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post Review – Can It Really Boost Your Crypto Game Profitability?

Bots io review

A number of development companies have been trying to perfect the automated crypto trading array of products that would facilitate investing in this niche. The final results aren’t always what they are advertised to be, however. 

In essence, that is the major subject of this review. How well do these algo tools perform and do they really deliver what they promise? Keep reading to find out more.

General information
Name Bots AI
Type of the company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated / Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators CNMV, FSMA
Website link
Active since 2013-04-07
Registered in Hungary
Contact info ‍+31 23 200 11 22 (Mon – Fri 09.00 – 17.00)[email protected]
Trading platforms Mobile App
Majority of clients are from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, United States, Argentina
Customer support Yes – Discord, Email, Phone
Compensation fund No

Legal Facts and Red Flags

The company owning and running the business of computer development is located in Budapest, Hungary. BOTS Hungary Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság was registered as a limited liability company in 2021. According to the information check, the legal documents don’t lie about the company’s credibility. 

RavenYOU, headquartered in the Netherlands, is the parent organization owning the firm in question. It was founded in 2018. 

Now, not everything about and is so nice and peachy. The fact that these two websites and owning companies were blacklisted by leading regulatory authorities in EEA raises concerns. 

That suggests high caution to be necessary if you ever intend on using this service. Maybe acquiring more knowledge and exploring the markets with TradingSim would be a good option before starting with high investments. Financial bodies that have raised red flags against the business were CNMV and FSMA

App Mechanics

This concrete tool uses algo structures that make trading decisions based on the quality of the market data that is constantly collected and evaluated. automated trading is designed to conduct each of these steps and then make lucrative moves on the market. 

Advertised as a software magic, automated trading tools are often regarded as something incomprehensible to less informed retail traders. That’s why education should be more valued. T3Live is a good suggestion to start expanding your trading knowledge and wisdom.

Portfolio Overview

Since there isn’t just one single bot available, traders need to have a comprehensive list of them – a bot portfolio. This feature represents a detailed collection of your funded bots. Well-diversified portfolio is recommended to have in order to achieve the best results and performance. 

BOTS Store

This is a feature that enables traders to explore different types of software. Since there’s no two identical bots or one that functions perfectly, there is a choice to make. 

It is advised that the users pick their bot based on their own preferences and risk tolerance. This aspect of the app offers insight into the most popular bots of the weak, as well as active and recommended ones.

BOTS Manager

If you are indecisive or simply do not want the pressure of having to choose between hundreds of bots, there’s a solution for that, too. By using the managing tool, you can allow it to use the best bot suitable for starting off with. The unique algorithm it employs does that work for you.

Availability In App Stores

The apps are up for downloading in the App Store and Google Play. The android app has over half a million downloads which speaks about its popularity. And although there’s a downside for the software not being available in the desktop version, any mobile user can utilize it on their device. 

This is a major benefit for the traders on the go, and in all honesty, a vast number of investors have a difficult time finding room to be glued to their desktop machine anyway. 

Does the Price Make it Worthwhile?

The website owners describe their pricing structure as simple and transparent. However, considering the complaints from the users, which we’ll discuss soon enough, it doesn’t seem like everyone is pleased with the costs. The firm further claims that the clients will be charged a fee only in the following occasions.

Direct costs

These charges appear when you perform the process of account funding or withdrawing funds. In case you’re depositing funds to a bot, the fee that occurs is equal to 0.2% of the entire amount you have deposited. In case you’re performing a payout, you will also be charged a fixed fee of €1,5. 

Indirect Costs

Using the service is not free. However, the charge you’re obligated to pay does depend on several aspects. Specific assets, bot requirements, trading frequency and other factors can determine the charge that will be applied per every trade. These costs range from 0,0 to 0,4% per trade and they include a platform usage fee.

Account Types

Quite pricey and not all that clear on what they feature, the accounts are as follows:

  • Gold – for investments from €10,000 to €100,000
  • Platinum – coming soon

The premium service is never cheap, that is understandable. However, overcharging the package price because of promises about super diligent and dedicated support with personalized approach is a little too much. 

Every reputable service provider customizes their support strategy in accordance with every customer’s need and issues reported. There’s no need to overcharge a feature that is usually a standardly offered option. 

User Feedback and Client Satisfaction

The average rating the company sports on Trustpilot isn’t all that flattering. As a matter of fact, out of total 473 reviews, a staggering 44% percent of all ratings are negative. 

There’s few theories to propose in relation to that. It could be that the service is entirely a scam and the users are defrauded, therefore speaking up, showing their discontent and dissatisfaction. 

On the other side, we could be witnessing the engagement of the review selling networks that have been used to artificially boost the credibility of the company. That may very well be the case, considering that a total of 33% of ratings are 5 star ones, which is quite a contrast and the inbetween almost doesn’t exist. 

Lastly, it also remains questionable what expectations did the clients have and how well they were met. This market is ever ruthlessly volatile and there’s no investors who are always winning. Neither is success ever guaranteed.

What Our Experts Suggest

There’s no unmistakable strategy or a robot that could guarantee you steady income at all times. This firm is just another one of many that offer algorithmic solutions that aren’t so successful in most cases. Additionally, you should be honest with yourself if you really want to invest with a blacklisted service. 

If you’re interested in funded trading that doesn’t require your own investing, you should check out our proposition! Proprietary trading is increasingly popular among talented investors who wish to make it big without risking their own capital. So book a free zoom consultation with our agents and learn everything about it!


What is

The idea features a trading tool based on computer algorithms that place trades on the crypto markets.

Is There App?

Yes, there's an app with the same name that features a great number of available bots.

What is Proprietary Trading?

Prop trading is a far safer option than all others that require high depositing, considering that it means trading with the prop firm’s capital.

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