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Bullish Bears Review: Is Bullish Bears Any Good After All?

Bullish Bears Review

Let’s jump into Bullish Bears, an outstanding stock trading community with a unique “pay it forward” vibe. So, what is their mission? It is turning trading newbies into savvy pros.

Stick around as we dig into this educational hub, loaded with free training courses. Read our Bullish Bears review for more interesting details!

General information
Name Bullish Bears LLC
Type of company Trading Education
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2016
Registered in 60 Pinney St, Ellington, CT. 06029 United States
Contact info bbteam[@]
Trading platforms NinjaTrader
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia
Customer support Email
Compensation fund No

Bullish Bears 101

Bullish Bears is a trading education hub that has become quite popular recently. The company was founded in 2016 by Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard in Connecticut, US.

Bullish Bears LLC truly keeps it real and affordable in stock market education. Guided by the trio of founders and futures specialist Rose Boye, it’s a supportive space for trading rookies.

The company’s toolbox includes mentoring services, a trading community, real-time charting, trade alerts, and watchlists. Bullish Bears trading firm covers it all, from day trading to swing trading and even futures and options. Each founder rocks their expertise, with Tim on stocks, Lucien on options, and Daniel on futures.

Services – Navigating Trading Life

Let’s dive into the features this company has to offer! Stay tuned! 

Trade Rooms

You get to dive into their live trading rooms. There are daily streams, chats, mentoring, and webinars.

New or seasoned traders, these rooms suit all, encouraging collaboration. This company fights trading loneliness and it offers a spot for support and validation.

Real-Time Alerts

We can see actionable trade signals – entries, exits, and strike prices. These are tailored for short and long-term options on giants like Apple and Microsoft.

A weekly recap video keeps you learning at your pace. This is indeed a plus!

Free Courses

Now, we can see that many people are searching for the ‘Bullish Bears course free download’ option. Who doesn’t love free courses? 

With this company, you can unlock many free trading courses. We are talking about candlestick patterns, top-notch options, and swing trading – for beginners and pros. Notably, these are updated regularly, keeping you ahead.

Watch Lists

Tailored watchlists help spot the top instruments and plays. What else do you get here? Daily updates on pre-market gaps reveal opening-time potentials, ideal for scalping.

Tip: Have you heard of Fortune Prime Global? This is a popular broker that draws traders worldwide. It has a vibrant community of 10,000+ active members across 30 countries.

Alert Setup

Stay in the loop with stock trade alert setups. We are talking about breaking support and resistance levels.

There are also nightly posts after market scans, plus watchlists.

Next Level Training

For advanced courses, check out the Next Level training program.

Packed with resources worth $5,000, but a limited-time 50% off with a promo code. This one makes quality education affordable.


Aside from Bullish Bears Discord support and guidance, check out their blog!

In our opinion, the blog is the most important resource out there! You can also find member reviews on platforms, financial market trends, and loads of YouTube videos covering diverse content.

Pricing Options

What about the price and plans? You can see 2 premium plans after checking out the Bullish Bears login page. Let’s take a look:

 1. Month To Month:

  • Cost: $49/month after a 7-day free trial.
  • Features: Access to trading Discord, live trading rooms, real-time alerts, educational resources, and more.

 2. Yearly:

  • Cost: $499/year.
  • Bonus features: Daily live stream replays, access to a live futures trading room, and custom scanner settings.

Trustpilot Reviews

Are you curious about the buzz on Trustpilot? Are there any Bullish Bears reviews? Well, this business seems to have an average standing there. With a modest 3.6-star rating from three users, it’s fair to say there’s room for improvement. Still, we found many Bullish Bears Reddit discussions where people praised this platform. 

For us, it’s a signal to proceed with caution. We often recommend opting for trading firms with a more solid reputation. Think of those with a stellar 4.5-star rating or higher. In the unpredictable world of FX trading, safety is crucial, and the numbers on Trustpilot speak volumes. This is a fact!

Tip: What exactly is StocksToTrade? This is a desktop-based charting and stock screening app made just for your needs! 

Your Way to the Right Education Platform

Picking the perfect trading education platform is a game-changer for your success. Let’s break it down into a simple guide to help you find the ideal fit:

  • Your Needs: Start by getting clear on your goals. If you’re just starting, lean towards platforms offering fundamental resources and clear support. For the seasoned traders out there, aim for platforms with cutting-edge analytics and customizable charting tools.
  • Rep: Dig into platforms with positive reviews. Insights from other traders give you the lowdown on what works and what doesn’t.
  • UX and UI: A top-notch platform should be a breeze to navigate. Put its search function to the test and see how easily you can access data. Look for platforms that offer a mix of learning formats, like videos and articles.
  • Support: We all know that responsive support is non-negotiable! So opt for a platform with a dedicated support team.

Always keep these factors in mind, and you’ll find a trading education platform that’s a perfect match.

Boost Your Earning Potential!

Now, are you looking to rake in profits through online trading? It can be quite straightforward. Our team is here, ready to guide you through the top forex and crypto trading platforms.

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Final Insights

Last but not least, let’s keep it real. Bullish Bears offers a range of services, from live trading rooms to educational resources. It’s a mixed bag, and as discerning traders, we believe in exploring the best options available!

Speaking of which, don’t miss out on our exclusive offer with a prop firm! Earn up to $180,000 and take your trading journey to new heights. The choice is yours, and we’re here to make it a profitable one! 


What is Bullish Bears?

Bullish Bears is a budget-friendly stock trading community with supportive education.

Is Bullish Bears Free?

Yes, we can see that this firm offers free courses.

Who Is the Founder of Bullish Bears?

The founder of this firm is Lucien Bechard.

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