profit is yours and yours alone. Contact us for a free zoom interview at your disposal!


What is Algo Robot?

The site represents a fraudulent affiliate campaign promoting AI trading tools.

Is Algo Robot Legit?

No, although they claim to own a FCA and an ASIC license, this conduct doesn’t even exist as a legit service provider.

Can I Make Money With Algo Robot?

Absolutely not. Not a single relevant information about anything is disclosed and the promised software doesn’t even exist.

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