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CapitalProTrade Review: A Comprehensive Analysis of Trading Features

CapitalProTrade Review

CapitalProTrade Review, A cunning broker that once operated by the name Capital Pro Trade has tried to evade our investigation by changing its moniker to Falcon Invest. But we are onto them. We had originally set out to expose this fraudulent entity, but they are trying to cover their tracks by switching things up.

Through our relentless pursuit of the truth, we have discovered that this shady operation has also moved their physical location. However, we won’t be deterred. We will dive deep into what they are up to now and present a compelling case to expose their fraudulent practices. Stay tuned for the hard evidence and read this CapitalProTrade review. 

Company Capital Pro Trade Ltd
Headquarters UK & Belgium (allegedly)
Website CapitalProTrade.Com
Warning FSCA
Platforms WebTrader
Minimum Deposit 250 EUR
Leverage N/A
Spread N/A
Review Rating 1/5

Regulation and Fund Security of CapitalProTrade

Welcome to, or should we say, Falcon Invest – the not-so-sweet swindlers who lure unsuspecting traders into their trap. They’ve even gone as far as claiming to be the trading name of the prestigious Belgian Crelan Bank. But don’t be fooled by their elaborate charade, for it’s nothing but a smokescreen to conceal their shady activities.

Our sleuthing team dug deeper and discovered that this so-called broker isn’t registered with FSMA, the Belgian regulator. It’s a fake entity with fake regulations – a wolf in sheep’s clothing that doesn’t abide by the rules set by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

What’s more, their Privacy Policy section reveals that they advise their clients to contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency. This is a clear indication that they’ve plagiarized this document from some Spanish entity. Shameful, isn’t it? This anonymous scam broker preys on traders from the UK, Germany, Canada, Poland, and France.

We stumbled upon a warning against Capital Pro Trade Ltd. issued by the South African FSCA. Our hunch is that this is the same entity, and they’ve been illicitly providing trading services in South Africa. Perhaps this warning prompted them to change their name to Falcon Invest. But no matter the name, this financial swindler remains the same – a fraudulent entity that’s up to no good.

Beware of CapitalProTrade, Seastock24, and other infamous companies. Your safety is a priority. 

Trading Platform Overview

CapitalProTrade boasts of providing a venue that promises the ultimate trading experience for wanderers. But let’s call a spade a spade – it’s more like the ultimate scamming experience they have in store for you. The truth is that this fake broker offers nothing more than a basic web-based platform that can be accessed from any device with wifi.

The majority of web trading platforms out there are as dull as dishwater and offer just basic charts and graphs. To make matters worse, they’re rigged to show fake trading parameters that are misleading at best.

Now here’s the kicker – we’ve done our research, and we know for sure that Capital Pro Trade doesn’t offer any valid third-party trading software such as MT4, MT5, or cTrader. It’s no wonder why they would resort to using a subpar trading platform. Their ultimate goal is to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Don’t let them fool you with their false promises of the ultimate trading experience – it’s just a trap waiting to ensnare you.

Account Types

It’s time for us to discuss the trading accounts now. This broker has a total of seven different account types to choose from. But be warned, the required capital for each type of account is quite steep, so you’ll need to assess your options carefully before committing.

Here’s a breakdown of the minimum deposit required for each account type:

  • Trial – 250 EUR
  • Easy start – 1,000 EUR
  • Standard – 3,000 EUR
  • Bronze – 5,000 EUR
  • Silver – 10,000 EUR
  • Gold – 50,000 EUR
  • VIP – 100,000 EUR

While each account type supposedly offers many trading instruments, the whole concept is rather hazy. We scoured their website for more information, but pivotal aspects such as leverage were nowhere to be found. It’s really something to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to open an account with a CapitalProTrade broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal at CapitalProTrade

Are you considering opening an account with this firm? Well, before you do, you should know that their website doesn’t provide any Terms and Conditions. And if they’re missing that, then the Capital Pro Trade withdrawal policy is most likely nowhere to be found, either. How ironic that a broker would disable a trader’s account for not respecting a non-existent policy!

When it comes to deposits, the minimum amount required is 250 EUR. But here’s the kicker – the related fees are unknown! That’s right! You could end up paying a lot more than you bargained for.

In terms of payment methods, we only know what’s listed at the bottom of their home page:

  • Bank cards
  • Wire transfers
  • PayPal
  • Crypto

While it’s nice to have some options, we highly urge doing your due diligence before making a deposit. You don’t want to be hit with unexpected charges down the line.

How the Scheme Was Implemented

Unfortunately, fake brokers are becoming more and more common in the online trading industry. Moreover, they often use many awful methods to deceive unsuspecting traders. Here are some of the most common tactics used by these fishy brokers:

  • False advertising: Fake brokers often use flashy marketing to lure traders in with promises of quick profits and easy trading. They may also claim to be regulated by the best authorities when they are not.
  • High-pressure sales tactics: Once a trader signs up, fake brokers may use high-pressure sales tactics to exhort them to deposit more money and make larger trades. This is done to increase their profits at the expense of the trader.
  • Excessive charges: Fake brokers may charge excessive fees for trades, withdrawals, or other services. These fees can add up quickly and eat away at a trader’s profits.
  • Manipulated platforms: Fake brokers may use manipulated trading venues that display false market data, fake parameters, and rigged charts. This is done to trick traders into thinking they are making profitable trades when in reality, they are losing money.

Traders must always do their due diligence before investing their money. Also, remember to avoid DWS Invest, as it is a fake broker as well.

CapitalProTrade Summary

CapitalProTrade, a broker that once operated under the name of Capital Pro Trade, has been discovered to be a fraudulent entity. It tries to lure people into its trap. Despite changing its name to Falcon Invest, CapitalProTrade continues to operate under fake regulations and has no registration with FSMA, the Belgian regulator. 

The broker offers nothing more than a basic web-based trading venue that can be accessed from any device with wifi. CapitalProTrade has seven account classes, each with a large minimum deposit requirement. Moreover, the website provides no information on pivotal trading factors, such as leverage. CapitalProTrade has been warned by the South African FSCA, prompting it to change its name to Falcon Invest. Stay away from this company to protect your funds. 


Is It Safe to Trade on CapitalProTrade?

It is not safe to trade with the fake broker in question.

Can I Open A Demo Account with CapitalProTrade?

No, there is not. There is only a live trading account.

What Is The Funding Method of CapitalProTrade?

This broker accepts bank transfers, PayPal, crypto, and bank cards.

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