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BitiPlex Review – Don’t Waste Your Money On Fake AI Promises

Bitiplex Review

Trading bots empowered with the latest artificial intelligence mechanisms turning beginners into millionaires are in the spotlight lately.

Among many fraudsters abusing the increasing interest in digital assets emerges yet another affiliate scheme connected to the most notorious of swindlers. Keep reading this Bitiplex review and learn about the dangers of risky investments. 

General information
Name Bitiplex
Type of the company Affiliate Campaign
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators CNMV, FSC, AFM, CONSOB, A-TVP, FSMA, IOSCO, FI
Website link

Active since 02.02.2023.
Registered in UK (alleged)
Contact info +447418356970
Trading platforms Bit 5.0 iPlex, Bitcoin Trader iPlex (5.0)
Majority of clients are from Italy, Turkiye, Spain, Slovakia
Customer support Yes – online form
Compensation fund No

Multiple Regulatory Breaches

The owning firm of the shady conduct is named Bitiplex Ltd and is claimed to be registered in the UK. However, our inquiry with the UK Companies House gave back no results. Furthermore, when looking for any legal information about the business, we only found a bunch of warnings. CNMV was the first to publish an official alert, which was reposted by FSC, AFM, CONSOB, A-TVP, FSMA, IOSCO and FI.

Swindlers running the scheme are apparently notorious in the EEA with many regulatory bodies agreeing on this imminent danger targeting crypto investors in particular. The lack of any other company information or website ownership team makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint anything in particular.

Even in the case of seemingly transparent service providers like Stash, risks do exist, so practice caution, nonetheless.

Way of the Affiliate Scams

Usually designed as a one-page scam, the affiliate schemes are only there as intermediaries between the victims and the actual fraudsters like DEOASIS LIMITED that steal deposits. The way the affiliate campaigns operate is by attracting victims with claims about AI trading software, bonuses, high returns and similar benefits. 

The financial baiting is especially efficient with the engagement of the boiler room agents. These friendly and seemingly very knowledgeable investment professionals are actually just very well-trained actors that persuade victims to sign up.

Once targets leave their contact info, affiliate scams sell that data to illicit brokers, or simply earn their part of the profit by connecting the targets with the offshore brokers.

Notorious “Immediate” Fraud Scheme

We have observed an explosion of fraudulent sites that have a name starting with “immediate”. The ultimate goal of Bitiplex AI scheme, and all its sister sites is to collect personal information from prospective crypto traders.

The line-up of fraudulent domains include Immediate Peak, Immediate Code, Immediate Iplex, Immediate GPT… There’s one for virtually any word you can think of and stick it in the title.

The connection becomes obvious once you notice Immediate Intal Ai and BTC iPlex Ai advertised on the Bitiplex scam site. Additionally, many of the websites are interlinked, and interacting with some features will redirect you to a different platform.

Bitiplex App – Real or Farce?

The iPlex Ai App has several names or versions like Bit 5.0 iPlex and Bitcoin Trader iPlex (5.0). Whether this was just one software or a whole spectrum of them, including different Bitiplex crypto trading bots, it doesn’t matter.

These con artists will lead you to believe they have the most reliable solution for profitable investing as a part of their market-predicting technological inventions. 

What is important to remember is that all the promises about this mysterious software revolutionizing how investors earn and act on the markets is an utter lie. 

Novices wish to dominate markets and earn fortunes without prior knowledge, experience and effort. Therefore, it’s easy to persuade them to buy a magical software that turns newbies into trading veterans overnight. Needless to say, this trading tool doesn’t even exist – our Bitiplex Bit Iplex review proves that.

Made-Up Trader Reviews

The website users are allegedly thrilled by the quality of service they’ve received, too bad they don’t really exist. The only place you’ll ever see any Bitiplex reviews is on the website itself, as the company profiles on TrustPilot and SiteJabber are completely barren. There is a single social network link on X, but it has a grand total of 2 followers and 10 posts.

Supported Crypto Assets

According to the web presentation, this product apparently allows you to trade any crypto asset that has ever existed. Even those that are yet to hit the markets, since the cons throw around claims about providing access to over 16.000 crypto currencies, while a little more than 13.000 exist in total. 

If you explore the website a bit more thoroughly, there aren’t many of them mentioned. What we did see listed as an available product were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, XRP, Cardano. However, when there’s no software to even attempt to invest, there’s no point in discussing the assets.

Free, But Somehow Costs Money

You can have all the services of this Bitcoin Trader iPlex thingamajig for free once you register… After you’ve deposited $200 to the platform!

It’s unclear how you’re supposed to invest in the first place, since you can’t exactly create a Bitiplex login, and the site doesn’t have a dedicated client dashboard.

What’s worse, there is no notion of any sort of fee structure, nor are any similar trading costs outlined on the site. Needless to say, you can expect plenty of hidden fees with this one.

No Mention Of Withdrawals

Nobody says how this magical platform is supposed to generate the alleged consistent profits you’re supposedly going to make on your Bitiplex account. Furthermore, the firm doesn’t say anything about any financial channels, or any Bitiplex withdrawal for that matter.

Fraudsters are known to invent different up-front charges when clients attempt withdrawals. These advance fee scams, as they are known, promise to release a large sum of money after receiving an initial payment.

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What is Bitiplex?

It is another one of the “immediate” scam websites. The company is not to be trusted.

Is Bitiplex Legit?

No, this firm is completely illicit, their services are shady and undisclosed, and it is impossible to withdraw the money invested in the platform.

How to Find a Good Trading Company?

Always check the company’s legal background and record of past performance. You can always opt to use our premier prop trading solutions to improve your trading game.

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