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Breakout Prop Review – Is Trading With a New Prop Firm a Smart Move?

Breakout Prop Review

Breakout Prop is a proprietary firm established recently in the year 2023. It states it embraces radical transparency, and that it provides direct worldwide access to centralized exchange liquidity.

We are here to disclose all offerings this firm may offer, and evaluate every aspect so future users know whether they are wasting their time, or this firm can have an impact on their trading. Keep on reading our Breakout Prop evaluation to find out yourself.

General information
Name Breakout Prop
Type of the company Proprietary Firm
Regulation status Rgulation not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link 
Active since 2023
Registered in N/A
Contact info Email
Trading platforms Web trader
Majority of clients are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada
Customer support Email, live chat
Compensation fund Available

More About Breakout Prop

Breakout Prop trading company states, that, unlike many other firms in this space, they do not subscribe to the common practices that often disadvantage traders. Breakout Prop offers a trading environment that is realistic and fair, with the best trade execution and interfaces. 

They are committed to full transparency regarding evaluations, rule breaches, and payouts. While they acknowledge that trading is inherently challenging, they believe that their approach allows skilled traders to succeed and be duly rewarded.


Alex Miningham is the CEO of Breakout Prop company. He has over a decade of experience building successful venture-backed software startups across diverse industries like higher education, travel, and beverage alcohol. As a founder, he orchestrated five successful M&A deals, showcasing his adeptness on both the buy and sell sides. 

Reviews on a well-known platform, LinkedIn, regarding Alex himself from influential individuals in the market. They have praised Alex, valuing his ability to navigate complex projects and find his insights into business growth enlightening. These individuals eagerly anticipate Alex’s future projects and are confident in his continued success.

User Reviews – Are the Ratings Fake?

Breakout Prop reviews seem overwhelmingly positive, with users praising their customer support and proactive approach to resolving issues. On a popular platform Trustpilot, the firm received 38 reviews with an excellent score of 4.4.

However, we can’t seem to avoid the fact that the reviews might be faked. Since their recent establishment, November 2023, it’s hard to believe they got that much feedback in such a short period. It seems suspicious, doesn’t it? Let’s hear the reviews.

One user mentioned a data feed issue that was promptly addressed, with the lost amount credited back. The accessibility of the founders and the responsive customer service were highlighted as key strengths. Despite some minor issues taking time to resolve, users were satisfied with the level of communication and resolution. 

Overall, users expressed loyalty and satisfaction with Breakout Prop, citing it as the best option for crypto trading due to its superior platform, reputable team, and transparent policies.

Yet again, we advise future clients to keep in mind when dealing with newly founded companies, there is a high level of risk they aren’t reliable since their presence in the market is short. If you are on the lookout for a regulated and reliable broker, check out our YCM Invest Review


The Breakout Prop challenge offers a chance to win USD 10,000 in cash prizes. The challenge is ROI-based. ROI stands for Return on Investment. All accounts include a 5% daily loss, a Breakout Prop profit split at 80%, and a 10% profit target.

Information regarding this challenge can be found on the firm’s Discord platform. Discord group currently counts 4,215 members. Users can simply send an invite and have all the information regarding this challenge available right away.


Regarding the firm’s price range, we found two selections of plan types. All accounts hold leverage up to 5:1, as well as offering refundable fees from USD 50.

Two-step Breakout Prop evaluation

Purchase Price Account Balance
USD 50 USD 5,000
USD 100 USD 10,000
USD 300 USD 23,000
USD 450 USD 50,000
USD 725 USD 100,000

Breakout Showdown 

Purchase Price Account Balance
USD 100 USD 100,000

Users need to complete the Breakout Prop evaluation and choose between a one-phase or two-phase evaluation, each with straightforward rules and no deadlines.

  • Step 1 goal ranges from USD 50 to USD 10,000
  • Step 2 goal ranges from USD 250 to USD 5,000

Users can choose their evaluation.

Account size 5K 10K 25K 50K 100K
Max. daily loss USD 250 USD 500 USD 1,250 USD 2,500 USD 5,000
Max. drawdown  USD 400 USD 800 USD 2,000 USD 4,000 USD 8,000

Add-ons are available, 90/10 Share of Gains that adds 10% to your order. The firm also offers discount codes. For individuals looking to start trading and don’t know which trading tool to use, read our honest Market Cipher Review to evaluate if it’s the right tool for you.

Customer Support

The company offers multiple avenues for customer support. For direct assistance, users can reach out to their support team via email at [email protected] or use the Live Chat feature available on their website. Additionally, they provide a comprehensive FAQ database that is searchable for quick answers. 

Despite being a relatively new firm founded in 2023, Breakout Prop has received positive reviews regarding its customer support. However, it’s important to note that some reviews online may be fake, so potential clients should consider this when evaluating the reliability of the company. 

Having robust customer support is crucial for any legitimate company to ensure customer satisfaction, especially in the event of any issues or inconveniences.

Concluding Thoughts on Breakout Prop

In conclusion, Breakout Prop appears to be a promising option for traders, offering a transparent and fair trading environment along with excellent customer support. However, as a newly founded firm, there is a level of risk associated with its reliability. 

While user reviews on platforms like Trustpilot are generally positive, there is a possibility that some reviews may be fabricated. Therefore, potential clients should get valid data and conduct thorough research to validate the legitimacy of the company before committing. 

Our team always advises future clients to gather as much information as they can and perhaps start with a smaller investment to assess the firm’s performance and reliability over time. As with any investment, it’s crucial to weigh the potential benefits against the risks and make an informed decision.


What is Breakout Prop?

It’s a recently established prop firm, co-founded by Alex Miningham

Is Breakout Prop Legit?

We would say it is, it has positive reviews on Trustpilot, but we can’t rule out they might be fabricated since they have been active since the year 2023

Why Choosing a Proprietary Firm?

It can be a strategic decision for traders since prop firms often charge lower fees and commissions compared to traditional brokerage firms, as well as give traders access to significant capital

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