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April Investors Review: Another Offshore Menace in Disguise

April Investors Review

Seychelles-based, MISA-supervised and Japanese-oriented broker allegedly caters to individual and institutional traders globally. 

The website further claims to be run by Forex veterans, who are experienced and knowledgeable individuals sworn to lead their customers to financial success. While it’s easy to simply throw around unsubstantiated claims, it takes more to become a trustworthy online trading platform. In that sense, nothing principally beats strong regulation. 

How true all the claims on the site really are or is there perhaps more to the story than what meets the eye is what our April Investors review investigates.

General information
Name April Investors Co. Ltd
Type of the company Broker
Regulation status Regulated by MISA
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2020
Registered in Mwali (Comoros Union)
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms N/A
Majority of clients are from Japan, United States
Customer support Yes – email, online form
Compensation fund No

Somewhat Legit But Untrustworthy

The April Investors regulation is a good example why just any license doesn’t do. Although registered in the Comoros Islands with MISA, the broker doesn’t represent a reliable Forex dealer. That is because the simple act of registering with an offshore regulator doesn’t mean much in terms of safety of funds, and compensation plans. 

Besides this, the firm actually claims to have headquarters in Seychelles, another offshore zone with questionable regulatory standards compared to leading entities like FCA, BaFin, CySEC and NFA. 

That simply doesn’t make sense when the default website language is Japanese, as is the majority of the clientele. To operate in Japan, brokers need permits from FSA, but this firm isn’t on the list of supervised entities. 

When we compare this lack of honesty with other firms like BuoyTrade, the difference is obvious – gray zone brokers are simply not to be trusted!

Social Networks Operations

The lack of any April Investors reviews on popular sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber tells us that the firm is utterly anonymous, as they also fail to share any links to their social network profiles. 

We only managed to dig out their inactive Facebook profile that reveals nothing about their activity and seems completely abandoned. That doesn’t eliminate the possibility of the boiler room agents lurking on social networks via their false profiles and luring in unsuspecting victims. 

It is well known that an abundance of shady online trading service providers acquire their victims directly from social apps. They do so by impersonating reputable firms, romantically engaged young people and investment professionals. In short, boiler room agents pretend to be anything as long as they get the target to invest.

Are Services Worth It?

In simple words, nothing offered on this website is even partially worth the money that is expected of you to cough up. The transparency issue is painfully obvious, as the website doesn’t reveal even the characteristics of the basic tools and services advertised. Let’s discuss the particularities.

Sign Up Not Allowed

The registration option is currently removed from the server and only existing users can log in to the client portal. It isn’t clear why this is so, and our efforts to get any clarification on the situation from the support office were futile. 

The site itself doesn’t offer any kind of explanation why they have prevented new users from registering. Therefore, we had no other choice but to try and explore what is available for casual website viewers.

Software is Missing!

Whether the trading platform doesn’t exist or it’s only accessible for the users who have created an April Investors login, it isn’t certain. The fact that only existing users can open the client panel by logging in tells us that this shady firm likes to handpick their victims. 

Their loose regulation allows them to act in such a way and nothing obligates them to show transparency, so this is no surprise.

Several Forex Assets to Trade

Instead of providing a comprehensive list of available tradable asset groups, the April Investors broker just vaguely mentions several products. These are the most common foreign currency pairs that are usually available on just about any trading server:


Trading Conditions of Offshore Conducts

With starting spreads at 0.3 pips and April Investors leverage of 1:1000, the company claims to be able to turn you into the next multi millionaire overnight. While the high exposure could be attractive for those that are risk-managing professionals, there’s a reason why this ratio is limited to 1:30 in the EEA and 1:50 in the US.

With that, the costs this firm promotes are not exactly realistic, either. However, since no legal documentation is available on the site, we couldn’t further investigate this matter. 

The same stands if you wish to trade with seemingly reputable firms like Axion Trade, that have proper regulations in certain jurisdictions and offshore branches that offer the same risky conditions to rip off clients.

Investing Issues: Troublesome Payouts

There’s two funding methods listed as available:

  • Bank wire transfers
  • Crypto transactions in BTC

The minimum amount you are required to invest is 5.000 Yen, which is roughly 33 USD and wait about 2 business days for the deposit to be processed. For the April Investors withdrawal, on the other hand, the processing time is allegedly limited to 3 business days and is completely free of charge. 

As wonderful as that sounded, you simply cannot trust such claims from a poorly regulated brokerage entity. No compliance conditions obligate them to be transparent and fair, so hidden fees, additional costs and conditions may always come up.  

Meet Your Goals With Our Prop Firm!

Why invest your hard-earned money, time and patience in a questionable trading portal when there’s no guarantee for success? There’s no need to take on such risks when you can avoid investing your own cash and still be able to earn the amount of money you only dreamed of prior to that. 

All of the aforementioned is possible with the right funding program! Our proprietary firm offers up to $180.000 for talented traders to use for investing. All you have to do is contact our company representatives and you’ll start trading in no time!


What is April Investors?

This is an online trading firm that is allegedly based in Seychelles, owns a MISA license and targets mainly Japanese investors.

Is April Investors a Legit Broker?

Although the firm has a lax offshore license, they’re not trustworthy and far less reliable in comparison to Tier 1 regulated companies.

How to Choose a Good Trading Company?

The most important condition is a strong regulation. However, even that is sometimes not a guarantee. That’s why you should instead try out our funded trader program!

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