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Crypto Genius Review: Is Crypto Genius the Real Deal or Just a Scam?

Crypto Genius Review

Are you curious about Crypto Genius and eager to know if it’s a legit trading platform or just another scam? Well, you’re in the right place, as our goal is to expose everything! In this thorough Crypto Genius review, we’ll break down the claims, features, and legitimacy of this site. There are many crypto scams out there, and we want you to stay safe. 

So, if you’re ready for an honest evaluation, buckle up and join us on this journey!

General information
Name Crypto Genius
Type of company Affiliate campaign
Regulation status Not expected
Warnings from Financial Regulators No official warnings 
Website link,,,
Active since 2020
Registered in Unknown
Contact info Data is hidden
Trading platforms n/a
Majority of clients are from United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, United States, Poland
Customer support n/a
Compensation fund No

About Crypto Genius

So, is Crypto Genius legit? We don’t think so, and here are the reasons why!

Crypto Genius argues to be a fully automated trading platform. We can see they talk about smart tech and smart indicators to make trading easy for everyone. This can truly sound promising. But hold on! Many things don’t add up as we dig deeper into their claims.

The platform talks about an automated trading bot that does all the work for users. But our investigation uncovers a different story! Crypto Genius appears to be nothing more than a deceptive affiliate scam. Also, they have multiple websites they use. 

Despite their grand claims, the official website lacks substantial information. So, we can only advise our readers to do some solid research first!

Who is the Owner?

A huge gap in Crypto Genius’s story is the lack of clarity on ownership. They seem to mention all the irrelevant and robotic things, but nothing concrete. All in all, we can only conclude that it’s part of a series of similar affiliate platforms.

These scams exist for a reason. We are talking about data hijacking here, so please be careful. Try to avoid any trading platform that keeps you guessing. Remember that!

Tip: Have you heard of EbonFX? Many people say this is a reputable trading company with many great features. Some say this company is regulated by ASIC. Want to discover more? Read our blog post and find out if that is true! 

How Does Crypto Genius Work?

This company provides a hazy outline of its operations. Notably, they brag about using machine learning algorithms and various variables to predict crypto prices. But we know that these claims are fake.

While they keep the specifics under wraps, it seems their process mirrors other algorithmic trading platforms. Namely, these platforms are expected to hit a whopping $43 billion by 2030. Still, this one is entirely fake!

Is It a Scam?

If you are still unsure if this is a big scam, we can say that it is! The absence of background info on the founding team, and a lack of real tools make it bogus.

Users across the internet have raised concerns. Even though there are many fake blog posts that praise this company, it is vital for people to educate themselves. Emphasizing the need for caution and research before considering any investment is a must.

Note: InvestMarkets works under Arvis Capital Limited and claims to comply with IFSC regulations. Yet, key details like ownership and registration date are missing from the company’s data. This may be a bogus firm.

Hidden Agendas

Surprisingly, despite widespread skepticism, some blog post reviews paint the Crypto Genius scam as a safe option. Digging into the motivation behind these affirmations, we see a profit-centric agenda.

The promise of higher earnings for promoting this scam is quite concerning for us! Our friendly advice is to look for reputable trading firms only! We promise they look nothing like these scams! 

Tip: Keep an eye out for fake programs that promise quick wealth with little effort. Always go for platforms that show real success stories and have something to offer. Sadly, there are many affiliate scams out there, so it’s a must to stay attentive. 

Client Reviews on Trustpilot

What is there to know about the reviews from other traders here? Checking out client reviews on Trustpilot, this firm has an average rating of 3.7 stars. It’s a bit troubling. Also, we suspect that a good chunk of those positive reviews might not be entirely genuine.

In general, our advice is straightforward – opt for trading firms with 4.5 stars or more. This is truly important in the unpredictable FX and crypto world. It’s a cautious move, but a wise one for a secure trading experience.

Avoiding Affiliate Scams

Engaging in online trading offers many advantages indeed. Yet, it’s crucial to be aware of potential affiliate scams out there. These scams vary in form and size, making it essential to stay vigilant and recognize the warning signs.

If someone assures you of quick profits with no effort or adopts aggressive sales tactics, consider it a red flag. Besides, stay alert when a program requests sensitive data such as your credit card details.

Exercise extra caution if an affiliate program shows the following behaviors:

  1. Demands a joining fee.
  2. Fails to provide genuine success stories.
  3. Makes utopian promises.

All in all, always conduct thorough research. You’ll stay safe from scams if you take this simple step.

Earning Money Through Trading

Are you looking to turn your interest in online trading into real earnings? We’ve got you covered! Making money through online trading is achievable, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Concluding Thoughts

Concluding our look at this platform, let’s keep it simple. From our viewpoint, we’ve laid out what this company offers, and it offers nothing! It’s best to stay away from this fake and suspicious website!

Making informed decisions is important. So, try to choose the best offer out there. Also, don’t forget about our proprietary trading firm, which has a lot of great stuff. Earn up to $180,000 with us today! The decision is yours, and we’re here to empower you.


What is Crypto Genius?

This is a fake firm that should be avoided at all costs.

How Do You Use Crypto Genius?

This company does not offer anything, so you can't truly use it.

Can You Make Money With Crypto Genius?

No. You can only lose your funds with this scam.

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