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CoinLore Review: Is CoinLore Your Crypto Companion?

CoinLore Review

Let’s talk about CoinLore – a rising star in the world of crypto tools. If you’re used to CoinMarketCap, this might be the fresh perspective you’ve been looking for. In this CoinLore review, we’re digging into what makes this tool special. Moreover, we will discuss if it could be the game-changer you didn’t know you needed. Read on for more!

General information
Name CoinLore
Type of company Trading Tool
Regulation status Unregulated/Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings
Website link
Active since 2018
Registered in n/a
Contact info [email protected]
Trading platforms App
Majority of clients are from United States, India, Romania, Turkiye
Customer support Email
Compensation fund No

What is CoinLore? Let’s Break It Down

Speaking of crypto management, CoinLore steps up as a real contender to CoinMarketCap. But does it hold its ground, and more importantly, can you trust it with your crypto ventures? Our take is – not really! This tool doesn’t stand a chance against CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, at least for now.

This trading tool pitches itself as a free and user-friendly platform made for crypto enthusiasts. It contains data on nearly 10.000 crypto assets. What’s more, it’s all about giving you the tools you need for smart research and management. And they also keep the data fresh by adding new digital assets regularly. The brains behind CoinLore? A team of professional investors who understand the ins and outs of the crypto game.

When it comes to the interface, this is another drawback. It looks entirely outdated and poorly managed.

A Quick Tour of CoinLore

If you take a closer look at this tool, you’ll see a basic platform with a basic interface. Yet, whether you’re logging in or creating a new account, we can say it’s an easy process.

The main section lays out crypto assets by market cap, and you can tweak it to match your preferences. You can also add assets to your watchlist for easy monitoring. Plus, you get market data, top gainers, and a news feed with the latest in the crypto world.

CoinLore API’s Essential Metrics

CoinLore API stands out as a go-to public and free crypto resource. It aggregates data for over 10,502 coins and 400+ exchanges. This feature provides a variety of market data, including price quotes, volume, market cap, and other essential metrics. 

To fully tap into the API, head to the domain This versatile API supports both REST and WebSocket protocols, providing a smooth user experience. We can confidently say that this feature indeed lives up to our expectations.

Track Assets on the Go with CoinLore App

For those on the move, their mobile app is the answer. We can see that this app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

It’s your go-to for managing investments and staying on top of market happenings – all from your phone. But remember, there are a number of better crypto management tools out there!

Why Choose Them?

Let’s take a closer look at why you may want to choose this tool. This is mainly based on their claims.

Straightforward Asset Info

This business stands out by keeping it real with accurate information. Apparently, you will not find any misinformation here.

You will find real-time, reliable data on prices, distribution, and asset history. It can help prevent making hasty decisions in the crypto world.

Note: Mango Group LLC, trading as XFortunes, provides a variety of trading instruments. We also saw it has numerous positive reviews. Nonetheless, it’s important to highlight that XFortunes currently works without regulatory oversight. This could be a big point of concern! 

Up-to-the-Minute Asset Valuation

The flexibility of this crypto tool shines through real-time asset valuation. Prices are constantly updated based on data from relevant exchanges like BingX and Binance.

This dynamic approach ensures you’re looking at the current value, ready to make informed moves.

Handy Tools for Investors

Beyond the basics, this company packs a punch with utilities like a news feed and events section to keep you in the loop. We can see the asset widget gives you the lowdown on selected assets, blockchain stats, and accurate price charts.

It’s a solid option for every investor’s needs (still, it’s nothing compared to CoinMarketCap).

A Platform That Understands You

Now, what is there to know about their platform? They say that navigating is quite straightforward. The platform is designed with crypto investors in mind, so they try to tailor every feature to make your journey smoother.

Still, we believe that in order to compete with their competitors, they need to work harder.

Slick Performance Across Devices

Whether you’re on your computer or phone, the responsive design ensures a good experience. We found no lags or disruptions (for now).

Keep in mind that even the best crypto management tools have glitches from time to time. So, it’s always best to use more than one tool. 

Note: Blaze Markets highlights its legitimacy by being registered with the FSA of SVG. However, we all know that SVG does not regulate FX companies. So it’s best to avoid this company. 

Reviews from Trustpilot

So, what do users think of CoinLore? Well, according to Trustpilot, it seems to be a silent zone. There are no reviews in sight. Now, that’s again a bit eyebrow-raising.

We all know that in the world of crypto, transparency is key. A lack of reviews may indeed leave some questioning the company’s credibility. We believe in playing it safe – opting for firms with solid ratings of 4.5 stars and above. Keep in mind that a tool with a solid reputation is the compass you want to guide you.

Earning Money Trading – Is It Possible?

Are you interested in earning some capital from FX or crypto trading? Making money has truly never been more accessible! We’re here with you every step of the way, offering free consultations and expert advice in this field.

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Final Words

As we wrap up our investigation of this crypto tool, it’s essential to highlight what they bring to the table. The platform provides a solid suite of tools – from real-time data to different assets. However, this tool loses the battle against its competitors in every way.

Speaking of opportunities, don’t forget to check out our exclusive offer – a prop trading firm where you can earn up to $180,000. It’s a path worth exploring! 


What is CoinLore?

CoinLore is a platform that provides essential crypto-related information.

How Much Does CoinLore Cost?

CoinLore is a free platform that offers a public and free cryptocurrency API.

Is CoinLore a Reliable Tool?

This tool is known for providing reliable information for its users. Still, we think there are better options.

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